HOW To Prepare CARROT Soup At HOME | Easy and TASTY! | Chef James Makinson

if you’ve been thinking about what to
make recently then you’re in luck because today I’m going to share with
you one of my favorite carrot soup recipes, my name is James.
I’ve been cooking professionally as a chef for over 10 years and I will be
sharing with you more healthy, fast, tasty, and easy recipes that you can make in
your own home. So, let’s get started! the equipment that you’re going to need to
make the soup, is going to be a knife, a peeler, a pot and a blender of some sort,
a Vitamix a thermomix and if you don’t have any of those. Then a hand blender
will do. You’re gonna be using 1 medium onion or 2 small onions, about 4 to 500
grams of carrots, if you put a little more it doesn’t matter because you’re
just making more soup. You will put 1 star anise as well, as 1 piece of cinnamon
stick and if you don’t have the cinnamon
stick you can use about 1 TSP of the
powder. As well, as chicken stock and if you buy the chicken stock, it’ll save you
a lot of time and energy. whenever you’re making a blended soup it doesn’t matter
what shape the ingredients are in what matters is the thickness that you cut
them, because the smaller they are, the faster they cook, the faster yhey cook, the
faster you’re done! first, you saute the onions, then you
saute the carrots, then you’re going to cover the carrots with chicken stock,
just above the line of the carrots. About one teaspoon you honestly won’t believe how many
times I’ve made this soup, I used to make a pot about this big and I’d have to
feel about 4 to 5 kilos of carrots at a time, but anyway if you want to
substitute any chicken stock for vegetable stock, you can easily do that
as well. So when you’re cooking this, you want to cook into the carrots are done.
You don’t want them to be Al Dente, you pick the biggest piece that you can find
which will be this one and this still needs a few more minutes to cook. let’s taste, needs salt, and little bit of salt so when it’s done, it’ll be completely done.
It won’t be al dente at all and then, be sure and remember to take the
star anise and the cinnamon stick out. also, if you have cheesecloth you can tie
them up in a little ball, if you have it. if you don’t, don’t worry about it. You’re
going to strain it, you can either use a colander and strain all the ingredients
or you can use a hand strainer, you’re gonna put it in and then at the end
you’re gonna save the sauce because with the juice, you’re going to add it to the
mixture. So the rest of the chicken stock you’re going to add just a little bit to
the mixture, not too much I’m gonna put a cube of butter in as well. Because the
the more butter and the more cream that you add, the more fat it
is the creamier is going to be. we’re gonna put it on high you can also add a little bit of heavy
cream, to make it more out of puree. So at this point you’ve added the butter and
you’ve added the chicken stock and a little bit of heavy cream. At this point
is a puree, so if you put it on a plate you can also make a garnish if you want.
If you want to turn this into more of a soup, then you’re gonna add more chicken
stock or vegetable stock. I’ve added a little more heavy cream a little bit of
water and a little more chicken stock until you get it to a consistency about
this. Maybe a little more water if you want and you also have to taste the salt
if you want to add a little more but, this is the perfect consistency. After you
make it into the consistency that you want, you can either use it as a puree
with dinner or with lunch. Or you can add a little more stock, water, butter, maybe
even a little heavy cream and turn it into a soup like I have here. Now I will
be making more recipes for you in the coming weeks! So stay tuned for more easy,
healthy, fast, and tasty recipes! Be sure to like the video down below and to


  1. Hey guys! I hope all of you are doing okay! This is the first recipe that I will be sharing with you. Normally when I teach cooking, its in-person and much easier then through a video. haha However, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me!

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  3. amazing content keep up the great content

  4. James you are getting better and better everytime 🤗 ! Kitchen videos suits you perfect and keep them coming 👏🏻💪🏻👨🏼‍🍳❤️

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  7. Parece super buena!!! la intentaré hacer en casa, gracias por todas las explicaciones y detalles en el paso a paso!

  8. As a I'm learning step how to do different things such as cooking, this video helps me a lot in this new task, and the most important I learn from you as you are a professional chef, continue to do this content, I'll write in a notebook and the ones you will be doing.
    Thumbs up for the video James

  9. Que buena! Me encanta aprender de un profesional como tú! Gracias por las explicaciones tan claras, la voy a hacer en casa definitivamente!! 🙂

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