How to make Rosemary Bread – Macaroni Grill Copycat Recipe

I’m Ashlee Marie and today we’re making this rosemary bread. Now, this is a copycat recipe from the Macaroni Grill bread and if you’ve ever eaten there, it’s amazing and now you can have it at home. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any of our other videos and let’s get started. First thing you need to do to get the dough started is proof the yeast. So add some sugar and some warm water to the bottom of whatever bowl you’re going to be using for mixing and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. We’re going to mix in two cups of all-purpose flour and some salt. Now, since this is rosemary bread we need a lot of rosemary and you definitely want to go with fresh rosemary for this. So you want to start with a bunch of sprigs of rosemary. You want to grab it and pull all of the sprigs off along that that and then make sure you get the top too. The top has some good leaves. Now I like this herb mincer. Whatever you use, you just want to mince it really, really fine. Now we’re going to take one tablespoon of this and put it in our dough now and save the rest for later. You’re going to knead it with your dough hook until it’s nice and elastic. Look at that stretch on this. Now it’s still super sticky, but see how its cleaned the sides of the bowl as its mixed? That’s exactly what we want. If you keep adding flour until it’s no longer sticky, you’re going to end up with a really dense and really hard bread and we don’t want that. To get your bread as light and airy as possible you want to barely add in the right amount of flour. You don’t want to overdo the flour. That’s really the biggest problem I think people have with making homemade bread. So as long as it’s cleaned off the side you’ve added enough flour. Now if your sides are still really sticky as well you can add more flour. i would add just about two tablespoons at a time because this is a smaller batch of dough and it is a little bit more sensitive. Now we’re going to cover this and let it rise until it’s doubled in size. This will take about an hour as long as your house is warm. If it’s on the cool side it will take a little bit longer and if your house is really, really warm it might rise a little bit faster. So now our dough has risen. We’re going to knock it down. Here’s our dough and we’re going to divide it into two. Like I said, this is still really sticky but that’s okay. That’s how we want it. We’re going to place it on some parchment paper. After your dough balls have rested for a few minutes, we’re going to take some melted butter and brush it over the top of our dough balls. Be gentle. And now we’re going to sprinkle the rosemary on top that we have left, as well as some coarse salt, and now we’re going to cover these and let them rise again until they’ve doubled in size. It should go faster this time and take about 45 minutes to an hour. To bake the bread at 425 degrees for about 12 to 14 minutes. The bread is out of the oven. Ooh, still hot. You can see that beautiful color on the bottom as well as the top. Now you can rip this or you can cut it. I kind of do both. Oh, look at that steam. I don’t know if you can see it. Look how light and airy and soft that is. This is perfect and it has a great crunchy outside. This is about as easy as it gets for homemade bread. Even though it’s kind of a sticky mess, you just plop the sticky mess down let it rise, and bake it. It just doesn’t get much simpler than that, especially since there’s not too many ingredients, nothing too complicated about this. This is definitely a go-to recipe, especially when having pasta because it blends so well with pasta dishes. We make homemade Alfredo from scratch, mac and cheese, and then of course, I have a copycat version of my other favorite Macaroni Grill recipe and that is the penne rustica. Now I don’t bother going there anymore because I make both of my favorites on my own, but I’m always looking for a new challenge. So in the comment box down below, let me know what your favorite thing to get is when you go out to eat that you’d like to try to see me do a copycat version of. I love a good challenge, can’t promise that I can actually do it all, but I love trying. Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this recipe. Let me know if you give it a try and if you’d like to see other breads. Don’t forget to subscribe. We have a lot of fun recipes coming up in 2017 and thanks for watching.


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  2. I can't wait to try this. Thank you!!!

  3. Cheesecake Factory

  4. When I was able to eat before I got sick many years ago, a place called Johnny Carinos made the world's BEST pasta dish called, "Bowtie Festival". I would love to see you recreate that 😀😀😀. I cant wait to try this one, I have a feeling it will be a must make every month for my family 😍😍😍😍😍😍🍞🍞🍞🍞

  5. what brand of mixer did you use for Rosemary Bread ? Delicious recipe!!

  6. Hey Ashlee! I have recently unexpectedly ended up on your channel and i LOVE IT!! If you have an amazing recipe for a CARROT CAKE, would you mind sharing it? it's my favorite!

  7. Looks yummy…and you know me…I will be trying this one too! I NEED that herb dicer 'Thingy"!

  8. My favorite kind of bread is rosemary bread. It brings sweet memories of my honeymoon. Your recipe and technique are great. Thank you.

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  10. I don't have a mixer can I still make this?

  11. My favorite bread ever! 🙏❤😊 May you please write the bread recipe? I didn't catch how much flour, yeast, water…Thank you so much! 😘

  12. Here's a hint: My dough never sticks to my hands. I don't put anything on my hands and it's not the hydration of my dough. I don't dump flour all over the work surface either. It's how the dough is handled. I'm just letting you know, because I think you are on your way to being a real bread maker, but right now real bread makers are laughing as you embarrass yourself. I'll say, however, that I am really impressed with how you stripped the rosemary (so dumb me- I couldn't figure out the fresh rosemary issue). So, I'm off to make my rosemary/olive bread. I won't be using your recipe (sorry) but now I wont be looking stupid plucking off one rosemary leaf at a time like I saw in some other videos. So, really, you have been a great help. Just think about how you can make some Ciabatta bread without sticking yourself to a wall. I promise you- you can do it! Remember, if you add more flour to the table, you lose your hydration so this is not the solution. It's all about the handling. By the way, I also never use commercial yeast in my homemade breads.

    Video Pluses:
    Good knowledge of dough consistency
    Handing of Rosemary – way better than the last 4 videos I just saw
    Use of commercial yeast
    Need to learn how to handle wet doughs
    Sorry I didn't watch the whole video so I can't give more feedback.

    Good luck and great bread making!

  13. When I formed the two loaves, I covered them with film but after they rested for 45 min the film was so stuck to the dough that the two balls deflated instantly! 🙁
    How can I prevent this in the future?

  14. The video and written instructions say 2 cups flour, but the ingredients list says 2 1/2 — which is it?

  15. Your recipes are great, but I think I like your sweet personality equally as much as the good food.

  16. I love this bread and need to make it again soon. I was so annoyed when the only Macaroni Grill near me closed to be replaced by the millionth stupid Chik-Fil-A.

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  21. Such an exuberant presenter! The recipe sounds perfect. Thanks for the tutorial.

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  27. Fantastic presentation and thanks for sharing the recipe. I just baked exactly using your recipe and used steam at the beginning. It turned out to be just like what you said …MG Rosemary bread!! I wish I can add the photo here.

  28. Here is a copy cat challenge for you. Zio’s restaurant used to make and chicken Alfredo lasagna and it was the bomb and they don’t have it anymore I would love a Copy cat version of this

  29. I’m also curious if we can make your rosemary bread recipe into a sourdough rosemary bread I do have starters so I would love to pick your brain to see how I would incorporate my sourdough starter if possible into your recipe?Any suggestions from you would be so helpful thank you so much for your time

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