HEALTHY MEAL DAY 2: ROASTED VEGGIES (Peppers, Potatoes, Mushrooms, Tomatillo) + SQUID | TracyN ASMR

Sweet mini peppers Squid I love calamari I tried to make it but it didn’t turn out good so I seared it with garlic and butter instead It’s very tasty. Meat texture is slightly sweet and chewy Mini potatoes These mini potatoes are not as starchy as the regular potatoes Button mushrooms I especially like sautéed and caramelized onions ..but The color didn’t look good on video I included a few pieces of raw onion instead. It’s so pungent Red radish. It turned pink after I roasted it Yellow squash. Super sweet but kinda mushy Tomatillo I tried raw tomatillo in my past videos and it was so sour It tastes better when cooked. Still sour but edible sour 😁 The texture and flavor similar to green tomatoes


  1. Rồi! Lại một mâm đầy màu sắc hết chỗ chê!! Ngon, bổ !! Thấy mấy miếng mực nhìn ngon lắm luôn đó!! Chị chúc em Năm Mới vui vẻ, muốn gì được nấy & sự thành công lớn hơn nữa trên YouTube!!! 😊😍🧧

  2. Olá vim 🙇‍♀️ aqui deixar aquele super joinha 👉👍👈Parabéns pelo seu trabalho Adorei o vídeo 👉🔔👉 sucessos 🍀🍀

  3. Mukbang artichokes 🙏 yummy

  4. So great my dear, i love this sound so much…

  5. Lâu lắm rồi mới xem lại kênh chị , nhìn chi ăn thôi là thèm lắm luôn rồi , yummy

  6. Plz make noodle videos
    So subscribers may increase
    Stop making vegetable videos😇😠😠

  7. Wow! Nhìn em ăn ngon quá 💕🌷mâm rat đẹp ! Happy New year em gái !

  8. The mini potatoes are really good, they sure isn't as starchy

  9. Hấp dẫn lắm, mấy con mực cơm đã quá ha TracyN. Chúc TracyN ăn tết vui vẻ nha. Happy new year 🍷💋

  10. Again black 🤔

  11. 🤤🤤

  12. I love squid too ❤❤❤

  13. Hiiii tracy😊😊😊😊
    Todays meal is looking so delicious and very colorful…specially i liked that colorful mini potatos and sweet peper…in india we don't have colorful potatos. We just had yellowish ordinarry potatos…
    Hope todays meal is tasty😋😎😍😊😘

  14. Món mực em cũng rất thích, nhìn mấy con mực thật là ngon

  15. I love squid, so good!

  16. Ôi ngon quá tr ơi.muc ăn giòn rụm

  17. 😍😍❤

  18. Looks so delicious 😋
    It's lunch time for me, my stomach is ready to receive some good food by my mouth and some good food by my eyes 😍

  19. 毎回思うんですが、とても色合いが良いですね😍💞🍀

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