How To Make French Toast – Perfect French Toast Recipe | Hilah Cooking Ep 28

Bonjour mis amis! Je m’apelle Hilah. That
is all the French that I know, but today, we will be making French toast because it
has been requested by several people. You know who you are, and I am going to show you
how I make French toast today, so bon appetit! Okay, here’s about French toast. It’s a really
good way to use up stale bread, and so what I am, this is actually very fresh bread that
I bought this morning, but I am going to go ahead and cut it and set it aside and let
it dry out just a little bit before we cook it while I mix up my eggs and stuff. So it’s
basically like you make like sort of a custard mix with eggs and milk and a little sugar
and you dip your sort of dried out bread in that, and the trick is to put like equal parts
milk and eggs. You want it like real light and fluffy. You don’t want it like egg on
toast, it’s not like that, it’s different. Okey-dokey smokies. I am going to do a couple
of eggs, and I will see how far it gets me. So an egg is approximately, get out of there,
an egg is about a quarter cup of liquid, so I am going to put in like a half a cup of
milk. First I am gonna whisk these up, or scramble them, whatever. I want to get it
very well mixed. I don’t want any chunks of yellow or white. I don’t want any segregation
in my eggs. Okey doke. I am gonna eyeball it because that’s how I roll. Okay, now I
am gonna put in a little bit of vanilla like maybe half a teaspoon, or whatever that was.
I am gonna use my little microplane and put in about a teaspoon of orange zest. Obviously
I have to wash this orange before I zesting it, and it might even be this whole orange.
Let’s see what we have. There, okay, now I will use this very clean
spoon to put in a couple of teaspoons of sugar which you can leave that out if you like.
Okay, here we have our eggy batter, yayyyyyy! Now, I am gonna dip my bread in it. Oooh,
I am gonna turn on my skillet and heat that up. I am using a griddle today, not my cast
iron skillet. I hope it doesn’t throw me off kilter. Okay, bread, so I am gonna cook this
in butter. That’s the way we do it. So I have my thing heating up. I am gonna put a tablespoon
of butter down and get that swirly around and cover my dealy bopper, and probably could
cook two at a time on this griddle. That looks delightful. Turn it down a little bit to our
medium heat and then got my bread. I wish it was a little more stale, but what you gonna
do, life’s not perfect. You know what I am sayin’? Okay, so just sort of dip each side in it,
shake off any excess, and put it on yo’ griddle, and it makes that sizzle sound. Okay, I bet
your done. I am gonna flip you. Whoa! It’s sliding around. Oh, my God! It totally smells
like donuts in here, badass! Donuts are a good smell when you’re making French toast
because it means you have a perfect blend of sugar and spices. This is what it looks
like when it’s totally done. Beautiful! I am gonna eat it. Tres parfait mis amis. Okay,
I am gonna eat. Wait, I am gonna turn this one off so it doesn’t burn. I am gonna take
this one off too because look how purty. That’s just beautiful.
Now, you could put powdered sugar or maple syrup or whatever, but I am gonna just taste
the purity of the French toast itself. Wow! Look at that. That is nice. Mmmmm. Mmmmmmm.
The orange zest is so nice. Mmmmm. There you go. That’s how you make French toast. I am
gonna eat some more because I haven’t had breakfast yet. Breakfast is the most important
meal of the day. Okay, check out the website. I shouldn’t have done that before I talked.
Hold on. Check out the website for the recipe and leave some comments if you wish and I
guess that’s it. So for the recipe and all the information that you need
to make French Toast, au revoir!


  1. So I'm not the only one that uses the cap of the vanilla bottle to 'measure'.

  2. Nope! 🙂 My dad taught me that.

  3. You need to get your own cooking show ill definitely watch

  4. orange zest never tried that.

  5. you are Phoebe Buffet 🙂

  6. phoebe buffay*

  7. she talks weird but cooks well

  8. Has anyone told you that you look like Lisa Kudrow in her role as Phoebe Buffet in 'Friends'?

  9. I've tried your french toast and omelet for breakfast it's good thanks

  10. Will you marry me?.

  11. Can you try and make Egg in Toast(also known as toad in a hole)? :DD

  12. yeah i saw it lol

  13. 3:41 there is a bug on the bread

  14. Hey hilah! I've got a little nice trick for you: wrap a layer of parchment paper around your grater before rasping the orange. the whole zest will stick to the paper and not in the grater (wow, a rhyme!) – more zest output and less cleaning effort.

    greetings from germany

  15. I like her porn vids better.


  17. i seen the bug nasty

  18. I..saw..a bug. So wrong 🙁

  19. French toast was invented in France , it's call "Pain Perdu", the difference is that french use "real" bread , not tasteless "american" bread :s . i'm french , and we eat "a lot" of bread and Pain perdu is a good way to use "old" bread in the morning.
    Have a nice day (from France) 😀

  20. ooh , and where i live in Normandie (where we do Cream and Camenbert) we use cream instead of milk , it's more fatty , but it's more tasty 🙂

  21. i seen a nasty bug on the bread

  22. like u never had a bug in your life … Google it to see how many bugs u ate throughout your whole life . idiot..

  23. dont forget cinnimon & nutmeg girlfriend. also, a dasho milk in yourtwo eggs & whip the whoochie out of & you canfeed sixpeople. For me a pinch of nutmeg puts the "french" into frenchtoast, and cinnamon puts the holiday ine everyday. Use extra butter and SOAk your bread for good gooey breakfast

  24. She's married I believe.

  25. Yummy! french toast, who cares the bug god's food haha.

  26. You remind me of my math teacher cx

  27. Peanut butter has a ton of bugs in it its impossible to keep them out when its made

  28. I have seen her before and she seemed a little off and flakey. But this time she is clearly on something or at the very least, she drank a couple of bottles of vanilla extract before she filmed.

  29. No cinnamon? D:

  30. There is a bug on her bread 3:44

  31. Could you make shortbread biscuits?

  32. Hilah is uwsummm possummmm

  33. She talks like she's drunk but I still love her

  34. There was a bug on the bread 3:44

  35. Noddles

  36. Noddles

  37. Mmm I have to make this for my family..and about the bug omg it was probally a fly gees

  38. Hey Hillah I'm from Australia and am wondering is shortening like oil? We don't use it over in Australia much

  39. ooh snap using that cutco bread knife xD

  40. shortening is made of fat, almost exclusively to mean hydrogenated vegetable oil.. it's actually similar with lard. ; just like margarine or butter.. you can melt it to be used as oil for frying 🙂

  41. i surely laughed with this video. its the way she talks. facial expressions lol. would you say "badass" on national tv?

  42. Lady – you are a fat ass dumb bond.

  43. bon appétit 🙂

  44. There's an ant on the bread 3:46

  45. U are so funny Hilah, i like you and i love ur cookings!!

  46. can you do a video on how to make mozarella sticks and fried risotto balls ^^

  47. Perfect !

  48. You look like prove

  49. You look like phoebe from friends**

  50. You look like Phoebe from friends

  51. You muy chistosa

  52. Gracias!

  53. Make a crepe please u rock if u do make a crepe

  54. I made crepes a few months back! Search my vids 🙂

  55. Omg looks yummy thank u. U r a very funny host luv u:)

  56. Thank you! 🙂

  57. hilah is the coolest chick ever

  58. she reminds me of phoebe from friends!

  59. OK I'm sold. I watched how to make an omelette first, then this one and I'm very entertained and learning as well. Just subscribed.

  60. i dunt know where u from — but ur like my cooking god — plz upload some more easy 2 cook foods

  61. Gotta hollah at a fellow Texan, saw the job eggs @hilah cooking

  62. *heb

  63. Love your comment…Spot on!

  64. Vinç çulun türçe izle

  65. Am I the only one who saw the fly on the "stale bread".

  66. you talk too much pardon me…lost me for a moment but….

  67. MMMM! I like to also add a little almond extract and finely ground cinnamon to the egg mixture.

  68. That's not how you make french Toast a orange ha ha ha good Grief.
    This seemed more of a comedy Than anything

  69. at 3:44 there is a bug running on the big peace of bread..

  70. COOL

  71. bonjour j m'apelle lucy et j'adore la vie

  72. She's from the south. In the south, especially summer, flies..roaches… and mice are actually normal. Its not that youre dirty… its that the creatures are escaping the heat (or cold ((mainly mice)) during the winter).
    It was bizarre to me at first, when I moved. But you get used to it. Just like others get used to scorpions, or native giant spiders, or poisonous plants.

    If a fly lands on your food in the south, wave it away. At least you didnt cook it in. ;D

    Source: lived in Southern Mississippi for 10 years.

  73. ok this chick is trying too hard to be funny and it isnt working.. kinda annoying

  74. Anyone notice the bug on the bread at 3:40? I thought it was on my phone and smacked it. Lmao

  75. Meh.. fruit fly on the bread. She says fruits have vitamins anyway lol. That reminds me of a story……  
     It was about a year ago I was making pancakes and a half dollar sized wolf spider jumped perfectly into the middle of the pancake. Its legs were fused into place and it cooked in a standing position. Me being a guy I was not gonna waste it. I took a small cup and used it to cut the spider out. I dropped the cutout on the floor and the dog ate it. I should not own a restaurant. hehe 

  76. you kind of remind me of phoebe from friends 

  77. phoebe?

  78. I'm high as fuck, now I need to break out the cooking gear for some wholesome food!

  79. wht is tht syrup??

  80. She's quite hot.

  81. Eggs …. basically hen cum

  82. I love your sense of humor

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  84. Reminds me of Phoebe Buffay

  85. "i dont want any segregation in my eggs"

    thats wat she said hahahhaha

  86. Anyone else see the fly on the bread?! Pesky things…

  87. I like this YouTube star.  She's natural, no pretense and she doesn't feel the need to show her cleavage.  Big up.

  88. A bit too long for just a simple french toast. Too much unnecessary chatter and very monotonous voice that trails off sometimes.

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  95. Nice recipe–the orange zest's a nice touch. I use half&half instead of milk and also Meyers's dark rum and cinnamon

  96. C'est trés delicious. Mercy Hila

  97. Apparently, Phoebe and Ursula Buffay has a triplet.

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