How To Make A Chuck Roast In The Oven

Hi folks, it’s Mike with with
a very easy beef roast recipe. In fact, this recipe only has four ingredients: 3 to 5 Pound
Roast, 4 Beef Bouillon Cubes, 2 Large Onions, and 2 Cans of Mushrooms (4oz) Drained. Ok the first thing I want to do is set this
beef off to the side. I will take the onions and set them to the side. No, actually I think
I’ll cut the onions first. Now this seems like an awful lot of onion for a small roast,
but when this is all done trust me. You will not have too much onion left over. And besides,
you need the onion to help flavor the roast. The onion slices can almost not be too big.
And of course that cuts down on prep time and makes it easy. The other thing that I am going to do, is
to take 2 bouillon cubes, put them in a Ziplock bag and smash them. And I want to thoroughly
smash them. Now, part way through if you want, you can pull out the packaging and shake it
good. I will smash it down really good, and remove all of the aluminum wrapping. Now, I’ll take the pan and and sit it here
but if you want to you can use aluminum foil for this recipe. Just make sure to put it
on a sheet pan in case the foil leaks. If you don’t have a nice dutch oven like this.
This one is a half size. I’ll spread that out on the bottom of the pan thoroughly. Then
I’ll take our roast and put it in the pan like this. Then I’ll take our other two bouillon
cubes and smash them. Pull out the wrappers and smack them around again. Set that back
here. Now I will sprinkle the bouillon crumbs into my hand so that I can put it across the
top of the roast. I don’t recommend that you use any kind of salt. Normally you would add
a lot of salt to a roast but trust me when I tell you, there is enough sodium in these
bouillon cubes that you do not need to add any more salt. Now I’ll take the onion, and spread it out
a little bit. Put it across the roast. And then finally, I will take our mushrooms. This
is two cans of mushrooms, or you can use 1 big can or fresh mushrooms if you want and
I’ll sprinkle those in over top of the roast. Ok, I am going to put this roast in the oven
for four hours at 250 degrees. I personally think that low and slow is the best way to
go. But if you’re in a hurry, you can always set your oven for 350 degrees, for 3 hours.
Ok it’s been four hours, so let’s take this out of the oven and see how it looks. Alright
lets open her up and see how it looks. That’s the great thing about having granite, you
can put a pot on there that’s hot. Let’s see how tender the meat is. Oh yes very tender,
comes right off look at that! Now lets remove the meat from the pan and
set it to the side so that
I can make some gravy. Those extra mushrooms in there wont make any difference. Here I
have taken a half cup of cold water and two tablespoons of flour, just basic all purpose
flour, and I will make a little gravy. Let’s pour it in and stir it up. It doesn’t take
very long. It’s very important that you put cold water in the container first, and then
you put the flour on top of the cold water. Mix it up thoroughly, and look at that, instant
gravy. I’ll turn the flame down. In fact, I could probably turn it off at this point.
Now to class up this flavor just a little bit, I will add some sweet vermouth. Now sweet
vermouth of course, is simply wine. You can add just a little bit, and it will add to
the flavor. Well there you have it folks. My easy pot
roast recipe with only four ingredients, and one of those is the meat. For more great tips
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