How to Roast the Ultimate Marshmallow

How to Roast the Ultimate Marshmallow. Roasting marshmallows may seem simple. But there’s a right way and a wrong way. Here’s the right way. You will need A campfire A package of medium
to large marshmallows and a roasting fork or long wooden stick. Step 1. Check the fire and make sure it has areas
that have burned down to embers. They should be orange, but not bursting with
flame. Sit upwind of the fire. You don’t want smoke and flames in your
face. Step 2. Choose a marshmallow and place it at the end
of a roasting fork or a long wooden stick. Step 3. Place your marshmallow approximately 3 to
5 inches above the hot coals. Now slowly turn the stick so that the marshmallow
browns evenly on all sides and gets warm and gooey inside. This should take about 15 to 30 seconds. If you burn a few marshmallows, don’t be
discouraged. Remember the Buddhist saying: “Fall down
seven times, get up eight.” Step 4. Now that you’ve perfected the marshmallow
basics you can move on to more advanced techniques. These include: roasting multiple marshmallows
on a stick, making a classic s’more, and the controversial Joan of Arc marshmallow. Experiment. Soon you will become a marshmallow master. Did you know The original marshmallow contained
extracts from the root of the marshmallow plant, which gave it its spongy quality. Now most marshmallows use gelatin.


  1. those marshmallows at the beginning looked the best

  2. It suck when I don't like sweet things D:

  3. Ultimate marshmallow, my ass. I love them burnt c:

  4. my trick is to burn the out side then peel it off and cook the gooey inside

  5. I have never heard of a Joan of Arc marshmallow lol

  6. MarshMALLOW

  7. if you burn a few don't be discouraged. you did it right.

  8. so i drop 7 marshmellows, i get to eat 8 more?

  9. wait… roast them? O.O

  10. Bleh, I like my marshmallows burned till they are black. Yum!

  11. this is a channel for idiots o.O

  12. @LaughOutLoudKristina haha alright I take what i said back.

  13. i like burning my marshmellows all the wat then taking of the burnt shell and eating the gooey yumm inside

  14. i just stick it in the fire, wait, and eat it hahaha

  15. @0:11………… looks like blueberries!

  16. ey, it takes skill

  17. @streaksrule

  18. Awkward moment when your grammar is funnier than the joke.

  19. gigawobaba

  20. The best episode !!!

  21. Well , im doing that…. xD

  22. Looks awesome !

  23. there are 0 right ways to roast it marshmallows has over alot of different ways all are good in my book black marshmallows are good nothing wrong with the black its not burning black it is charred surgar

  24. i need a peice of brocclie to make myself feel healthy….this is sad

  25. EXTREME!!!!!!!! **** YEAH!!!!!

  26. I've made a Joan Of Arc marshmallow… delicious 😀

  27. This seems interesting, but i still like the burned ones beter

  28. CHUBY BUNNY!!!!11

  29. What a lifesaver. This is almost as useful as the "How to Turn on a Faucet" video.

  30. hell no fucking hell no u just burn it blow it out derp FUCK ASS

  31. Howcast, you are making too of a big deal over a marshmallow

  32. @krista omg it's Sunday and it's night and I'm bored

  33. Great this helped me so much I thought the wrong one in the video was the right one! 🙂

  34. Then eat it ^ its so creamy in the inside…

  35. Tanks

  36. The Fire Fishing Pole would be crazy good with this technique! Gotta be the coolest marshmallow roaster on the market

  37. Why… Why am I here 

  38. I now know how to make a perfect mallow. Thanks

  39. بوبو

  40. Joan of Arc is the only way to roast marshmallows. Quick with no burnt taste and the middle is always warm and creamy!

  41. For who is that? Aliens?!

  42. When I want to toast marshmallows on the go, I just light a candle and toast a mini one lol it still works

  43. When I want to toast marshmallows on the go, I just light a candle and toast a mini one lol it still works

  44. I'm eating roasted marshmallow right now

  45. does it tastes good……

  46. Catching them on fire was half the fun when I was a kid.

  47. Roast the Marshmallow until the outside is Blacker than the blackest night, then take off and eat the outside edge and roast again.

  48. You need some good sticks for your marshmallows!! 😃 Really Cool Video, Loved it!!! 👏😊 These would be perfect for the perfect Marshmallow!

  49. I am sure that you will find good way to make it on woodprix Webpage.

  50. I eat them burnt. They still taste good.

  51. this is disgusting

  52. I catch my marshmallows on fire and blow them out

  53. I can do a toasting marshmallow tutorial.

  54. i thought i would get some tips for roasting…

  55. If you want you can learn from Woodprix woodworking plans how to make it yourself.

  56. i usually burn my marshmallows on purpose next to multiple people after that i said "this may be a little bit undercooked."

  57. When it comes to roasting marshmallows, if it's brown it's cooking if it's black it's done.

  58. Good job

  59. مين هنا عربي

  60. This seems so simple yet I think I've met one other person in my entire life who didn't just catch it on fire and eat it.
    I don't understand people. If you've tasted an actual toasted marshmallow next to a charred one that was lit on fire, there's a MASSIVE difference.

  61. Fonk!!

  62. If your a rebel you stick i t1 inch above and let it catch fire then you completely burn it and let the inside become perfect and eat the burnt part cuz thats good too

  63. "They should be orange but not bursting with flames"

    Well too bad,I'll cook them how I want

  64. Am going to a Barbecue right now and am glad have found this tutorial. it's really helping. thanks a lot!

  65. Hey guys!

    I’ve occasionally had the opportunity of camping and always had amazing, memorable experiences.

    Decided to pick it up as a serious hobby now moreso the marshmallow roasting part but I don’t really know much about it.

    I’m sick of using twigs, so I’m looking to invest in a stick of my own.

    Saw some great options compared on this site and am leaning towards the bamboo marshmallow roasting stick:

    I’ve set myself a budget of $50 for the stick – what do you guys recommend?

    Ideally something that doesn’t require too much initial customization!

    Thanks ahead for all the help!

  66. This person knows nothing about roasting a marshmallow

  67. I roast marshmallows by lighting them on fire and letting it burn.

  68. I roaste some on the stove to watch a movie

  69. This video stinks

  70. 1:13 me

  71. What is the diffrence between these marahmallows that you pick from trees and those marahmellows that we make at home by gelatin and sugar and….?

  72. Black guy sits down in front of marshmallows:
    Boi yall so white, if you stood out In the sun so long it'd start deflectong offa you so much that everything around you would start burnin….
    Marshmallows starts to steam
    Man..Even Count Dracula wish he were that bright so he could go outside during the day…
    Marshmallows Start to burn
    Shoot..I roasted em too much…

  73. I'm from Greece and I have never ever eaten a marshmallow. Don't even know why I watched this afterall 😂

  74. 😀

  75. Looks like everyone in the comments like their carcinogens with their marshmallows.

  76. Burnt still taste good

  77. Roasting marshmallows

    Marshmallow: what are you looking at?
    Me: idk but it sure is ugly

  78. No. I like them when they're black

  79. Wtf are you doing with my childrenz 😱😱😱😱😱

  80. Another way is to do each side and watch that part until it turns the color you want obviously put it over the fire to though

  81. R.I.P marshmellow

  82. Wacky Marshmallow Maker♥

  83. How to roast a marshmellow! ROAST IT UNDER A FIRE!!! and that's how you roast a marshmallow.. if you know what I mean

  84. I like it a bit burnt.

  85. I like to eat burnt marshmallows

  86. What's the point to roast a candy, when it's good without burning it ?

  87. Talk about a major hazmat issue if that burning mallow had gotten into the waterway

  88. Multiple marshmallow is m f

  89. buhahahahaha

  90. The comments are priceless…!
    LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂…

  91. I did it on the oven then I was dying be cause it was on the oven and it burned so……… yeah thanks for the tip

  92. That's how I use to cook them, until the insides got so warm, they'd fall into the campfire. Everyone else would make medival torches out of them

  93. I use the stove for roasting marshmellows, am i alone?


  95. I like em either Brown Burnt or RAW

  96. Shmoes

    Woody: they are called s’mores buzz

  97. I tried that with a candle, a marshmallow, and my hand. I ended up holding a marshmallow engulfed in flames with my bare hands and almost burning the house down 🙃

  98. Step 1: burn it

  99. Marshmallow is gluten free

  100. 66 Marshmallows dislikes this video.

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