Homemade Ice Cream in 5 Minutes

(“Dio e Zinargo” by La
Municipale Balcania) – Hi, I’m Jerry James Stone, and you’re watching Cooking Stoned. In today’s episode, I’m gonna show you how to make ice cream using ingredients you probably already have at home. It only takes five minutes,
not a whole lot of stuff, and it’s really super easy,
and you get homemade ice cream. How great is that? So let’s start. The first thing you need is milk. I suggest using whole milk. You can use 1% or 2%, but you’ll
get a lot of ice crystals, so it’s really, I mean, if
you’re gonna be eating ice cream, you just eat the fat, right? The next thing you want is cream ’cause, like I said, you want the fat. Ice cream. It’s in the name, cream, right? We’re gonna do vanilla. And a half cup of sugar. And just take everything
and mix it together. You want the sugar to
be completely dissolved. So the next thing we’re
gonna do is transfer our ice cream mixture to a plastic bag. Now, I recommend using a bowl, and I recommend using
a bag that has a zipper because the zipper… Well, this bag is gonna
go inside another bag, and you really don’t want it to spill. So using the bowl, just pour mixture into this bag. (“Dio e Zinargo” by La
Municipale Balcania) And now we’re just gonna seal that up. Permit some of the air. So next we’re gonna create
our ice cream machine, which is pretty much this
plastic bag filled with ice. So just go ahead and add in a few ice cubes to get it started. (“Dio e Zinargo” by La
Municipale Balcania) Then we’re gonna add a
half cup of rock salt. Now, you don’t need rock salt. You can actually just
use any kind of salt, but the salt is important, so you wanna make sure you have it. This is what’s gonna help
bring the temperature down. So go ahead and take the smaller bag and put it inside your ice cream maker, which is just another plastic bag. And from there, we’re gonna
add in the remaining ice. (“Dio e Zinargo” by La
Municipale Balcania) Trying to cover it on both sides. I recommend wrapping this in a towel because it gets cold ’cause ice cream. So take the bag. Wrap it up, and then we’re
gonna shake the heck out of it for about five minutes or so. You can do it less if you
want it to be more like soft serve, or you can do it more. It’s up to you. (ice cubes rattle) Okay, so we shook that for five minutes. And now we’re gonna remove
our bag of ice cream. As you can see, it’s a lot firmer than it
was when I put it in there. Inside we have our makeshift ice cream, which I’m then gonna scoop out. The great thing about this is you can make any ice cream you want. You can make strawberry ice
cream, chocolate ice cream. It’s all at your fingertips
any time you want it. Or you can just put your
favorite toppings on. (“Dio e Zinargo” by La
Municipale Balcania) There you go. (hip hop instrumental music)


  1. If you don't have whole make reduce the amount of whole milk by 15%-25% and replace it with cream of equal volume!

  2. Wow Each day is getting more magically easier 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I bet all the kidz are like WOW this is a magic ice cream ( science wink )

  4. Thank youuuu

  5. Really ? Okay am trying it out

  6. No yolks? Psh

  7. Never trust a tiny cook!

  8. Anyone else think the shaking sounded like an old-school washing machine? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. We don't have that at home😑

  10. very bad

  11. Bruh your shirt looks like you spilled food on it unless you look closely.

  12. 2:30

  13. nomnomnom.. Delicious!

  14. I started shaking my phone 🤣

  15. I use to make this all the time when I was younger and hide it from my parents

  16. Cool!

  17. Omg yum! I need to try this!

  18. How nice easy

  19. We did this at high school on our step up day.

  20. I don’t have cream do you need it???

  21. 17.564.606

    Edit: is the vanilla extract for the flavor or is an essential ingredient whatever flavor you choose?

  22. I added all the ingredients just less sugar and I shook it for 10 minutes and it didn’t work at all. The cream didn’t even thicken.

  23. This is so simple and easy.. I can eat my homemade ice cream immedietly😍

  24. How do I make it with flavor just put like chocolate or strawberry syrup 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  25. I tried this and I shaken it but it made a mess when I did

  26. Nobody has time for that.

    Few mins later

    Me: MA! where’s the vanilla extract?

    Mom: throws Dominican vanilla extract

    Me: throws a whole gallon inside

    few mins later

    opens door

    I just “made ice cream”!!!

    *throws a huge tub of store brought ice cream

  27. Gotta try this ….. Love me some ice cream

  28. I could make it but i have no plastic bags like that:(

  29. 1969: probably there will be flying cars in the future
    2019: makes ice cream using a ziploc bag

  30. Whaaaattt? The eff! This is soooo coooool

  31. Nice👍👍👍👍

  32. Can you use half n half instead of milk and cream? Or sweetened condensed milk and leave out the sugar? Just curious 😉

  33. Can I use normal salt

  34. Terrific!

  35. You need to add a pinch of salt to get a better flavour.

  36. I'm going to try this 😊😋🍧🍨🍦😎!

  37. Now I want ice cream !


  39. Just love how everyone is so nice in comments ❤️❤️❤️


  41. Is it a must to keep cream, can you use the freezer if you don't have those zip plastic bags

  42. I suggest you watch many other videos which are so much easier.

  43. 5 Min food hacks right here

  44. I remember doing this in primary school

  45. I don’t have the plastic bags :((( in Vietnam we don’t use it that much…l

  46. i dont have vanilla extract .


    I got mint extract + green food coloring

    you thinking what im thinking ?

  47. Incredible, amazing job and thank you very much.

  48. Love the music!! Did I hear this in my fav musical, “Fiddler on the Roof”?:))) And my GS and I are going to get the ingredients now!

  49. i did this in chemistry

  50. Welp, guess what I'm trying? 😂💙👌🏾

  51. That moment when u realise you're out off all those ingredients

    911: 911? What's ur emergency?


    911: I understand ma'am *hangs up*

  52. Almond milk, vanilla, banana for creaminess

  53. I don’t have cream 😑

  54. What can I add in place of vanilla??

  55. ice cubes rattle

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  57. I thought he was gonna cook while high…

  58. Thanks for sharing but where do you get rock salt?

  59. wooooow thank you so simple .l love it

  60. i tried this, didn’t work, rematches the video and found out i did something wrong. i’m now realizing how much milk i just wasted

  61. Over 8k people dislike this video because they want us to keep buying ice cream from them.

  62. my cream ran away 🥺..

  63. we have all these, yet we don’t have ice cream itself.

  64. When he was shaking it… I didn’t know what to do… no said nothing and the only thing I heard was shaking 😂

  65. He finished it before 5 minutes bruh

  66. I did this in 3rd grade.

  67. This is good
    But Vitamix is Great and fast

  68. Really??? That's it?! Milk, cream and sugar?!

    No such weird thing as half and half? (Idk what that is at all)

    Where has his video been my whole life??

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  70. Him: we're gonna shake the heck out of it

    Also him: shaking the bags very gently

  71. Sorry but the ice cream batter split out :^:

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  75. Oh my phenomenal trick, food chemistry very cool I will for sure try this trick 5mins is way quicker then 6-8hrs hehe

  76. this is actually really helpful

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  78. icecream takes 5 minutes to make
    * video is 3 minutes long*
    Me: stonks

  79. All u vegan bastards kill plants fu

  80. Can i just add all the ingredients together and just let it freeze in the freezer for a few hours?

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  83. I don’t have vanilla extract 😌

  84. I did this and it work!!!


  86. The ice /salt spilled out and froze my hand to the point where it burns

  87. We can add bourn vita

  88. Nothing new fool every one thinks the have the fucking secret in making ice cream we all know how jerk moving on copy kat like every one else we made this already I learn from my tutu grand mom thumbs down loser. Ps yep listening to you is a sad day you kopy kat

  89. 2:38 anyone notice the shadow in the window behind him?

  90. I was amazed honestly

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  92. I made this type of ice cream before with frozen strawberries it was so good!

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  96. rice milk or almond milk?

  97. I have ice cream at home but I want to make this anyway

  98. I just tried it..It definitely works but you should shake for more than 5mins because it melts real fast..But it was worth the workout..😊

  99. It looks so easy to make, might give a try and add maybe a flavor in it. I swear that blue bowl at 1:58 I've seen it in so many asian households ! :')

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