How to Make Perfect Grill Marks

Hi, and welcome to Steaks 101: The Perfect
Grill marks. You know, you eat with your eyes and before
you eat with your mouth. That’s why it’s so important that your steak looks as great
as it taste. Today we’re going to show you a technique
to make crosshatch grill marks like you would find in your favorite steakhouse restaurants.
Not only does the crosshatch grill marks look nice but they also increase the seared area
of the steak; giving you that bold, charred flavor that we all love.
Okay, first we need to get the steaks ready to put on the grill. We’ve already removed
them from the box, thawed them, and removed them from the plastic wrapping. Next we’re
going to blot them with a clean paper towel to remove any excess juice. Now we’re going
to brush them with some olive oil and then season them. We recommend using some good
salt and black pepper at a bare minimum but you can also use one of our seasoning blends, such
as our All Natural Steak Seasoning, right here. We’re going to use a little some salt
and pepper here. We got some sea salt and black pepper. We’re going to season and oil
both sides of the steak. Now we’ve got our steaks ready, we want to
prepare our grill. What we’ve done here is we’ve preheated the grill on high and we’ve
cleaned the grates real well. We’re going to put a little bit of oil on the grates so
that they don’t stick. I’m going to go ahead now and put the steaks on the grill. I want
to place them little at bit of an angle. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to
cook them approximately a quarter of the time and then rotate them 90 degrees. Okay, now we’ve cooked them about a quarter
of the time. We’re going to go ahead and rotate them, and that’s going to give us
that diamond or crosshatch effect that we’re trying to get. Okay, now we’ve got our steaks
flipped over and we’ve got some nice crosshatch marks. On the second side we can also make
crosshatch marks but since your guests aren’t going to see the second side, it’s not as
important. If, by chance, you didn’t get nice marks on the first side, you can always
try again on the second side. Okay now, we’ve cooked our steaks to the
perfect doneness. We’re taking them off the grill and we’re going to put them on a clean
platter or cutting board; and let them rest for at least five minutes. It’s very important
that we allow our steaks rest before we cut into or serve the steaks, because this allows
the juices to redistribute evenly through the steak so we have that even doneness all
the way through. Now you can see these beautiful crosshatch
grill marks and a good searing that we have on these steaks, your guests are sure to be
impressed if you use this technique at your next barbeque.

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  1. I prefer flipping first, then moving and flipping again, cooks more evenly that way

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