How to make Rumali Roti | Roomali Roti Recipe | How to make Flour Tortillas

hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps cooking I’m going to share with you rumali roti how do I make my rumali roti and I’m going to share with you in easy steps and let’s get started so I’m going to make a rumali roti on you can use a counter to make sure that is very clean as a persona hygiene and we going to make sure that is dry let’s use some dry flour to dust off your counter how do we prepare my dough please check my other video so you roll out your roti as thin as possible now we’re going to go on the gas and I’m going to share with you how we’re going to do it so we’re going to start with the new Peda and I will share with you how we’re going to cook it I’m going to start my gas in order to make it rumali roti I’m going to use my kadai I and I’m going to turn this one over before I do that I’m going to let it warm little bit so it get warm with in minute or so it gets warmed up and now I am going to turn my kadai over I’m going to keep my kadai like this make sure that your kadai is really clean so once I put my kadai upside down it’s all warm and I’m going to grab my roti rumali roti and I’ll put it up we’re going to cook it like a minute or so until I see you you start saying it’s all changing colour is a fully getting cook and it’s the same way on this side doing so I’m just going to use my spatula and I’m just going to make sure that I’ve lifted all the sides and once it’s done you see this how beautiful is doing it’s looking very nice and you can use a spatula again or even you can use a paper towel or napkin or something so you don’t burn yourself just try to press the edges it gets a fully cook spatula we’re going to just make sure lift it and then we’re going to turn it over again the only reason I’m doing this one so I wanted to show it to you you really don’t need to turn it over and over again you just have to do it two times and if you let it sit for one minute we’ll be fully cooked then he can start even you see you know you can use like a cloth or something if you paper towel is not good look at that roti the start getting fluffy this is rumali roti and how it start doing fluffy so this is a really thin you have to make sure that look at that how beautiful has come out this one is fully cooked I grab it and I’ll make sure that I put it up and as you put it up if you fold it again just lift it up little bit and just so make sure that it’s a straight now one tip I wanted to share with you that when you have a roti don’t slap on it if you slap on it it will slip through and then will fall down now I’m going to grab my rumali roti it’s going to be real thin see as you see is just start cooking already and then with the help of the spatula you just going to make sure that we used to lift their ends so if it’s a sticky then it can come out easily look at how beautiful is doing and we’re going to do it we’re going to lift it up and once I lift it up I’ll bring it back again look at it’s a nice color look at how beautiful is done and I’m going to take it out so when you put it on you make sure that you put it right in the middle and as you get folded don’t worry just so slowly you can use your spatula and just to lift it up and bring back again so as the color changes and look at this all done I’m going to check on other side that’s looking perfectly fine so that’s how it’s easy to make rumali roti see my rumali rotis are all ready and you can use a little bit butter that’s again a strictly optional fold this ramali roti and I’m going to use this amount of butter the rumali rotis so you always can serve your rumali roti with the subzi and some fresh salad and of course homemade yogurt so my rumali roti is ready if you using a white flour then the texture will be more whitish I’m using a wheat flour that’s why I have this color and rumali roti is very easy to make and if you liked it please give me like subscribe and I’m going to see you soon with the new recipe best of all easy steps cooking thank you BYE


  1. NOT RUMALI ROTI… :p :p :p

  2. i prefer phulkas which are throughly cooked with the hot air and lighter on the stomach. i only make so called rumali roti when the flour has become yeasty and it slides down the sides of the Karahi.

  3. abe indian food english main kyo bna rha hai

  4. Thank you for a good video.

  5. Have a link for the dought?

  6. I wanna try this method. Will this kadai ulta process, turn on the fire alarm at home???

  7. Very nice Phaji. u a genius.

  8. this is kind of joke lol 😁

  9. thank you sir iam never know about romali rote firstime ii see this iam from sri lanka but now looking your chanal in kuwait any how very very nice and lotof thanks for learn forus may godbless you livein a long long life with very happynes

  10. Why use kadhai and not traditional tavi or flat pan?

  11. your cooking is very clean

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  13. very good tutorial

  14. 👍I always make this frm Uzb.its so easy.👌n tasty.

  15. I like to watch it programme. It's so nice to c u preparing the style of rumali roti. I love to eat rumali roti

  16. i liked it🇮🇹

  17. It is Sabzi not Sabji, you need to learn the correct pronunciation

  18. what is the difference between this one and the one you cook on tawa?

  19. ur

  20. It looks like arabic bread

  21. It looks like chapathi

  22. Looks tasty!

  23. haaaa

  24. good job Sir 👍

  25. u welcome sir

  26. you just have to flip it only once otherwise it will loose its elasticity

  27. Roti seems to be bit hard. This just looks like normal roti with larger diameter. The specialty of Romali Roti is its softness and as thin as possible. 1/4 proportion of Maida/All purpose flour towards 1 portion of Wheat flour is a must for it I guess! Otherwise (concerned about maida) better stick to normal rotis with smaller diameters so that it cooks well and need not be too thin.

  28. Please, why is this better than with a frying pan ?

  29. amaricans ka b accent aysa shandar nhe Hy jitna in sahab ka hy

  30. Wow nice👌

  31. bs this roti is too thick for a rumali roti, our regular roti is thinner then this rumali roti…rumali roti's are paper thin

  32. When someone spoils my Grammar, I run away and it adds up.

  33. itni English to Indians ko bi aati h yrr ankit

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  37. I like you bec you are a smart person. One more you speak clear. Done subscribed.

  38. Awesome.. Yummy 😋

  39. Hola a pesar de no saber su idioma , entendí a la perfección , me gustó mucho su forma de cocinar con la olla al revés funciona como horno , me quedaron muy ricos gracias por su receta 🇨🇱🙋

  40. Wow amazing !
    It look so good I will try this way thank you so much 🌹

  41. 3:50 lollllolol

  42. Sorry to say but this is not rumali roti. This is called ordinary roti made on ultra Tava. It is coming mostly burnt. You don't even know how to put in on the kadaee. You are dropping it and putting the dirty roti back.

  43. Wow that’s so cool, is that a regular old pot turned upside down? Is this a pocket style bread?

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  61. Only because I could not see you create and roll out dough all at the samw time.

  62. I remember rumali roti to be many layers of fine bread.

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