Shiitake mushroom The color and shape of this mushroom look very pretty, right? Shiitake mushroom tastes slightly different from other mushrooms. It has a rich, and meaty texture This mushroom is quite expensive where I live Roasted tomatoes Mini potatoes I’m so in love with the mini purple potatoes. It looks too pretty to eat Some people ask me what I usually eat during the day Well, for breakfast I usually eat a hard-boiled egg, a small bowl of cereal, or half a bowl of oatmeal. I am Asian but I don’t really eat a lot of rice. I limit myself to a small bowl of rice each day I do eat a lot of vegetables even when I’m not filming I usually eat a full plate of different vegetables for lunch, and I can eat whatever I like at dinner. Cauliflower Zucchini Boiled artichoke with butter I love artichoke tea I make a big pot every weekend and drink throughout the week Not sure if it’s true, but I have heard that artichoke water helps improve your immunity and detoxify your liver Do you like artichoke? This is kinda fun to eat. You simply scrape off the soft portion at the tip with your teeth 😁 This hairy part cannot be eaten This is called “artichoke heart”, and it is the best part of an artichoke It tastes kinda like potatoes but less starchy So yummy


  1. Nice TRACY♡♡
    This is very GOOD for HEALTH💐💐

  2. Yummy! I love Vegetables 🌱

  3. Healthy eating💕Nhìn em ăn hấp dẫn quá toàn những loại rau củ ngon , thích nhất artichoke.

  4. chị thích ăn rau củ bảo sao da chị đẹp quá trời

  5. Yummy combo😉

  6. Bông atiso này ngon lắm nè, Chị cũng ghiền ăn bông atiso 💖👍

  7. I like your lipstick colours

  8. Some of these veggies I know I haven’t tried before! Does roasting bring out the flavor more!

  9. I love delicious veggies!

  10. artichoke is my fav😍😍

  11. Hết 1 mâm rau củ nướng, quá đã 😀😀😋

  12. I hate tomato

  13. 😍😍👍

  14. You have a nice skin 😊

  15. I want you to eat raw carrots of various colors. It must be delicious. From​ Thailand​🇹🇭🇹🇭

  16. Looks yummy 😋😋😋😋😋great video sis! And super sound. I love your all videos 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  17. Do you have a face reveal?

  18. Share nice♥️♥️

  19. Hi dear sweety Tracy! 🥰 how are you today?

  20. Urmm yummy 🥰

  21. Wow delicious veggies and crunchy sounds too

  22. 오늘도 맛있는거 드시네요

  23. artichoke anh khong dam an dau hiiii

  24. 잎사귀같이 생긴게 먹을것도 없게생겼네요 먹을수있는것도 별로 없는것같아요

  25. Bong atisô an mùi vị của nó như thế nào tr. Tr co Facebook k kết bạn với l đi

  26. Beauti 💚💚

  27. How to cook that vegetables ? Can u tell me please..

  28. I never eat artichoke 🤤

  29. Người đẹp ăn nhìn thấy ngon quá hà người đẹp ơi

  30. For the first time I'm eating fresh artichoke years ago and I ended up eating it wrong 😂😆 yet it so good 😋 I usually buying the processed one when in town. In a big glass jar 🤭 Your platter of freshly roasted veggies looks amazing as always Tracy. 💕

  31. Raksas ke tara khatihaaa

  32. Hôm nay ăn rau củ ngon quá em, chị thích nấm

  33. hello e Tracy, lâu quá không ghé thăm kênh e, chúc e ăn tết vui vẻ nè .

  34. E mê mon nắm nướng lắm luon

  35. Yeppiee!!!🤩🤩🤩
    Again one more time veggies cuisin😋😋😋😋😍😍😍😍😍
    I love it Tracy😍😍😍
    You are the only one of my favourate youtuber who eat more n more veggies😍🤩😋🎆🎊🙏

  36. 😍😍😊😊😊🥰

  37. An …healthy foods hen…gioi…ngoan ox thuong nhieu a..kkk

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