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NARRATOR: Mastering the grill
is all about understanding live fire and the
strategies needed to take advantage of the fire. These grilling tips
will help you get delicious steaks every time. The first step in grilling
a good steak is choosing it. Pick a steak that is at least 1
and 1/2 inches thick with more marbling in the meat. Marbling means the fat is
dispersed throughout the steak, and the flavor will be, too. We’re using a New
York strip steak, but this grilling
know-how can be used any time you grill boneless
steaks of the same thickness. Next, trim the steak
of any excess fat but leave some for flavor. Bring your meat to
room temperature and preheat the grill. Set up your grill for
direct and indirect heat at least 30 minutes
before you cook. Be sure to preheat the grate. Next, get to know your
grills hot and cool spots. Carefully put your bare hand six
inches above the grills grate. Pause. If you can hold it
up to six seconds, you’ve found a cooler
part of the grill. If you can only hold it
for three to four seconds, that’s the hot spot. Next, oil your grill surface. Use tongs and a folded
piece of paper towel dipped in a little
oil for the task. Let the oil heat until it’s
smoking and it’s time to cook. Pat the meat dry and season with
salt and pepper on both sides. Place the steaks on the hot part
of the grill across the grates and let them sear until they
release without sticking. Don’t move them. When the meat lifts
off the grill easily it’s time to turn it. Let the grill tell you. Reposition the
steak on the grate by about a 90 degree
angle to get professional looking grill marks. When they lift off
easily, turn the steaks over and let them cook. Now do the quarter turn again. And in a minute or so, check
the internal temperature of the steak. Insert the
thermometer lengthwise for the best reading. A temperature between
130 and 145 degrees is the range for
medium rare to medium. If you prefer well-done
steak, move it to the cooler area of the
grill and cook it longer. But not for too long. Remember, meat
continues to cook when you take it off of the grill. Next up, let the steaks rest for
5 to 10 minutes before slicing. This settles the
juices so each bite is moist and full of flavor. Slice the steak and serve it up. Keep on grilling and you’ll
be a master of any cut.


  1. one day I'll make bbq for my family.. one day..

  2. Why is half the steak over coals and the other not…smh As the person flips the steak over half is burnt and the other half is seared nicely…smha

  3. Step 1: Move the grill to the side, go inside, and pan cook that motherfucka to keep it dripping in steak juices and butter baste, and get ready to go Pleasuretown, USA.

  4. Who let this idiot near a steak? One, you oil before heating. Two, for steaks thicker than an inch you want to use a reverse sear. The steak comes out more evenly cooked and more tender. This BS about "searing seals in the juices" is exactly that, BS. And really, at the end of the day, sear marks don't matter. It's that caramelized outside you really want whether you do this in a cast iron pan or on the grill.

  5. Don't use pepper before you heat the meat. Heated pepper turns bitter. Pepper after you cook the meat.

  6. The amount of seasoning made me cringe soo hard

  7. Look burned to me

  8. there's no grill marks….

  9. So you cant move it, but to see if it's ready you have to move it?

  10. Anyone else still looking for the professional grill marks ??

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