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Hey there! I am Hilah and today on Hilah Cooking we are
making minestrone soup. There is a lot of different ways to do it. I am going to show you the way I like to make
it, but any way you cut it, it’s got a lot of vegetables, it’s got pasta, it’s got
beans, so it’s really, really healthy, and really filling, and it’s gonna be great
for all of your cool weather meal needs, so let’s do it! [MUSIC] [Minestrone Soup Recipe] First things first, we are going to sauté
our vegetables. I am using onion, celery, carrots, and green
beans. A lot of recipes use zucchini or even cabbage,
or chard. I am going to add some spinach later for some
more green, but, so, you know, as long as you have onion, celery, carrots, anything
else, that is up to you, so you know, be free and prosper or something. Alright, and I am just trying to get a little
bit of color on the vegetables so I will have a deeper flavor to the finished soup. Once your onions have gotten soft and translucent
and are starting to get a little bit of brown flecks, I am going to add the garlic. Now you don’t want to add the garlic with
the onions at the beginning because it could burn. It is a little more fragile, some chopped
tomatoes, you could use a can of tomatoes if you don’t want to use fresh ones, and
I am going to put in my herbs which are basil and thyme and little bit of crushed red pepper
because I like it spicy, sorry. I apologize. Alright, mix that around, and now comes the
hard part. Just kidding, there are no hard parts in this
recipe, it is great! I am going to add some chicken stock. If you wanted to keep this vegetarian, you
could just totally use vegetable stock. It’s, I mean this is a great soup for vegetarians
because it does have the beans in the pasta, so I have got some protein in there. Alright, so now I am going to put the lid
on it, bring it to a boil, and when the water boils, we will add the pasta. I am using a little bow-tie, but you can use
macaroni, or orzo, or whatever, any kind of little bite-sized pasta will work. Whoops, ok, boiling, pasta goes in, and give
it a stir, and then set your timer for whatever your pasta says it takes to cook. Cover it back up, but keep an eye on it so
it doesn’t boil over. I am going to turn it down just a little bit. Right, ten minutes later, my pasta is perfectly
cooked because I am perfect. I am going to add in some beans. I am using these great northern beans, but
cannellini I think are actually more traditional. I think any kind of white bean is good though,
and some fresh spinach, and a little bit of fresh parsley, and the spinach just wilts
pretty much immediately. Chard you will have to cook a couple of minutes
longer, but I just want to get this. Ahh, it is so pretty and colorful. Yay! Lovely! Cool! So, as soon as your greens are cooked and
bright green and beautiful, you are ready to serve your soup which means I also am ready
to serve my soup. That should have been in first person… use
a ladle… mmm, and I am going to grate a little bit of parmesan on top, some fresh
basil would be good too if you had that. Ok, let’s try it, it’s really hot. Mmmmm! Wow! That is so good you guys. Parsley, basil, nice chewy pasta with just
a ton of fresh vegetables in there, and everything, it’s not over-cooked, I mean this comes
together in like 20 minutes. It is so fast. It is really healthy. It is light, and I hope that this does the
trick for all of you people that have fall weather right now, and have been requesting
soups. I will try to get some more in, but try this
recipe, mix it up, add whatever vegetables that you like, and leave in the comments,
you know, how you like to make yours, so I hope you try it, hope you like it, thanks
for watching, and thumbs up, and favorite, and all that stuff, and ok, also, ohhh! Printable recipes are available at [MUSIC]


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