How to Cook Lamb Chops

Lots of people like to make lamb chops for
the holidays. Me, I like them all year long. At Omaha Steaks, we have two great lamb chop
selections. For every day dining, I like to serve our lamb loin chops. For special occasions,
I’ll break out the Private Reserve Lamb Rib Chops. So today, I’m going to cook some lamb.
I’m going to cook these like I would any other bone-in steak or chop. I’m either going to
use a medium grill, or my preferred way, the sear-roast. I start by blotting them dry with
a paper towel. Next, I’m going to lightly oil them and generously season them. I have
my preheated pan on high, and I’m going to brown them for two to three minutes on the
first side. Next, I’ll flip them over and put them in my preheated 300 degree oven.
For the lamb loin chops, since they’re a little thinner, they’re going to go about nine to
eleven minutes, and then the thicker Private Reserve Lamb Lamb Chops, these will go 18-20
minutes. Once they come out of the oven, I’m going to allow them to rest for about
five minutes. This lets the juices redistribute. Now for the finishing touch, I like to serve
my lamb chops with a little bit of mint jelly. I find it accents the flavor of the lamb,
and brings the dish together perfectly.

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