How To Grill Pizza On The Weber Pizza Stone! | Pizza On The Barbecue | Outdoor Kitchen

hey everyone welcome back to another
exciting episode of Baum Grillinz and today is an exciting episode because
well we’re doing pizza and I love pizza I love pizza on the grill that’s for
sure now we’re going to make the Baum perfect pizza and that means it’s just
kind of one of those pizzas that I like to make like to put all my favorite
ingredients on there you got some sausage you got the pepperoni you got
some mushrooms and some garlic and some just wow beautiful stuff it is going to
be a wonderful pizza so let’s get all the fixings all tossed together and
we’ll toss it on the grill and we will get hungry let’s do it okay so let’s
talk our grill set up here for this pizza stone what we’re going to do is
we’ve got our charcoal all heated up and ready to go it’s nice and hot and what
we’re going to do is we’re going to pour it out indirect we don’t want the coals
to be right under our pizza stone it’ll make it way too hot so we’re going to do
that real quick now this is a very important part of getting your pizza
stone all prepped up here you want to start it in the grill you want it to
heat up with it if it gets too hot too fast
you might crack your stone and then you’re gonna have to buy a new one and
that’s no good we got our pizza stone in there we’re going to let it heat up with
the kettle we’re going to look for about 400 425 once we’re up to temp we’ll slap
our pizza on there so let’s get to building that pizza all right now we’re
going to put our pizza together we’re going to take our dough and now this is
just the dough that I’ve made before and you can find it up here I’ll put a link
to the video that I made this dough it’s it’s just it’s a nice little pizza dough
we like if i’ma works for you so we’re going to use this pizza dough now we’re
going to also we’re going to build it on our pizza peel so just want to make sure
that this thing is not very sticky because it if it sticks you’re going to
have an issue and I’ve been there and I’ve done that many a time so we’re just
going to work our pizza dough out here I also have some cornmeal keep that
handy just for it gets sticky we’ll grab some of that we’re going to try
something different today – we’re going to try to toss this pizza hello kind of
scared alright we’re trying it we’re just going to
stick this thing right here kind of work it on your knuckles a little bit laying
it around a couple little texture tosses all right here we go we’re going for the
record whoa oh yeah here we go here we go oh
yeah make sure you don’t get any holes just you’re just playing around we’re
having fun here we go one more oh yeah top down a little bit of cornmeal slap
that dough on there continue to stretch it out okay so we
got it all kind of where we want it now the trick here is to not let it get
stuck to the peel so what you want to do is you just kind of want to make sure
that it’s going to be free kind of move it around a little bit and stick a
little bit of cornmeal underneath it right before you get your toppings on
here now I’ve already had cornmeal on it while I’ve been working it but sometimes
it’ll start to work in you’re going to need to add a little more so you don’t
get stuck just kind of make sure it moves and it flows so there we go now
we’re going to add our toppings first off we’re going to use our pizza sauce
here it’s going to spread that out I like
some pizza sock I don’t want to drown it in it though can I have a nice even
little you want a little bit of crust there all right all right that looks
good next up is our mozzarella cheese I’ve already kind of pre sliced
everything here just to make this go a little bit quicker I’m going to take our
mozzarella kind of evenly space it out I’ll do something like that and then
maybe one right in the center there now you want to make sure you kind of give
it a little shake now after every topping you do make sure
you shake it just kind of shake it around make sure it’s still moving you
don’t want it to get stuck I’ve been there I’ve done that don’t want to do it
again so next step pepperoni got ourselves some pepperoni here we’re
getting crazy getting crazy that’s because we’re hungry we’ll just kind of
slop that on there a little something like that maybe we’ll do a little thing
like that huh what do you think that looks good
want to make sure every bites got a little bit of pepperoni in it right next
up is we’ve got some Italian sausage now this is a mild sausage you can go spicy
you can go hot whatever you like the family around here doesn’t like they
don’t like too much spice so we’d like to keep it mild now make sure you cook
your sausage we cooked our is inside just real quick just following
instructions make sure you cook it right and properly you’ll be good all right so
we’re going to add the sausage now I love Italian sausage there’s a bomb perfect pizza right here
bomb perfect whoo all right that looks good once again give it a shake a little
bit of shake edge and want it to stick now we’re going to do some red onion and
some garlic oh I can’t wait to eat this now some
garlic whoo that’s going to be a garlicky bite
okay okay make sure you shake it every time you put on gradient on remember
remember that okay next we’re going to do some mushrooms whoo
look at those things those things are big throw those on there well man looks
delicious so worried about it sticking and last not least tomato let’s throw
those on there – these are all my favorite ingredients for my pizzas okay
and one final shake well we don’t want to lose our toppings either as we shake
it so just kind of be careful watch it if you need to throw a little more
cornmeal underneath there some of your trouble spots all right now that pizza
is ready for the grill now our grill is up to 400 degrees right now so we’re
just going to open it up we’re going to slap it on and we’re going to let this
baby cook it’s going to take about maybe ten minutes we’ll just kind of check it
periodically you want to make sure you keep the calls though you want to let
all your ingredients melt and kind of get so good excellent okay let’s put it
on the grill all right here we go going on the grill hopefully this is going to
work we don’t want no pizza disaster – here oh alright! that’s what I’m talking about
now what we’re going to do is we’re going to do a little oil on the crust a
little oil want that golden brown that looks so good so good all right let’s
call it the legend we’ll let her cook all right so it’s been sitting on there
for a few minutes now we’re just going to make sure that that crust ain’t
getting too crusty burned check underneath there look
Oh got a little hole under there okay looking good though it’s a deep testify
if it did that’s what I’m talking about long ruined piece okay that pizza is
ready let’s get our pizza peel once again and we’re going to pull it off the
grill be gentle you don’t want to lose it you really don’t want it to flip over look at that pizza that looks amazing
slice and dice and take a bite I tell you what the seafood supply editor there
that’s a pizza pie all right let’s take a bite I want one with a lot of sausage
on it who now looks like it going cheesy crust looks amazing look oh yeah mm-hmm Mamma Mia yeah I feel
like a real Italian Chef oh it’s perfect
is a perfect pizza that’s a grilled pizza on the pizza stone easy real quick
something you could do at home with your family so good I hope you guys like this
video like comment subscribe give me some thumbs up and I hope that you guys
will join me on some more of my videos Baum Grillin’z out and maybe to get you
guys to subscribe here I’ll toss the pizzas for you if there’s describe
button right down here well yeah give you the scrap for that Oh


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  2. Another nice video. Good work! Just a little suggestion from a "metric" viewer: when speaking about temperatures, would you mind to tell the Celcius temperature as well? It's just a small detail but mentioning both temperatures would be awesome and we don't need a calculator anymore 😄😅

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