Homemade🍕Pizza🍕 & Crust on the Traeger Grill–Easy, Fast and Better Than Take Out

man I could really go for some pizza
right now uh pizza crud can I take your order
uh yeah I’d like one Pizza smut supreme pizza with all fixings
oh yeah I’ll get it right in the oven and out to you bro awesome man thanks
I’m super hungry here you go brah one pizza smut supreme
pizza I hope you like it uh…tastes like cardboard hey guys retired at 40 here
I love my traeger and one of my favorite things to make on the traeger is
homemade pizza you make the crust homemade it turns out smoky and thick and crispy it’s unlike any kind of pizza you can get from delivery today we’re gonna make a chicken
barbecue pizza but you can swap out any of the ingredients for your own as we go
the best part about the traeger pizza is the homemade crust it’s thick and crispy
and it gets a smoky flavor to it so our first step is to mix 1 cup of warm water with one tablespoon of yeast and we’re
going to let that set for about 5 minutes and it should get some bubbles
in it and if it doesn’t have bubbles then that means the the yeast is no good when
you see the bubbles that means that the yeast are still alive alright next step
is 2 tablespoons of olive oil and then 2 tablespoons of honey okay next we need one teaspoon of salt
we use Himalayan pink salt you can use a regular table salt if you want and then
last thing that goes in is half a cup of wheat flour because this is whole-wheat
pizza crust all right and then we throw ours in the KitchenAid mixer okay so I’ve transferred ours into the mixer bowl I’ve added another cup of
flour into here it’s starting to get that thicker texture now so I’ve got a
cup and a half total of flour in here and and I just want to make of it for a
while and then you add as much as necessary
our recipe calls for two and a half total but it kind of just depends on a
lot of different variables so just kind of add some as you go just to see okay we’re adding another half cup of wheat flour so now we’re up to two cups
give that a try and see what it looks like alright so we put about two cups of
flour in ours you can actually if you add too much flour you can add a little
bit of water here and there just not too much just to get back down to the right
consistency and kind of see ours is starting the ball up now and you can
knead this by hand or you can use this to the mixer sometimes we do a
combination of both just to get that right consistency but this is a pretty
important step because if your consistency isn’t right you’re it’s not
gonna turn out very well alright so your dough should look similar to that the
kneading not only makes the consistency better but it’ll actually get the air
bubbles out of there also so you want to add a little bit of oil to the bottom of
a pan and then cover the outside of the dough with oil and throughout the pan
and then you want to take some plastic wrap and cover the top of it and then
this needs to go in a warm dry place for the dough to rise we like to use the
oven just turn it on to about 150 and once it gets to 150 just turn it off so
it’s warm stick it in the oven and let it sit for about half an hour the dough
will start to rise and get nice and poufy and then we’ll roll it out now
that our crust is set in here for about half an hour you can see that it’s just
about doubled in size it’s looking real good it gets real puffy once that yeast
starts to rise and makes for a real nice crust so right before we roll out our
crust smoke and load that warm-up for five or
ten minutes and in the meantime we’re gonna go rule out some crust
okay so extra bonus for all you guys that have stuck around this actually
makes two pizzas so split your dough in half and right now I’m just going to do
one you can repeat once you’re once you’re done with the first one so let’s make the edge just kind of take it with your fingers and pinch pinch the
edges you can make it thicker or thinner however you want it okay so next you
just need to take this and lift it up sometimes if it’s a little sticky you
can just do one side at a time you can also fold it over but you want to
transfer this onto a pan and then we’ll head out to the traeger okay so next we
need it take it up from smoke up to 375 or if your grill will do 400
then do 400 ours goes from 375 to 450 so 450 is way too much so we do 375 and
then as soon as that gets up to temperature then you can throw your
pizza on okay next step just take some olive oil
you just want to put it let’s put it on this top crust to keep
it from sticking to the grates because this side is actually going to
go down onto the grates okay
quick hands okay so once you’re all oiled up oiled
side goes down on the grate you can do that however you want to I
like to do it kind of one motion you can see this other one’s been on
here already for a little bit and once they once they’re ready you can kind of
start you can get a spatula under them let them sit in there for a little bit
longer okay this has been on here for probably five six seven minutes maybe
kind of just test it with your spatula and see if it moves really you might get
a couple air bubbles or whatever but you ideally want the bottom side to be
crispy okay so to make your life easier you just want to olive oil the other
side now the same thing just brush brush all around ok then we’re gonna give it the
flip you’re not trying to make it crispy yet you
just want to cook so we like to involve the kids with
cooking whenever we can this is a good time to do it because they can choose
their own toppings for the pizzas so usually we’ll do an adult pizza with the
stuff that we like and then a kid pizza for what they like for our sauce we do
for the chicken barbecue we do half pizza sauce and half homemade
barbecue sauce you can check out our recipe for our traeger barbecue sauce in
another video I’ll put a link in the description for you so for our
chicken barbecue we like to do chicken bacon with our half pizza sauce and half
barbecue sauce mixture we usually top ours a little bit of garlic from the garden
and some sliced mozzarella the kids are going to do sausage and pepperoni and
mushrooms on theirs alright are you guys happy with your
pizzas you got everything on there that you want alright look at those delicious
things so we loaded ours up pretty thick and the thing that we love about the
pizzas on the traeger is its convection style so it’ll cook the bottom and the
top at the same time so even if it’s thick and full of stuff it’ll still cook it and make it nice and crispy okay so keep
everything on 400 and depending on how much you loaded
yours up might be kind of hefty but should this
slide off real nice on to the grill okay close your lid and keep it on there
for three to five minutes well there you go
once your pizzas to your liking just pull it off the traeger and cut it up in
hey bro can I get a slice sure man oh thanks man
this is righteous Hey Man you care if I do the outro this time I don’t see why
not this is retired at 40 remember to live
life simple we’ll catch you dudes next time you’re being recorded right now so
watch how you talk to me okay it’s on our first step is to make our homemade
crust ….that’s not going to work we do so that’s instant yeast, not dry yeast, do you want to start over Brian? I mean, your intro was great can you just do like our first step
again……….. what? did you already put the yeast in there?

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