How To Make Creamy Basil PESTO POTATOES ~ Hot Potato Side Dish Recipe

This is such an easy and delicious
potato side dish for any meal. I’m Tess and tonight for dinner I’m making oven
baked barbecue chicken, harvard beets and pesto potatoes.
Stay tuned! When I make pesto potatoes it’s always a winner with my family. I
make homemade basil pesto with basil from my garden and freeze it in
individual packets for dishes just like this. It’s great for putting in sauces
for over meats, pasta, rice and potatoes. If you would like to see the video
recipe for my homemade basil pesto I will leave a link here and in the
description box below this video. So let’s get started! I am using about 2 pounds of diced bite-size russet potatoes and I left the
skins on. I’m cooking the potatoes in salt water until fork tender. You can
also use red potatoes or any potatoes that you prefer for this recipe. In the
meantime, I’m going to make the pesto dressing. In a large bowl I have 1/2 a
cup of mayonnaise and a quarter cup of basil pesto. I am using my homemade pesto
but you can use your favorite store brand. It’s all good. Giving that a good
mix. I usually use Dijon mustard but I ran out and I’m subbing with some
prepared mustard. You use what you have. This is about a quarter cup of very
thinly sliced red onion and a tablespoon or roughly chopped capers. These add a
nice salty bite and balance. And finally I’m adding a squeeze of lime for a pop
of freshness. As you can see there is a lot of flavor here and the potatoes are
just going to soak up all that wonderful delicious pesto dressing. The potatoes
are ready and fork tender. I drained them and now I’m adding them directly into
the pesto dressing. I’m also adding in some chopped green onions and some salt
and black pepper to taste. Giving that a good but gentle toss to get all those
potatoes coated with that delicious homemade pesto dressing that we just made. It
really smells good and I have everybody in the background just waiting to dig
into dinner. Tonight I am serving with my oven bake
barbecue chicken and Harvard beets. If you would like to see those video recipes I
will, again, leave a link here and below this video. This is a great hot potato
side dish. The creamy basil pesto dressing is so good and packed full of
flavor. A delicious potato side dish for any meal. I hope you give these creamy
pesto potatoes a try and enjoy. If you like this video recipe please hit
the like and subscribe button. Remember to hit the bell next to the subscribe to
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friends and family. And until next time… Much Love!


  1. I eat a lot of potatoes it looks good.

  2. I made some homemade pesto this morning and saw the video right after Talk about great timing Thanks again for the delicious rwcipe Tess

  3. Nice recipe! ?

  4. When I had access to an abundant amount of pesto I made my own. No comparison. Pesto can vary across the board. Some awful and into the trash it goes. I love the color the pesto sauce on the potatoes becomes. I will try that.

  5. Tess- could you serve this cold- have you ever done that and how did it turn out?

  6. Tess those potatoes look so good ? I love this recipe and I’m going to make this for hubby I know he would love it.

  7. Real good recipe for me ~~ thanks for sharing this video ?❤?????

  8. ?????

  9. Thank you for this good recipe and helthy food

  10. I absolutely love all your recipes and I do them!
    Why have you not opened your own restaurant yet?
    Call it “A little Zhush”

  11. Awesome video I love watching

  12. Your fresh and delicious ingredients are a burst of wonderful flavors married to yummy potatoes. Love this sister ~ honestly, I do. Y'all please have your thumbs in the up direction with me, thank you!

  13. Looks like another good one Tess! Can't wait to try it.

  14. Gosh! All looks delicious and have never been a fan of pesto but believe you can and have converted me lol. Chicken also looks fabulous and beets are super healthy. Wise man would have all resources at your use for one that does their own garden does for love of others and as my Grandpa said, I bought can when I couldn't produce it cheaper myself. He would be amazed at today. I always heard from him, what are you doing right now and found myself in garden later. Didn't pay much but ate well ?. ???

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