How to Make Taco Bell Mexican Pizza! Hilah Cooking

Hey dudes! I am Hilah, and today on Hilah
Cooking I am gonna show you a homemade version of a fast food favorite. We’re making Mexican
pizza! So this is what I like to classify as an old white lady recipe. It’s a total
bastardization of both Italian food and Mexican food and maybe it’s not even really that good,
but I used to love these when I used to go to Taco Bell, so here’s a Mexican pizza a
la Taco Bell at home. Guaranteed not to be healthy. [MUSIC] [Mexican Pizza! Taco Bell Copycat Recipe] First we have to make our cheapo, knock-off
Taco Bell sauce, so in this pot I’ve got tomato sauce, some water, and that’s for texture!
Some vinegar, I am using an apple cider vinegar, but you could use just plain old, white vinegar
if that’s all you have, some minced garlic, and then all my dry spices, and that’s like
cumin, onion powder, chili powder, black pepper. If you go to, I’ve always
got the printable recipes there with all the exact measurements if you want to check that
out. Okay, just give a little stir like so. You know how to stir, and that’s it. We’re
just gonna leave it alone to simmer back here while we fry our tortillas, and I’ve already
got over here I’ve got my ground beef filling which is just the ground beef filling recipe
from my crispy tacos video, so you can go watch that and can see how to make that, and
then some refried beans which I’ve also done a video on like a million years ago, so I’ll
put, I’ll annotate to those videos at the end of this one if you want.
Okay, I’ve got some oil, and we want to get this heated up to about 300 degrees, and some
flour tortillas, so these are just flour. If we were using corn tortillas, we’d be making
tostadas, but since we’re using flour tortillas, we’re making I don’t know, Mexican pizzas.
Okay, and then I’ve got a knife here. I am just gonna cut some holes in my flour tortillas.
That’s gonna help prevent them from like puffing up like a balloon which they would do if you
didn’t do this. So you just want to get your stack. It’s the tip of the knife here. It’s
probably bad for your knife, but use a cheap one. I am just waiting for my oil to heat
up. Use a thermometer! It helps. Okay, so our oil is about 300, and you can fry them
hotter than that, but they tend to brown super-duper quick, so a little lower might be better,
and then just slip it on in, and it will still puff up a little bit but not nearly as much
as it would if you hadn’t poked holes in it. So maybe like, 30 seconds on each side. Okay.
Awesome! And I’ve just got a little paper napkin over here to drain them on. We’ll fry
these other ones. Okay, so once all your tortillas are fried, and your sauce probably by this
time has been simmering 10-15 minutes, so it should be good. Assembly time! Assembly
time! Assembling Mexican taco time! So, I’ve got that, our little thing, and I
am gonna broil these, so put them on a little baking sheet, throw a little beans on there.
Beans kind of hold the whole thing together. My God, this is ridiculous. Not for everyday
eating folks. Some of our meat filling. Great. Fabulous, and then I am gonna put a little
bit of sauce. I don’t want to like douse it because I don’t want to sog this thing out.
I want it to stay pretty crunchy. That’ll do. A little queso, that’s Spanish for cheese.
Okay, there, and then we top it with another one, a little sauce on top of that. It smells
slightly better than Taco Bell. Although, not much because Taco Bell kind of smells
like heaven. Am I right? Just kidding. Okay, and some more cheese. Don’t be stingy. Nobody
like a stingy. Okay, and then I am just gonna put this in the broiler under low heat just
to get that cheese melted. Okay, so this literally just took like 30 seconds or something, so
let’s see if I can get it off onto my plate without destroying everything including the
world. Oh, look! I did it! Piece of cake. Okay, then we’re gonna top it with green onions,
tomato. I am pretty sure that’s all they do at Taco Bell, and then some sour cream because
we’re doing it supreme style, right? As long as you’re gonna kill yourself with food, you
might as well do it fast. Mexican pizza anyone? So it’s kind of, oh my God, I can’t believe
I made this [laughs]. It’s kind of a bear to eat, but let’s see. If you wanted to make
this lower calorie, you could totally just do one tortilla. Mmmmm, the sauce really does
taste like Taco Bell sauce though, so there you go, there’s that. Okay, it’s actually
really good. I totally know why someone would eat this. This is yummy. It’s crunchy. The
tortillas are like really light and flaky unlike a corn tortilla which is a little bit
more brittle, this just almost like a pie crust. It’s like a Mexican pizza pie. Okay,
there you go, there’s a hell with it Thursday episode for ya, Mexican pizza, try it out,
let me know what you think. Leave a comment below, and as always thank you so much for
watching. Have a great day! Bye! [MUSIC]


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