How to Make Braised Eggplants : Serving Tips for Braised Eggplants & Curry

Hi this is Neha on behalf of Expert Village.
Put the eggplants into a open sauce pan. Don’t do it in a closed utensil because the taste
would not be the way the way in which the open utensil it would. So it’s always advisable
that you make your recipe almost in an open utensil. Here it goes. A nice color coming
out. Almost eggplants just changing, I mean, you know, just transforming into chips. And
now we can put some coriander leaves on to it to give it a nicer taste plus, plus, plus
a nicer color. A nicer dish to my recipe as well. Here it goes. People who want to add
some salt from the top who feel that it might not be that salty. They can always have it
from the up. And now my recipe as a starter is ready. So put off the gas and here goes
the recipe. You can either have this recipe with your loved ones and near ones at any
point of time. Maybe whenever you’re feeling a little bit hungry. Of course it’s not a
lunch or dinner recipe but a recipe whenever you want to have something really tasty and
really happening. It will really serve your purpose.

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