How to Properly Light a Propane Gas Grill | Easy Grilling Tips

How to Properly Light a Propane Gas Grill? If you are the new owner of a propane gas
grill or perhaps, a little intimidated by the one that you already have, these simple
steps are going to get you safely lit and cooking.
Step 1: Turn the valve on top of your propane tank, a quarter turn.
Step 2: Open the lid to prevent propane build-up. Step 3: Find your ignition burner knob and
see there has a little flame or lightning mark on it or will actually say ignition burner.
Step 4: Turn your ignition burner to the high mark.
Step 5: Press your electronic ignition button until the flames start.
Step 6: Visually check to make sure the flames have ignited.
Step 7: Turn on all the burners to high to preheat your grill.
Step 8: Turn your propane tank valve all the way open.
Step 9: Close the lid, preheat your grill for a good 10 to 15 minutes and start grilling.
Hey, that’s it. Thanks for watching.
This is Gary House with Cooking Everything Outdoors show.
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  1. You mean yelling FIRE IN THE HOLE isn't the proper way to light my grill.  LOL  Great video.

  2. excellent Gary! there was one step I didn't know, the one where you only turn on the propane tank a quarter turn to light. thank you.

  3. Thanks, Gary . . .   I almost blew my head off 25 yrs ago trying to light one of these things . . . <lol>     No offense, but I'll just stick with charcoal  🙂

    All best and thumbs up,   Jersey Joe

  4. Thanks Gary, I didn't know about only turning the gas on 1/4 turn.  

  5. Good to know.

  6. Thanks, I am very nervous about lighting my propane grill. I was turning the tank all the way on, so 1/4 turn sounds better. Sometimes my ignition switch doesn't work so I have to use a long handled lighter to light  the grill and that is what I really hate. Just found out that there is a battery to work the ignition switch. LOL

  7. In Step 7 you turned on the other two burners without igniting them before closing the lid? So far you only ignited the middle burner, correct?

  8. Hank HIll would've approved

  9. I fixed up an old grill our neighbor tossed when he moved out. After cleaning with a scraper, hot water+lemon juice, & detergent, it was good to go. Also replaced the cracked O-ring on the regulator. The batteryless ignitor wasn't working well. It would take 3 to 6 presses to light, so I used a longhandled lighter instead. From my experience with batteryless ignitors, they're not very reliable & I prefer the long lighters as they're safer.
    BTW, before you light, check for leaks in the piping, tank, & regulator wt soapwater. Especially if you haven't used it for a long time. Any leaks will form growing bubbles.

  10. I am a first time gas grill owner, great tips!!!

  11. Thanks a million for this video. You learn something everyday. Great tips!!

  12. Put my burners on high lit it with lid open and burnt my hair, eye lashes and hand DUMB put them on low do NOT put on HIGH

  13. Thank you so much!! Simple steps for a future grill master!!!

  14. Is it important to turn the valve on full after you have lit the grill and closed the lid? Does the 1/4 turn not suffice to cook your food?

  15. Hey I have a gas grill. Will I have to preheat before cooking hotdogs, chicken, and beef (steak and burgers)

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