How to Properly Sharpen a Knife with Chef Jeremiah Stone

– Hi, I’m Jeremiah Stone
from Wildair Restaurant. I’m gonna show you how to properly sharpen a knife on a whetstone. I start off with a stone
that’s been soaking in water, and just keeping it wet
while we’re sharpening. These whetstones come in different grits, between anywhere as low
as 300 to as high as 8,000 for polishing and finishing your steel. Have a towel underneath,
you just put it on a table, and if it’s not level, it
could slide from under you. One thing to keep in mind is just to have really good control, one, to
protect yourself from being cut, and, two, to make that
the sharpening is very even. We start off with two or three fingers, just making sure that the
knife is not moving around. And you don’t need to put
much pressure on the knife. Have a very even stroke, the entire length of the knife, and the entire
length of the stone as well. This makes sure that the knife
is gonna be evenly sharpened, and the stone is gonna
be evenly broken down. And, also, you have the tip of the knife, which is a little bit of
a different technique. Start at a much higher
angle, and the blade is gonna be flush with the stone, and we’re gonna go in a
swiping motion like this, and you do this until you develop a really sharp point at the tip. And then you’re gonna have to
go over it one more time again to smooth out the rest of blade. And that’s it. I’m Jeremiah Stone for


  1. What kind of knife is that?

  2. Hi, is there a way to contact some of the restaurants that are presented in your channel?

  3. I had never heard of sharpening stones before this video! Definitely getting me one of these 🙂

  4. You do both sides though, right?

  5. as high as 8000. you can get 12000 stones. That was about the worst sharpening video i have ever seen . go watch a different video if you want to do it right.

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