Grilled Vegetables the Easy Way | BBQ Veggies Recipe

– Today, we’re filming
barbecue veggies the easy way and I could film out on my patio, but I think we’re gonna go up to the roof. What a spot to film. (modern music) (bright music) Whattup, guys? Today on Bachelor on a Budget, we are making barbecue
vegetables the easy way. Similar to our oven-roasted
vegetables that you guys loved, we’re doing barbecue veggies. I’m up here on my rooftop; gorgeous view. It’s gonna be super easy to make, we’re gonna cook the
dense vegetables first, so we’ll prep everything before hand. We got some corn, asparagus,
zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggplant,
garlic, onion, the works. So, we’re gonna barbecue all that and it’s gonna be super easy. Again, I’ve already
went ahead and started. Got some corn, just de-shelled
it, cut off the ends, and soaked it in water
for about 10 minutes with some salt, and that’ll
keep this from totally burning. So, we can set that aside. Next, we’ll get the eggplant
so we can pre-salt those. Cutting in about half-inch strips here with a dull knife. Don’t use a dull knife. (knife sharpening) Okay, we’ll salt these. Sprinkling some course salt over it. That’ll draw out some of the bitterness, and we’ll set that aside. Asparagus, you just
wanna break off the ends. Snap ’em off. These ones are pretty short, I think they’ve been snapped off
in the grocery store. You’re just trying to
get rid of the woody bit, and I’ll probably cook
these in a foil wrap just so they don’t fall in between the crevices of the barbecue. Garlic, we’re just
gonna cut those in half. Kay, onion. We’re just gonna quarter
this, cut off the ends. Skin on, or skin off? Skin off. Check that one back in our bowl. Kay, we got some zucchini. Zucchini will only take about 15 minutes, so we’ll cut ’em in about
half-inch strips as well. (upbeat music) Hey, we got a good spot here. You’re on camera! Say hi! Say hi, Youtube. A sharp knife is so much
safer than a dull one. Tomatoes. A lot of people don’t barbecue tomatoes, but tomatoes are awesome on the barbecue. We’re just gonna cut it in half, we don’t want it to get super soggy. Also got a lemon. We’re gonna barbecue this. It’ll release some of the juices then we can squeeze those
on after as garnish. Mushrooms; let’s cut off the woody ends, and all of this stuff is pre-washed. (cutting) Now, I could cut these in
half, I could quarter them, I could grill ’em in aluminum foil, I’m gonna go with ’em in whole. We’re done with chopping. Okay, we’ll just drizzle
all of this with olive oil. I’ve got about two or three
table spoons with all of this. Then, we’ll get some salt. Salt bay. Couple tablespoons. Three types of salt: MSG,
rose salt, and a fine grain. Move that around to lightly toss it. Make sure everything’s coated. I don’t wanna get my
hands too oily up here. Actually, there’s a washroom up here. (upbeat music) Oily hands. Okay, let’s take this
over to the barbecue. (pop music) Okay, time to get the most
dense ingredients on first. We’re gonna go with corn. Hope that doesn’t light a fire. Eggplant. Got a zucchini on there. Garlic; if yours fall apart, cook it in some aluminum foil. I’m just gonna plump it down. I hope it doesn’t fall in any cracks. I’m just gonna fit everything on. If you have a smaller barbecue, cook the more dense ones first and start off cooking those, or just cook ’em in sequence, but I’m gonna try and
fit everything on here, and then we’ll just
take it off as it cooks. You know what? Screw the tin foil wrap,
we’re gonna live dangerously. We didn’t soak these long enough. Off it goes; ooh, hot. Ignore what I said about
cooking with the corn husks. It gets stuff everywhere. Unless you’re just cooking corn. Okay, everything’s on. (upbeat music) We’ll close that and
check on it in 10 minutes. Maybe five, and we got that about 350 here, but that’s just because it’s open. It’ll crank up to about
400, up to even 500. You just wanna keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t go passed 500. (upbeat music) Let’s make sure nothing’s burning. The corn is cooking. We don’t want those to get too black, so we might take those off. Asparagus is looking nice. That’s pretty much done. There’s nice color in there. You don’t wanna overcook your asparagus. Onions: those are far from done. Move that around there. Tomatoes: those are fine. That’s gonna take a while. Mushrooms: those could cook plenty more. Eggplant: let’s see how that’s doing. That one’s looking a little overcooked. You also wanna know your warm spots. You can see, I got right
here in the back, very warm. Super windy out, so the stuff at the front doesn’t cook as much. Garlic is still quite a ways, but we’ll give that a flip. We’re gonna drizzle a bit of olive oil on anywhere that looks a little dry. (upbeat music) Okay, we can flip some of this again. Tomatoes, be careful,
they’re gonna be soft. Those are looking nice. Eggplant is pretty much done, so is the asparagus. Probably more than done,
so we’ll take that off and the corn. (grilling sounds) (light music) Just do that to keep that warm. Garlic’s just about done. We’re looking for that
to be nice and soft. Very delicate. Okay, we got another couple
more minutes on these guys. Okay, everything’s done. Let’s plate this. (dubstep music) And viola, we are done! We’re gonna crack some
fresh pepper over that. We didn’t do this before because we don’t want the pepper to burn, and we can take our nice soft lemon juice, squeeze that a bit over, and the sugars in that lemon have a nice caramelization on them. Let’s give these a taste. So much flavor. Unreal. With all of it, we’re just trying to go for a nice golden brown. It’s getting cold up here. Super windy, you can
probably tell from the audio. Look at that. I didn’t bring any forks up here. That is ridiculously good. Look at that garlic. Let’s try that tomato. So good. Asparagus? Still got a good crunch to ’em too. Well, thank you for watching. If it’s your first time here, I’d love to have you subscribe. Every week, we’re doing cheap, healthy, and tasty recipes. If you have any questions,
leave ’em down below. Thank you for watching! Bye, guys!


  1. Don't cook with foil it releases chemicals into your food.

  2. Next time you want to grill corn on the cob leave the husk on soak them in water prior to barbecuing. The water inside will cook the corn in the husk. It's like steaming the corn. Yes the outer shell might burn but not a problem you just tear it off after they're done cooking.

  3. I dont even eat vegetables and this video makes my mouth watery

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