How a Master Sushi Chef Butchers a 250 Pound Bluefin Tuna — Omakase

– We always try to get a whole fish because we can utilize all
different parts of meat. Typically there’s akami,
chutoro, and ootoro. But if you get a whole bluefin tuna it’s more variety of the bluefin tuna. Irasshaimase. So personally, I think bluefin tuna is really important in Edomae sushi. Today our bluefin tuna is from Kochi area. We normally get a bluefin
tuna once every two weeks. Usually it’s about 200 to 250 pounds. I’m gonna use two different knives. So this a deba, it’s a butchering knife. And also this a sujihiki. I need a little flexible knife so we’re gonna use this one. So we cut bluefin tuna
to five different parts. Called gomae oroshi. Two back parts. Two belly parts. And one center bone. So I got this model from Tsukiji Market. We show this model and explain about a whole different part of
bluefin tuna to our guests. To let them understand what they eat. One of our guests really loved it and then he was looking
for this bluefin tuna model and they found the tuna model price is 5,000 dollars. Which, I never pay that. I’d rather buy real whole bluefin tuna. We usually order bluefin
tuna from Toyosu Fish Market. For us it’s better to have
a whole tuna, price-wise and flavor-wise. Then first thing we cut off is kamatoro. This is a kamatoro. It’s a collar part of bluefin tuna. Very rare item. The overrated part of
bluefin tuna is kamatoro. It’s really fatty and unique texture. But for me it’s a little bit too much fat. So out of 200 pounds here you can only get one to two pounds of kamatoro. So that’s why this part is most expensive. On the bottom is ootoro,
belly side of bluefin tuna. Ootoro is only from the
belly side of bluefin tuna. So also very rare part. So next expensive part. A lot of guests love fatty bluefin tuna. Whenever I cut it I make a saku. I imagine happy face about the guest. So inside the body around the center bone is akami, lean part of bluefin tuna. For me, most underrated part
of bluefin tuna is akami. I always looking for red color and silky and nice texture. The lay of the muscle is this way. So we cut through the layer so it makes it more softer. In bluefin tuna I enjoy
sanmi, which is acidity of the meat and also umami flavor. And also fat flavor. So here’s akami, lean part. That’s the inside of body. And then outside is the fatty part. Here’s a chutoro and the ootoro. Akami has a lot of umami and sanmi flavor. Ootoro less sanmi but more
umami and then fat content. My favorite part of
bluefin tuna is chutoro. Chutoro has both sanmi and umami and also fat content. This is a chutoro, very fatty. And almost ootoro. This is ootoro, here is
very close to a kamatoro. Then since we get a whole tuna
we also get a whole bones. Meat on the bone is always tasty part. I’m gonna scrape the meat on the bone. So we call nakaochi. You can also see lean part. Also here, fatty part. We usually get two to
three bowls of the nakaochi from the tuna. Our monkfish is from Hokkaido. In the sushi restaurant
butchering whole monkfish is not usual. Because in Japan there is a
special monkfish restaurant. Inspired by monkfish restaurant in Japan we try to get whole monkfish and utilize whole different part. So we hang it because it’s slimy and the shape is very flat. So monkfish skin is very thin and slimy. We use a cloth to take off the skins. So anko, monkfish, is
a single group of fish. So, there’s nothing like that. So, this is a monkfish gill. We use it for making nabe. Monkfish tail meat is firm and then nice chewiness. It’s like a texture of the lobster. Here’s ankimo, it’s monkfish liver. The monkfish liver from
Hokkaido is pretty big size. We have the ankimo separate
because when we get the fish from Japan to keep the freshness they cut off the inner part. Everything and then make it separate. Monkfish you can enjoy
seven different parts. Tail meat, skin, and stomach, wing fin, and liver, gill and ovary. Here’s kodai, young sea
bream from Mie, Japan. Koh means a baby, dai is a sea bream. I was born and raised in South Korea. Very southern part called Taegu. It’s really near Busan. When I was young my
parents run a restaurant for their entire life. From teenager they let me help to work in the restaurant. So I see a lot of restaurant things and then my parents also
really inspired me to do this. Rice is very important in nigiri sushi. So at The Shota we blend
four different type of vinegar end up making
two different types of seasoning rice vinegar. So we use light sushi
rice seasoning vinegar for our whitefish or
shellfish like Ika, squid, or scallop. The dark seasoning vinegar
we use it for stronger, richer flavor fish such
as bluefin tuna, toro, or hikarimono, like a silver-skinned fish. Bluefin tuna hon maguro akami, lean part. This is ootoro, belly
side of bluefin tuna. This is a hon maguro chutoro,
medium fatty bluefin tuna. Love always drives my life. I love all the ingredients I use. I love all the people I work with and I also love all of my guests. Kodai, young sea bream. I love my work because I believe the food and restaurant experience can heal people. Here’s anko, monkfish karaage. I hope people come to our restaurant and hopefully they can heal.


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