How to make a Salmon Poke Bowl in 15 minutes! | Nadiya’s Time to Eat – BBC

This salmon poke bowl is my take
on this hip Hawaiian dish. It’s delicious, nutritious
and, best of all, super fast and easy to make. Every good poke bowl
starts off with rice. You could use any rice that you want
but I like sushi rice because it’s a short grain
and it’s really sticky. If you’re really short of time, just heat up some microwave
packet stuff – easy peasy. But cooking rice from scratch
is in my DNA. My grandad was a rice farmer and if
we didn’t know how to cook rice by the age of about seven,
you’re ostracised. But don’t worry, I have
a foolproof method that will ensure you’ll never end up
wasting your time. Find yourself a wooden spoon
and stick a line on it, about a centimetre and a half. And as soon as you kind of have
enough water up to that line, that’s about right. When you get it right
every single time, you can almost pat yourself on the
back and say, “I did that again.” Give it a stir and simmer until
the rice absorbs all the water. I’ve got three little kids,
we live on salmon. This is the kind of stuff that
we have in the house all the time. This is uber-fresh farmed
Scottish salmon, so I’m not even going to cook it. Because we’re eating this raw, I like to have small chunks, otherwise it just feels
like you’re eating raw fish. Is that weird? You can see that there’s
no water left. Leave that to steam for about ten
minutes, and then that gives me loads of time to crack on with
the rest of the dish. Next, my simple dressing. I’m going to make this dressing
out of stuff that I have in the cupboard all the time. So, we’ll start off with
some mayonnaise. I’m going to add Sriracha. This chilli sauce will
give it a spicy boost. Some soy sauce. It smells so good. A bit of sesame oil – not too much,
because that’s quite strong. Fish sauce. That’s so fishy. Lemon juice. And then give that a little mix. Just to finish it off, just a little bit of black pepper. I say a little bit of black pepper – I like a lot of black pepper. If you’re going to dress
your salmon, dress it well. Even when you’re flagging, this is so easy to put together, and – bonus – you get to use up all
those nagging little leftovers knocking around in your fridge. I’ve always got spring onion. I’m not even going to bother
getting the knife out. I’m just going to just
use my scissors. My number one hack for making
quick work of chopping. I’ve always got this odd carrot. It’s not enough to make
a carrot cake, not enough to do anything else with, so this is perfect
for something like this. As a simple short cut
to the authentic flavour of sushi, I’m just going to roll up these
sheets of dried seaweed and give them a snip. Now, I’m going to just
check on the rice, and you can see – look at that – that’s what sushi rice is all
about, and that’s what makes great sushi is because
the rice all sticks together. Season it with some salt and sugar. And then some vinegar. That smells so good. This is it. I’m ready to
put my bowl together, and all in about 15 minutes. Your rice is almost like the canvas. No matter how tired you are, take time to create
something beautiful. I always have pickled red cabbage. Look at that colour. What’s not to like? This recipe isn’t about cooking. It’s about piling on
your favourite ingredients… ..and making it special. Oh, there’s something about
that creamy goodness that you get from peanuts.
I love it. Some sesame seeds. Just a bit of black pepper, because I think salmon
likes black pepper. Food shouldn’t look like art,
but when it does you kind of almost don’t want to eat it,
but I’m going to eat it! My salmon poke bowl – a tasty,
streamlined supper that will lift your spirits as well as
bank you precious time. I’ll have to put them down because
they’re slowing me down. No two mouthfuls are the same. They taste different
every single time. After a long day at work, sometimes dinner is
the last thing on your mind, but, in 15 minutes, I’ve just cooked
up some rice and put some stuff together and we’ve got
this beautiful, beautiful dish that tastes out of this world. Now, if you don’t mind, could
you leave me with my bowl?


  1. Delicious. Sharing is caring.

  2. I thought every good PokeBall started with a good Pokemon.

  3. I work at a Poke House hahaha and I made the poke all the time 🙂 this video isn’t quite what I make but sure it’s different 😄

  4. I don't want to bother anyone, but no one made a bowl here.

  5. 맛있겠당

  6. I don’t cook, but I really enjoy her videos

  7. Mayonaise is not supposed to be in that dressing

  8. Of course that measurement will depend on the size of the pot.

  9. BBC = Big Black Cook

  10. What a beautiful unhealthy dish

  11. Sugar wtf

  12. just use your finger to measure water. first knuckle, my Chinese Apo taught me that.

  13. I really don’t like dishes that mix lots of things together

  14. Fantastic!

  15. Who needs a spoon to measure??? I use my finger. 😁

  16. Not bothered to take the knife out for the spring onion. Did you just sicssor that salmon earlier? Just kidding. Lovely recipe tho.

  17. Nadiya Hussein. What a modern British name

  18. Hola soy de Perú. No sé de dónde será esta chica. Pero me enseñaron en mi casa, mis profesores de cocina que cuando se cocina nada de anillos, uñas pintadas y gorro para el cabello. Y todavía es un programa de la BBC….. Qué decepción

  19. I will finish all the ingredients before they go into the bowl lol

  20. To a few issues raised below; re salmon – all salmon labelled 'sushi' quality must be frozen to a specific degree for a specific minimal time in order to kill parasites, regardless if free caught or farmed. Re sugar added to rice – this is traditional for sushi-styled rice, as well as the vinegar…have never added salt. Re mayo as base of salmon dressing – no.

  21. do you simmer after the rice boils

  22. You are a FABULOUS cook.
    Can you make more videos of food please.
    I tried your egg rolls my new favorite go to!! Thank you for sharing

  23. I'd abstain from eating any Salmon at all. Most of all Salmon is contaminated, especially the farmed kind. Stick with Tuna for the poke instead. At least the mercury contamination will kill you slower. Great recipe.👍🤠🤙🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣

  24. Beautiful. Will try it but will have to leave out the peanuts due to severe nut allergies in my family. Thanks for the tips!

  25. This looked absolutely delicious! Yummy!

  26. That is an awful water measurement method for rice! There's a way easier one: measure your rice. Whatever you added, add double of water. Medium heat and you'll never have rice issues again. 1 cup rice? 2 cups water. 1 bucket of rice? 2 buckets of water…

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  28. So delicious

  29. measure water i your middle finger

  30. Try come here to Hawaii and eat a real poke bowl, because that's not a poke bowl. That's a great raw fish salad on rice though.

  31. O this is horrible. So many fundamental food basics mistakes on the approach to authentic Japanese fusion. Horrible horrible.

  32. Ok so how are we gonna wash the dishes


  33. Nadiya, Your dish seems like a nice salmon salad over rice. But I’d suggest you don’t call this poke. And that’s definitely not how sushi rice is made. Okay, so you did say this is “your take…” However it is a bit of a stretch. Don’t smell something and say “oishii.” Say “I nioi”. Former = delicious. Later = smells good. Please be more diligent and research your subject. It will help your credibility. Aloha, Eugene (born in Japan/grew up in Hawaii).

  34. 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

  35. Muslim run state in 10 years .

  36. I love nadiya's cooking always looks something I want to eat 🙂

  37. Farmed salmon no thank you

  38. very comfortable to watch !!

  39. Use sushi salmon only. It must have been frozen for sushi, otherwise it contains harmful parasites. Google it!

  40. Nadiya is awesome! Greeting from Rome…

  41. I stop the video at the artificially colored raw farmed salmon (normally gray in color). Talk about dumb. Farmed salmon, or for that matter, any farmed seafood is as good as eating poison. Glad I live in Alaska where I can get the real deal, wild, right out of the pristine waters. BBC News
    Is there a problem with salmon farming? By Lucy Adams BBC Panorama, 20 May 2019

    …From just a couple of sites about 50 years ago, more than 200 fish farms now operate in Scotland, producing more than 150,000 tonnes of salmon a year. Farmed salmon are fed on processed feed and treated with medicines to ward off disease and infestations such as sea lice, which can breed among the fish in the pens.

    The pens keep the fish enclosed but they allow parasites to get in and let thousands of tonnes of waste into the surrounding water. The amount of salmon produced by Scottish farms dropped last year due to attempts to tackle "biological issues" such as sea lice infestations and disease.

    …Marine ecologist Dr Sally Campbell says: "I think most people who choose salmon off their supermarket shelves have no idea of the waste that's going into our marine environment as a result of that. And they would be appalled." Every year about 9.5 million fish die in the salmon farms, about 20% of the total. Disease, parasites and even chemicals designed to treat them can all prove fatal.

  42. Eating raw salmon???

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  44. 😊 Delicious

  45. The dish looks beautiful and tasty! It’s just raw salmon… uhm no.

  46. Was thinking she was gonna cook the salmon, it’s just raw and covered in sauce wtf😳🤢 would’ve been a delish dish if the salmon were cooked, but lovely presentation

  47. Isn’t this kind of a bibimbap?

  48. She looks like black Daenerys. Sometimes event sounds like her

  49. People who drain rice like pasta… 🙄🙄🙄

  50. Is this to desensitize us for the coming third world population replacement program, the Kalergi plan?

  51. i love your videos so much nadiya!

  52. when she said use microwave rice, I made this comment and then left

  53. I liked how it look. But…
    Healthy with with sugar and mayonnaise??

  54. Hmmmm… eating fresh raw salmon has risks of parasites – food poisoning. Either freeze and thaw (doesn’t eradicate all) or cook. I am really surprised to see this recommended?! Despite my health warning l love Nadiya’s cooking and videos. Really inspirational lady.

  55. Just needs some chikkin, rice, pea and tings … perfect 👌🏻

  56. Am I the only one who think using a knife to cut green onion slices is much easier and quicker than scissors

  57. Why mayo? Ruins it. Keep it fresh . Apart from this, you are the best😊

  58. Sorry but poke is made with cold rice not steaming hot, not the Hawaiian poke. And red cabbage???

  59. Make hutki shira pleaj afa.

  60. That is NOT poke!

  61. Puts down the chopsticks and grabs a fork – that’s so me when I’m eating rice dishes, too greedy to be delicate.

  62. damn i love nadiya

  63. Well, definitely not traditional, but it does look really good & I'll probably try a variation on your dressing…. still for beginners, might I suggest first trying a more traditional approach with lomi salmon, fresh, crisp & delicious and also super easy.

  64. Gross 🤮

  65. Hello Nadyia.."I just love Hawaiian Poke
    my sister lives in Hawaii and WOW she introduced me to Poke, reminds of bimbimpab Korean dish
    hope (spelt that right) everything in one bowl like poke, the Korean dish, the sauce is real delicious

  66. Plagiat of chirashi sushi/ Chirashi bowl?

  67. Whats the brand of green saucepan?

  68. Wash the rice? No!

  69. Raw salmon no no no my kids won’t eat it I don’t think I’ll be able to eat it aswell looks nice but for me no 😊

  70. Omg HOW she went from hijab to showing neck and hair ? I hope she didnt did it because some channels/brand dont accept her with hijab

  71. You lost me when you didn't cook that salmon. Even for smoking

  72. Fun

  73. Farmed salmon is not healthy and nutritious and is certainly not sustainable,it is lacking in omega 3 ,the fish are kept in atrocious conditions of a soup of sea lice and chemicals which in turn is unhealthy to eat and unhealthy for the environment and the marine life.They also have serious consequences for wild salmon and sea trout having almost wiped out the west coast fisheries. farmed salmon isn't fit to feed to a cat never mind people. Anybody who thinks different should do a bit of research on the breaches that the salmon farming industry have made and how much is dumped,deformed and diseased.

  74. Rice with sugar? . carrots? .. cutting seaweed wrappers ?.red Sauerkraut?. never heard of going to the market an buying FURIKAKE , available in the Asian foods Isle of the supermarket or in England you could go to an International market , it chopped Seaweed and it comes in many flavors … This is what Europeans have seen in Poke restaurants thru out Europe not the dish from HAWAII…. They add all that extra stuff to cut down on the fish and selling it at high price . I am very familiar with the Poke bowls of Europe …I Hawaii Poke bowl has TWO ingredients RICE AND RAW FISH … and Yea you can sprinkle some Furikake on top … I am not saying they are bad , I am saying they are not the real stuff …all those other vegetables and things is to sell you less fish

  75. I don't care what you say, and I know you're modest: you are my superhero, lady.

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  77. So you don‘t mix it up you just eat it with the vegetables on top ?

  78. I was told my a Chinese woman that the water has to be 2 cm above the rice so 1 and a half like you did is close! I use basmati rice 🙂

  79. "Fish sauce~ argh fishy."

    What the hell hahahhaha

  80. nadia: I like to have small chunks. otherwise it feels like you’re eating raw fish, is that weird!

    sashimi: am I a joke to you

  81. Her face when says (but I'm gonna eat it)😂

  82. Asians use their finger to measure the water for rice…

  83. It's her take on the dish, what she has on hand. Looks delicious. Even if the salmon is not pre frozen sushi grade, the lemon juice, soy etc help to nix any parasites. Kind of like ceviche. The fish cooks with the lime juice.

  84. 🤤😋😋😋😋😋

  85. Salmon Pokeball… wait, what!?

  86. Nadia/BBC: could you put the recipe, or at least the ingredients, up on the description, please?!

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  88. Mayo on salmon? why?

  89. Good god love, that's a serving for easily 2-4 persons! Please don't cross the ocean yet!

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  92. Adding a pinch of sugar or a tablespoon of mirin to the salmon mix will round out all the flavors. Thank me later

  93. I love Nadia. Huge fan of her. Her journey is inspiring. Signed a fellow muslim sister.

  94. She's really cool, made me smile 🙂

  95. Farmed salmon is not good to eat!

  96. Yeah I don’t trust my fish sources to be eating it raw. Even going to Whole Foods & buying the wild caught salmon who knows how long it’s been from boat to grocery store? I get that folks in HI have access to the freshest fish possible & poke is a staple. Unless you live on an island or coastal city eating raw fish at home is asking for trouble.

  97. did anyone else thought she was going to say "after a long day of work… i don't wanna see that", anyone?

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