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Hey guys, this week we’re going where no basics has gone before, the great outdoors I’m here in Nashville, Tennessee to take a look at America’s real favorite pastime, grilling. We’re teaming up with Ace Hardware to help you correct some common backyard blunders and serve up some more exciting fiery fare than the usual burgers and dogs. Let’s get down to basics Alright guys So let’s start the day with some grilled beef and vegetable kebabs so we’re gonna start by making a lemon rosemary marinade this recipe comes courtesy of America’s Test Kitchen We’re going to start by roughly chopping up a medium onion 2 tablespoons of chopped fresh rosemary then peeling and roughly chopping 6 medium garlic cloves. Just chop them up a little bit. We’re gonna put everything in a food processor I’m also going to grate the zest from one lemon and add the juice from the lemon now We’re going to add 1/3 of a cup of beef broth, plus 1/3 of a cup of vegetable oil, a few hefty pinches of kosher salt, a much less hefty pinch of white sugar, and many many twists of freshly ground black pepper Then 3 heaping squeezes of tomato paste or about 3 tablespoons We’re now going to process this for about a minute until completely smooth, and there you go, marinade. Now it’s time to get our beef and vegetables ready We’re gonna start with either Chuck or sirloin tips that we’re going to cut into relatively uniform sizes We want them to be about 2 inches by 2 inches the more uniform the better so they cook evenly. As for the vegetables we’re going to break them down into Again, relatively evenly sized pieces. I’m going to halve this zucchini lengthwise and then cut it into 1-inch segments now There’s a lot of tips and tricks about how to core your pepper But really the key is to cut the head off and rip its heart out Kali ma! And then we’re just gonna cut the peppers into one to one and a half inch pieces Lastly, we’ve got a large red onion that we’re going to cut in half, take out the core, cut into wedges and then cut each of those wedges into three or four pieces, so we’ve got nice 1 inch wide chunks of red onion and now it’s time to marinate both the beef and the vegetables we’re going to add most of the marinade maybe about 3/4 of it to the beef, mix it up good, make sure that every piece is covered in marinade and we’re going to add the remaining mixture, probably about a half a cup’s worth, to the vegetables. Give them a good toss cover both, let the beef marinate for 1 hour in the fridge and the vegetables marinate for 1 hour at room temperature. 1 hour later, and it’s time to skewer. You probably know how to do this I don’t think I need to instruct you, but all you really need to do is skewer the meat and press it tightly against one another. Make sure you don’t *ow* *ow* get your finger and with the vegetables just alternate between each type of vegetables so you get a nice pleasing pattern going. Most people put both meat and the vegetables on the same skewer. This doesn’t work, why not put meat on one skewer and vegetables on another, this way they can cook at their own desired rates? Alright, we’re gonna bring our skewers over the grill open her up and hmm, how do I do this? *God, who?-* I’m Shannon, your local ace associate, and I’m here to help you get started with your grill. This particular grill is a Weber Genesis e-310 propane grill. All you need to do is turn the knobs in front of you to the light position, hit the igniter button and it’ll start right up Also, you’ll see with the three different knobs here You can heat sections of the grill to different temperatures for different foods? That’s perfect because I need to cook the steak over high heat, and the vegetables over me *-Oh my god, woah* Nashville truly is a magical place. So first we’re gonna let this grill preheat over high heat for 15 minutes Lid closed, get it hot. Now that our girls preheated I’m going to turn the left two burners down to medium and keep the right burner on hot And we’re going to put the steak on the right side of the grill and the vegetables on the left We’re gonna close the lid and let these cook for six minutes before flipping for the first time Then we’re gonna close it back up, cook for an additional six minutes, for 12 minutes total before we check our meat’s temperature I want to hit about 125 I’m also going to take one of these kebabs off first and leave the other ones on for another couple minutes for anybody who wants them a little bit more well-done AKA, people who are wrong. And as for the vegetables we’re gonna leave those on for an additional five to six minutes until they’ve got a really good char on them and they’re nice and soft Actually, let’s get all these skewers out on a tray. Nice. And there you go perfect kebabs. Easy, fast, delicious Alright, so next up. We’re going to make a grilled pork tenderloin, again courtesy of America’s Test Kitchen We’re making a piquillo pepper and manchego stuffed pork tenderloin Let’s start by making our stuffing. Now making the stuffing is very simple, we just need to throw the following items into a food processor Two garlic cloves peeled and roughly chopped, one slice of hearty white bread, in this case We didn’t have any white bread so a hot dog bun will do just fine. A whole jar of piquillo peppers patted dry, two ounces of manchego cheese chopped up, quarter cup of toasted pine nuts, a teaspoon of minced fresh thyme and a good sprinkle of smoked paprika. Go ahead and pulse that for five, six, seven, eight, nine times until a rough paste is formed. At this point we’re going to season with salt and pepper Process a few more times until we’ve got a nice chunky stuffing. And now it’s time to butterfly and stuff our pork tenderloins So to butterfly our pork tenderloin is very easy We’re just going to place some cuts lengthwise along the side of the pork tenderloin until we’ve almost hit the other side and open it up like a book. Then we’re going to cover both tenderloins and plastic wrap and we’re just gonna pound one out. We want to pound them out to about a half inch thickness and so they’re nice even rectangles, as best we can. Then once they’re pounded out, we’re gonna season them before stuffing them. Nice hefty sprinkles of kosher salt, many good twists of freshly ground black pepper and about four teaspoons of dark brown sugar that we’re going to rub in the meat, make sure it’s equally distributed. Now it’s time to stuff with both our cheese and bread stuffing and some baby spinach We’re gonna start by spreading half of the stuffing on each of the pork tenderloins on one end of the long side of the roast and topping that with some baby spinach And then we’re gonna roll the whole darn thing up and as is the case when doing a recipe for the first time, always have two, so you can mess one up and then do the second one correctly. Both of these we’re going to tie closed with butcher’s twine. Again we’re going to do a terrible job on the first one and then a much better job on the second one. You don’t really need to do the full truss You can just tie it off using a simple square knot every inch and a half to two inches or so, to make sure the whole thing stays closed and then trim the excess string to make sure that it’s not hanging off and burning and there you go. Alright, so these guys are ready for the grill Let’s take them over to the gas grill and *-Oh jeez* hey Andrew, since you’re going to be temping these tenderloins Why don’t you use the iGrill 3? Even though you scare the life out of me, you’re awfully helpful Why thank you the iGrill 3 lets you monitor the temperature of your food to the iGrill app on your mobile device It’s super easy to set up, all you have to do is pair it with your device via bluetooth, plug the probes into the thermometer and insert them into your food, set your desired temperature in the app and it will notify you when your food is ready. So this is perfect, so I can monitor the temperature of these roasts awesome *-Holy* *-Okay* now that Shannon has disappeared once again into the unknown It’s time to get these tenderloins a’ grilling. We need to make sure that the stuffing of these roasts hits 165 degrees because it is in contact with raw meat. This time we’re going to use what’s called an indirect heat source, meaning we’re going to turn the right burner all the way to maximum and left two burners all the way to low and place the roasts over the left side of the grill, so once we close lid they’re getting heated almost like in an oven but they’re also getting grill marks We’re gonna flip them about halfway through cooking, which should be about 30 minutes, or as soon as they register 165 degrees Fahrenheit internally, which we’ll monitor on our phones because this is 2018. These guys are fresh off the grill so let’s slice these babies up and there you have it two pork tenderloins One is beautiful on the outside but both are beautiful on the inside, just like all of you. So now we’ve got some beautiful sausages and chicken wings I feel like infusing some wood-fired flavors So let’s take them over to the wood fire grill. This thing looks pretty easy. Let’s just crank it on with *whoa* What the? What is this? “don’t do that?” Is this Shannon? She about to appear behind me- *Oh my god* Shannon! You are haunting me with helpfulness. You’re welcome Andrew I want to make sure you set up your Traeger Pro 22 correctly. On first use you need to run the wood fire grill on high for 45 minutes to make sure you burn off all the oils that protect it from the elements while it’s shipped to your way Grilling with a Traeger wood fire grill is easier than you think. Since it uses convection cooking instead of direct heat It’s somewhere to cooking in an oven but provides a delicious smoky flavor You can grill smoke, roast, bake, braise and barbeque all on the same grill. It’s pretty awesome to get cooking, you just fill the hopper with pellets, turn it on and select the setting you need. It’s so easy to use. Also included with the Traeger are these digital probes that fit to the side of the unit so you can monitor the temperature of your food without having to open it and lose the beautiful smoke and heat building inside. Oh cool I can use these to monitor the temperature of my sausage. I’m going to- *oh my god* Okay, just remember Andy, It’s all cheap special effects. Alright, so I’m going to arrange the chicken wings on the bottom half of the smoker and the sausage on the top rack I’m going to close it up and let the sausages go until they reach an internal temp of 165 Fahrenheit. For the chicken I’m going to leave them on for 30 minutes, flipping once. Right at the end I’m going to slather them with barbecue sauce and crank the heat up to high to get a nice barbecue crust. And there you have it, some simple chicken wings and sausages elevated to a new level with the help of smoke. A big thanks to Ace for providing the grills and helping make this episode happen We’ve got a lot of new exciting things in store for the channel and they would not be possible without great partners like Ace. Check me out next week on May 10th on Twitch, where I’m going to be live streaming these from Nashville. We’d love for you guys to join and cook along with me, we’re gonna be doing a rare daytime livestream. Hope you guys enjoy. I’ll see you next week


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