How to cook healthy grilled chicken with Curtis Stone

I’ve got a couple of
beautiful chicken breasts. I’m gonna show you a little trick. What you do is you get yourself one
of these sturdy kind of zip-lock bags and put the entire chicken breast
inside the bag. Using a mallet, you can just
go ahead, beat it out. So once you start to flatten
the chicken breast out, you’ll see it gets bigger and bigger, so what we’re actually gonna do
is use one breast for two portions. OK, so once you’ve got it to, like,
a centimetre or so thick, that’s it –
that’s all you need to do. So just pull it out of the bag and do the exact same thing
to the other one. Time to cook the chicken. So the thing we do first is we season
that chicken breast here with a little bit of salt, a little bit of freshly ground
black pepper on both sides. This is one of those
perfect affordable meals that you get home, you’re in a rush, you wanna get a good meal
on the table, but you don’t have a whole lot of
ingredients at hand, and this is just one of
those perfect recipes. OK, we’ve got a nice hot grill pan. Get a little bit of olive oil
and just drizzle over the top. Same deal. Beautiful! Time to cook. OK, you get your chicken breast,
bring it over to the hot grill and you literally just pick it up
and pop it straight on. (PAN SIZZLES) Beautiful! This is gonna cook for
two or three minutes on each side. We take it off, we dress the salad,
and we serve. So the chicken’s just been on
for a minute or two. What you wanna do is
just have a little peek. See how we’re getting those nice
golden marks under the chicken? That looks beautiful. I wanna give it just a touch more, so just push it down, make sure you’re getting a lot of
contact with that hot grill. Once it’s had a couple of minutes and you can start to see a little bit
of the chicken here starting to change colour
as it sort of starts to cook through, it’s time to turn it. Now, the last thing you wanna do when you’re cooking anything on
a grill pan is overcook it. Alright? This chicken breast cooks
pretty quick anyway. Because we flattened it out,
it cooks even faster. So just give it a little touch. Make sure that it’s cooked through. It should sort of feel like your thumb and your little finger
touching each other. That’s kind of well done, alright? So anything more than that
is gonna be overcooked. You don’t want it to be
rubbery or tough. Don’t forget,
when you take it off the grill, there’s a little bit of carry-over
cooking that’s gonna happen. So don’t leave it on too long. Have a look at that. Beautiful.
Pick my chicken breast up. So you take the chicken breast
off the heat and you just give it
a couple of minutes to rest. It was only on for four, so it only needs one or two to rest
before you cut it. The only thing left to do
is to plate it up. Go ahead and slice through that. We’re gonna use about half a breast per portion. Pick up that chicken
and you can just fan it around.

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