Healthy and Fast School Lunch Ideas – 5 minute lunches!

– If you have five minutes,
then you have enough time to pack any of these awesome
lunches for the week. Keep watching because you’re
gonna love this video. (upbeat music) Hi, welcome back to another video packed with helpful school
and office lunch ideas. Videos like this one. Easy recipes made with fresh ingredients that are family friendly are just the kind of thing you’ll
find in this channel. So if that’s right up your alley, make sure to click on
that red subscribe button. Today I wanna share with you some of my fastest lunch recipes so you can pack healthy lunches,
even when time is tight. When you pack lunches everyday, sometimes you have to
find your inspiration from many places online. But the key is to have
your ingredients ready so meal prep is always a good idea. And when I say meal prep,
I mean, boiling some eggs so you have hard boiled
eggs to add to a lunchbox, having fresh fruit and veggies available, that sort of thing. A little prep will have
you everything on hand to pull together a healthy
lunch in just five minutes which is much better for you and cheaper than the things you can buy at lunchtime. If you’re a salad person,
I love a good taco salad. Taco Tuesday leftovers never
go to waste at my house, and they get put to good use. Or you can go the pasta salad route with an incredible Cobb pasta salad that you can make ahead of time and keep it in the fridge. I usually cook about four
to six strips of bacon and keep them in the fridge to pull these things off quickly. A Cobb salad can also be
made in about a minute with leftover pasta from dinner. Toss it in a large bowl
with some cherry tomatoes, hard boiled egg, et cetera. When you have the ingredients
in the fridge, its easy peezy. Pasta salads pack nicely
inside a lunch container and they hold up really
well throughout the day. I also like ideas that
are quite substantial and will keep me full throughout the day. So this hummus stuffed avocado is killer. All you have to do is half the avocado, top it with hummus,
sprinkle some fettucheese and calamander olives. This idea is a real deal, my friend. Another quick idea is simply a bistro box. Packed with the ingredients
that you have around like cheese, boiled eggs, apple slices, baby carrots and crackers. You want to make sure that
the crackers are separate from the wet ingredients
so they don’t get soggy. While this isn’t a huge lunch, you can also throw in a
yogurt, a guacamole single and some celery inside the lunchbox. Endless possibilities, I tell you. Quick, simple and one, you
can pack way ahead of time. By the way, if you’re wondering
what the best containers are to use to make a healthy
school or office lunch, make sure to check the
description box below this video. I’ve made some comparison
videos on this channel and I also link them for you
and where to buy them online. I also whip up some tuna or salmon salad in just a couple of minutes, and using it to stuff a pita. The salad part can be made ahead of time, and you can stuff the pita
in just a matter of minutes. Last, but not least, if you have some
rotisserie chicken around, you can make chicken salad. And with that chicken salad, my friend, you can make so many things
in a matter of minutes. Like wraps, a sandwich, a
salad, stuff an avocado, quesadillas and so many more. I’ll link all those in the
helpful lunch videos right below in the description box so you can make sure to check that out. And let me know in the comments below what some of your go-to
fast lunch ideas are. What do you love to whip up in a hurry? And remember to look, laugh, and click on that red subscribe button
because I have loads of fresh and delicious new ideas every single week. See you next time. (upbeat music)


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  2. Looks awesome love watching your videos

  3. Pasta is also our go to for a easy lunchbox

  4. I love to pack wraps light turkey and ham wraps with lettuce and tomatoes and mustard and granola bars like the natural granola bars and a Babybel and maybe some orange juice and some fresh or sizes and baby carrots and hummus try it is very very good please use the video please

  5. Miss Lauren can you please do a giveaway on your boxes to the first people who come to your next video

  6. I just got my first set of easy lunchboxs in the mail yesterday! I'm excited to start packing lunch for my husband too since he's starting a new job next week 🙂

  7. I take a salad and one of those baked potatoes you just throw in the microwave for a few minutes.

  8. my kids are loving boiled eggs at the moment 🙂 such a healthy snack or part of a lunch

  9. I use my thermos and do lots of soups or leftovers. I love a good chilli that isn't spicy.

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