Honey Spiced Roasted Chestnuts

I’m going to show you really really quick,
the preparation of these chestnuts, super tasty yes and they’re delicious, so I’m
going to show you something a little different , a little bit of a twist on the regular chestnuts,
and you can , I mean this is the time, this is the season and the season for chestnuts
is October to the end of December, that’s when you find the best chestnuts, and you
want to look you want to feel them, they should feel nice and firm. If they rattle, they’re old, don’t buy
them. If there’s a lot of separation between the
skin and the meat, if you press them and you hear a “chickachickachick”they’re old,
don’t buy them. If there’s holes in them, that means that
someone has been burrowing in there, so don’t buy them. They should be completely sealed, nice and
firm, nice and hard they shouldn’t be any mold on the outside and that’s what you’re
looking for. They’re not the cheapest things so take
your time, sort through them. Don’t just grab like a handful and put it
in a bag because then you’re just going to get some bad ones in there. So to prepare the chestnuts, pretty easy so
to crack them. They have little chestnut cracker so you can
create the slit. But I find the easiest is if you have a knife
you put down the chestnut, make sure it’s flat and I’m going across just the waist
of the chestnut so if the little tip is the top and you have the little bottom here, I’m
going to go across it this way. This way I’m just putting a little bit of
pressure, just until you just get into the chestnut, and then I can roll it across side
to aside to create the little slit on the chestnut. So we want to do this so that the steam escapes
and is cooking properly. So we do that with all out chestnuts, I think
I did that with most of them here. So a little pressure, make sure you hand is
always out of the way, I find that with your paring knife when you’re going down or with
your fingers going down these aren’t the most stable things so with your knife, hand
on top and just a little bit of pressure just to get into it, then you can roll it. Not all the way, just on top just on top you’re
just pushing it in, and then taking it off. Just a little slit exactly, just a little
slit on the outside and you can roast them just like this. I find the paper underneath these shells,
the furry skin underneath the shell sticks to the chestnuts so this is a technique that
I learned and for me it’s like foolproof I do it all the time now, after I make these
slits, put them in a bowl and soak them in hot water for like ten minutes, I cover them
now from my kettle boiling water, and they’re going to sit here for ten minutes then I roast
them and what this does is it separates the skin from the chestnuts a little bit so when
you roast them after they come off really really easily. So once these are dry, roast them in the oven
at 400 degrees for thirty minutes and this is what you get, and so by slitting them across
the middle there, they should crack right open and look how easy it is to take out and
see the skin comes right off. Really really easy. Try to do this, let them cool but try to do
this within the first ten minutes, you don’t want to hurt yourself, but this will be easier
when they’re warm but these came right off they’re really really fresh ,they’re might
be some of the brown paper stuck. Um but yeah super super simple, the rest of
them just come right out like that and I’ll do the rest in a second, and we’re going
to season these up, again a little different. So we’re going to make a kind of spice dressing
for the chestnuts, they’re delicious on their own but we’re going to change it up
a bit. So in a pan here, medium heat I’ve got a
little bit of butter, just a little bit. We’re going to warm that up and this is
a really nice way to eat these. Now we’re going to take this off now, you
can also ,if you don’t want to roast your own chestnuts you can find them in the vacpacs
already cooked for you, and they usually come they usually look like this. Right, they don’t taste as good, but they’re
a good substitute and there’s nothing added to them, which is nice. Everyone can sing the song together, these
are good too. So if you want to roast some of them. See how easy that is, soaking really really
helps. Alright so chestnuts are here, and we’re
going to take some rosemary and we’re going to strip it right off of the stem and we’re
going to lay it right on there and we’re going to crisp that up a little bit. So we’re having the chestnuts so they’re
a little bit smaller, unless you have a ton of chestnuts and you’re going to serve them
all. Half there, beautiful if you didn’t , before
store them just so they don’t get hard. So these are the already packaged pre roasted
ones in there. So you can, you can use these as well it’s
up to you, I’ve done some ahead of time, yeah these are the packaged one, this is what
they look like but they’re cooked they’re roasted, they’re tasty too. So we’ll put our chestnuts all prepared
like that and then we’re going to add a bit of cinnamon, just a pinch of cinnamon. We have here rosemary, crisping up can you
smell the rosemary? That’s beautiful, just a little pinch of
cinnamon. Half a teaspoon of cinnamon there. Alright a little spoon, so once the rosemary
gets to an almost dark green color you’re good to go. Nice and crispy, now that’s going to go
over the chestnuts so you can smell the rosemary, little bit of the cinnamon alright so we’ll
throw them here the board here and then while it’s still nice and warm. Ice cream yeah icecream, we’ll add just
little honey on top. Just a little bit you don’t need too much,
rosemary little bit of that cinnamon and a little bit of honey. That’s a really simple dessert to put on
the table after, really really tasty.

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