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Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai We use Banana Stem for many recipes It is healthier too When consumed it as juice it helps in weight loss Many youngsters don’t know much about the proper cutting method of Banana Stem, so they avoid cooking it. It is easy to cut and cook If you store it in fridge then store it for one or two days within 1 day it turned black First cut off the black layer Then peel it like this Refer to Banana Stem Horse gram poriyal recipe in my channel Refer to Banana Stem Raita Recipe Refer to Raw Banana Podimas recipe video in my channel Refer to Raw Banana Fry Recipe video in my channel Refer to Banana Stem Poriyal recipe in my Channel Refer my channel for more Vegetarian recipes cooked in traditional style. After peeling wash the stem, cut the stem as slim slices as like chips While slicing the fiber threads will come out, just pull out the threads aside As soon as the stem is sliced, place it in bowl with water You can even add 1 spoon buttermilk or curd to the water and soak the sliced stem, so that it remains white. Slice the Banana stem as per your required size and shape For juice you can grind the round slices in the mixie.


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