How To Cook Roast Beef – Pan to Oven Roasting

Hi, nice to see you again my name is Stefan head chef at Donald Russell and in this session i’m going to show you how to cook the perfect pan-to-oven roast this method is suitable for the medium
sized cut, starting at two hundred and fifty grams, up to a kilo as the combination of pan frying and
oven roasting guarantees you the wonderful result for the smaller cuts as
per usual defrost your meat overnight remove it from his package before you
start cooking packs dry with kitchen paper and allow to
come to room temperature for at least thirty minutes, it will bloom and look like this.
Look at that, wonderful nice red color before we cook this wonderful beef
mini roasts we have to pre heat the pan to the highest setting and the oven to two hundred thirty degrees now we’re going to prepare and season the meat first, brush the meet with oil all over
avoid using too much and season it with salt and pepper now we’re going to sear off the meat.
The reason why the sear off medium size cuts in the pan first is to enhance
caramelisation and flavors which you wouldn’t achieve using the oven
roasting methods alone place the meat into the pan, you should hear a
wonderful sizzle and sear the meat six to eight minutes in total, turning it occasionally until it’s browned all over now that we have achieved that wonderful caramelisation we’re going to finish it off in the oven so take it just place it in the oven and cook for the recommended time which you
will find in our ever helpful meat booklet I liken my meat medium so I’m going to cook this Beef Rump Mini Roast for fifteen minutes now that our roast is cooked we
take it out of the oven and we need to rest it while the meat is resting it becomes warm,
moist and tender all the way through simply cover it with foil and leave for at
least ten minutes in a warm place before you carve it while the meat was resting I’ve prepared some
side dishes some green beans seared mushrooms the only thing left to do is to serve it take your rested meat and remove the strings and carve it against the grain into half
centimetre slices Look at that! isn’t it lovely? this is what i call medium ensure that you preheat your plates, it would be a shame to serve such a wonderful dish on cold plates for the finishing touches we’re going to
garnish the dish with a little herb and we are ready to serve if you have any more questions then please
refer to our ‘meat perfection’ booklet or go to our website at enjoy


  1. Did you say that for Medium, you cooked it at 200 degrees for 15 minutes?

  2. thanks alot for the easy instructions, worked superbly, tender meat delicious.
    every time i roast beef, it always cum out dry or its still not cooked.
    thanks again.

  3. That looks absolutely delicious 🙂

  4. wot no roasties shame

  5. This is so helpful, thank you very much and it's absolutely delicious….

  6. Those cows in the beginning look pretty tasty

  7. dang wat type of oven u got lol

  8. going to go try it now.. thanks

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