How to Barbecue on a Gas Grill : How to Grill Salmon Fillets on a Gas Grill

Ok, so we’ve got a nice hot grill here and
we’re going to go ahead and start some salmon fillets. I’ve already given it a scrub with
a rag with some canola oil on it, and I’m going to go ahead and give it a quick spray
with some grill spray here. Be careful not to hold the can too close to the flame here.
I’m going to start this salmon with the flesh side down first. I’ve seasoned that
with a dry seasoning mixture of garlic salt and lemon pepper so I’m going to get some
good lines on this guy. Then we’re going to flip him on the skin side. Once the flesh
side is showing up, I’ve got a butter mixture over here that’s got some beer butter and
onions and garlic salt in it so I can brush that fish down throughout the cooking process.
If you notice, I’ve got these dials cranked just above the off position. I don’t want
a really intense heat for this fish, but it’s hot enough to cook on. So now we’ll shut
the lid here and get some of that good smoke kickin’.


  1. isn't the word barbeque just associated with pork? i.e. Ribs, Whole Hog, and Shoulder?

  2. @Deathspade66 nope theres bbq chicken and of course other meats

  3. becuz expertvillage is such and expert at everything, they should know bbq is something that takes longer than a hour on the grill, and grilling is something that takes less than 30 mins on the grill. so if you BBQ fish the fish is just gonna be horrible

  4. That is the way I grill it. It taste better good on the grill.

  5. @snowblazer12 The subject is "How to barbecue on a gas grill." but if you look after the colon it specifically says, "How to Grill Salmon Fillets on a Gas Grill"

  6. @AbduCola you are an idiot, im obviously stating that its two separate things. Grilling is not BBQing

  7. @snowblazer12 Yea, so why are u bitching at expert grill when they clearly stated that?

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