How to Grill a Pizza on the Weber Kettle

I’ve tested a bunch of different methods
to grill pizzas on the weber kettle and this one gives the best and most
consistent results. To do it you’ll need an elevated cooking grate. I made one
out of a charcoal grate from an 18-inch kettle. You’ll also need some stainless
steel bolts, nuts, and washers. Now make sure that they’re stainless and don’t be
tempted to buy the zinc ones. Galvanized metal puts off toxic gases at
barbecue temperatures. The charcoal grate needs legs to elevate off the normal
grilling surface and you’ll need three washers and three nuts for each one. To
make the leg put a washer on the bolt and put the hole in the grate so the
washer is sitting on top of it. Then, add another washer that will sit on the
bottom and secure it all together with a nut. Once that’s in place we’ll use
another nut that’ll hold the lower washer and then add the last nut on top
of that. This part will be the foot of the leg so it’s supported on the
grill grate you’ll already have. Don’t forget to tighten everything up so
it doesn’t fall apart. You’ll need to repeat this process for the other two
legs which will give you a nice sturdy base. Out at the grill, open the vents all the
way for maximum airflow. My grill has some leftover charcoal and a few chunks
of wood for flavor. I’m gonna add a chimney a fully lit charcoal right on
top and let it sit for a few minutes to light the wood and the other coals
before I spread them out into a ring shape. Now you want to have an empty spot
in the center when you’re done, kind of like a doughnut
to avoid burning your crust. That radiant heat from the coals will heat up your
stone or pan beyond the air temperature, and that is the hardest part about
grilling pizza in a kettle. Then add your cooking grate and your new elevated
cooking grate. Try to get it to as close to the center as possible so you don’t
bang your lid on it. Let the coals in the pan preheat for 10 minutes with the
lid shut. Now if the temperatures aren’t quite
high enough, you could always stoke the coals with your hairdryer or add a few
wood chunks on top of the coals because wood burns a little bit hotter than
charcoal. You want your lid temps to be somewhere between 350 degrees
Fahrenheit and 450 degrees, but even at 350 degrees Fahrenheit your
pan is gonna be much hotter. Here’s the pepperoni pizza I made. I used whole
wheat flour to keep from sticking to the peel which works as well as cornmeal but
doesn’t burn as easy on the grill. So give it a little shake before you lift the
lid to make sure it isn’t stuck then put on the cast iron pan and shut the lid as
quickly as possible. Don’t be tempted to take a peek while it’s cooking since
that’s gonna let all the heat out Instead look in the vent and you’ll see
that the crust is browning and the cheese is melted. Then you can lift the
lid at just the right moment when it’s done. I didn’t rotate it during the cook
and the bottom crust are not perfect after about 12 minutes with a lid temp
of 350 I also made a barbecue chicken, caramelized onion, and gorgonzola cheese
pizza at 400 degrees and it cooked about two minutes faster. The key is not to
stress about the temperatures and you’ll be rewarded with good pizza.
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  1. Hmmm… I like that! I will have to try this method.

  2. This is an excellent tutorial with really great advice. And your pizzas look fantastic! Great job!

  3. Great tutorial Ryan.
    The pizzas looked great too!

  4. Great Pizza 🍕

  5. That crust looks soft on inside crisp on outside. Yum

  6. I've grilled pizza many times. I used a pizza stone and just set it on the normal grate of my cooker. I have to say, it was some of the best pizza I've ever had. Even from a restaurant! Great info on how to do it! 👍

  7. Great video! Question, if I'm using a stainless steel pizza pan, should it still be elevated? Would elevating with fire bricks work?

  8. Awesome mods Ryan! The Pizza looks Awesome!

  9. What size bolts and washers did you use?

  10. Wow.. it's deliciousness of pizza! 🙆‍♀️ best grilled pizza I've seen on yt yet. Thank you for sharing your skill and expertise. 👍👍

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  12. Clever idea, I’ve been making pizza at home for a very long time and this is my favorite tool, without the pizza oven. I’ve found that metal burns the dough if temperatures are not controlled effectively. I'm located in an area of the states that has a history of pizza making, not CA. I don’t have any connection to this company and this stone works on the grill or in your home oven at high temperatures. I've been using their products for over a decade I think, that and it will not crack, and if it does I think they will replace it.

    (California Pizza Stones online) From their web page: Pizza and Baking Stones That Do Not Crack or Thermal Shock

    Our Pizza and Baking Stones are made from a Non-Toxic Mullite mixture, containing a very high quantity of grog. Grog is clay that has been fired to 2500 – 2600 degrees then crushed and put back into our clay mixture. This makes our Baking Stones virtually indestructible and impervious to thermal shock.

    Oh, I stopped by here from Glen's channel, Good Luck and happy pizza making.

  13. Hi, I am a sub from Glen and Friends. I never had thought to cook 🍕 on our grill. I subbed to your channel, my husband will appreciate it, he doesn't think we grill out enough. Thanks for challenging Glen, as I would never have found your channel otherwise. Happy grilling and thanks for the great idea of doing so (my husband will be glad to dust off our grill) 😁


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