How to Clear a Jammed Auger on a Traeger Grill – Traeger Maintenance

Hey guys, this is Brad at Traeger grills. Right now i’m going to show you how to remove an auger jam in the event that
your auger stops spinning and is not feeding pellets into the fire-pot. The
first thing we need to do is remove four screws you got one two three and four on
the back side as well as the screws that hold your controller in place. We’re
going to remove that hopper so we can see kind of into the guts in the
mechanics of the grill to work on this auger jam. Alright so we’re going to take the
controller, dismount from the hopper first. So you want to put the controller
back through the mounting hole, the easiest way to do it is to kind of pull
it out of the hopper and then kind of put it through sideways and wiggle its
way into that mounting hole. The next thing we want to do is we’re
going to take off the hopper from the grill, it’s mounted to the side of grill with four screws, two in the front, two in the back. So when you remove that last screw, you
want to actually make sure you have a hand on here just in case this hopper
wants to fall off. Just lift up a little bit your
controller make dangle down, shouldn’t be a problem when it’s hanging by the wires
and now we are into the guts of the grill and we can work on our auger jam. Right now just so we can show you kind of a better closer look at what’s going on we pulled the entire hopper burner
assembly out of a junior grill that has an auger jam. There’s a couple tools that
you’re going to need to get rid of your auger jam, one of them is going to be a 7/
64 allen key, a pipe wrench, you may also need a flathead screwdriver
and phillips head screwdriver as well as a set of pliers and something that has a
flat edge on it. We have a hammer here we’re going to use that to clean out the
stuff that’s in the auger shaft. First thing we’re going to do is
remove the shear pin that is holding the auger motor to the auger shaft, you are going to need your allen key and the pliers to hold down that nut. This will then allow us to
remove the motor completely from the shaft, now we have the shaft open here. The next thing we want to do is remove this bushing and this screw, this can either be a flat head screw or phillips
screw. Once we get that out we’re going to want to just simply try and move this
if we can’t move it, this is when our pipe wrench is going to
come in handy mine’s pretty seized up right now, it’s extremely wet inside
there and I think the pellets are just holding it down and this is a pretty
solid auger jam as you can see, sometimes after a couple cranks this will be a lot
easier. Once you get the auger removed from the auger shaft you can either use
a hammer something with the flat edge sometimes the auger actually works
really well also you just spin it push it in and out
and it should help clear that stuff that seized up inside there. Once everything’s
done and you’ve got the auger shaft cleaned out we have a little bit of a
mess to clear out. We are going to want to use a vacuum, you want to focus on clearing out the fire pot of any excess pellets or objects as
well as the top of the auger here and anything that may be inside of the
auger shaft. Alright, now that you have the auger
shaft cleaned out we’re just going to put everything back
together the same way that we did it. First put the auger back into the auger
shaft, you will set the bushing here with the set screw and then you will attach
the motor back to the auger and use that shear pin and you should be back up and
running whether you have wet pellets or random
other objects that have gone into your hopper into the auger shaft this is how
you fix an auger jam make sure that you register your grill on
if you have any further questions give us a call at 1800 Traeger.


  1. Just wanted to say "Thanks"
    Using this video I was able to repair the auger on my Traeger grill with no problems. I followed the steps exactly and had no issues making the repair. .
    Very helpful tutorial.

  2. This information saved our Memorial Day 2018 BBQ……Many thanks!

  3. Perfect demonstration. The only thing I would do differently is to use a very thing screw driver or metal rod (long skinny Allen wrench) of some sort to loosen the auger at 2:40 (time) instead of the pipe wrench. No chew of metal necessary. I had to use a wire coat hanger to clear out the jammed pellets because nothing else (including auger re-entry or banging) worked to get the jammed pellets out of the center of the unit. It worked with my method of wire hanger to reach deep and skinny. However, it appears I need to clean the thermo rod that was burned and re-do the temperature rope to get the heat unit to better Gage the heat on the thermometer. Test in smoke setting for an hour before testing high heat to ensure full working capacity and you will know if it works again.

  4. Looks like wood dust and chips, not pellets

  5. Need to do this tutorial on a vertical smoker

  6. Step One should be: Empty the hopper! (don't ask me how I know . . .)

  7. My auger was cemented in wet packed pellets. My fix was covering the auger box with charcoal and letting it burn for a couple of hours.

  8. Hey guys great video. Maybe you should let support know you have this video posted. I didn't look for this video until I got my parts from support. So the instructions I got were very confusing as they said I would have to replace the auger motor and the front control panel and after watching this video it's probably just jammed.

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