How to Roast the Juiciest Chicken Breasts Recipe – Electrolux MY

Dazzle your beloved with deliciously
roasted chicken breasts in sweet Asian marinade Here’s what you’ll need Defrost the chicken at least partially in the fridge Place the chicken on a baking
tray and set your oven to the defrost function Pre-heat the baking tray along
with the oven This ensures a crunchy outside and a succulent inside Season the thawed chicken to taste
using the following ingredients Combine all ingredients for the marinade and dip the chicken breasts in the mix
so they’re covered completely Put the marinated pieces on the preheated baking tray to get a crispy texture Unlike grilling on a pan, the Electrolux
oven emits less heat This means less smoke making it easier to control inner temperature This results in the healthiest juiciest chicken To know the chicken is ready, pinch it with a toothpick Use oven gloves to protect against high temperatures Enjoy Electrolux every day for great tasting food We hope you enjoyed this video Please check out the Electrolux website for more inspirational tips on how to make the most delicious meals at home

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