Grilled Italian Sausage & Vegetables Recipe

Hi, I’m frank. What a beautiful day! We’re
outside in my outdoor kitchen. Today we’re gonna do grilled sausage and vegetables, one
of my favorite things. We’re also gonna cook sausage perfectly. We’re gonna learn how to
do sausage perfect every time on the grill. Let’s get to it. You can grill just about
any vegetable. Today, we’re gonna do eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, asparagus, and roasted
peppers. Let’s talk about the peppers a little bit. Look at these beautiful peppers. You
probably had roasted peppers in a restaurant. Let’s do this today. I’m gonna show you how
easy this is. Before you get going, make sure your grill is really hot. Turn it up all the
way, with the lid closed. Okay! We’re just gonna put the peppers on the grill. Shut the
lid. This is gonna take about 20 minutes. We’re gonna rotate the peppers 3 times. 7
minutes per side. Okay, let’s see what we have. Oh! Mmm, they smell good. You can see
how they’re charred. They’re starting to shrivel. The skin is shriveling. It’s blistering. That’s
all good. It’s steaming from the inside. Now, they’re softened. They’re charred. We’re gonna
put these in a paper sack. Plain old paper sack. Trust me, you can do this. In the sack,
they’re gonna continue to cook and steam. We’re just gonna fold it over… and put em
aside. Okay, let’s talk about eggplant. I love eggplant, and I’ve always wondered why
more people don’t use it. This is a globe eggplant. It’s a small one. Try to find the
smallest one you can get with firm skin. This is very firm. You can also use Japanese eggplant.
We’re gonna cut it in half-inch slices. And, we’re going to brush them with olive oil.
I’m gonna salt them… gonna turn them over, and we’re gonna do the other side. We have
yellow squash, zucchini, and asparagus. These have been pre-cut, half-inch slices, brushed
with olive oil, and we’re gonna put everything on the grill and salt after they’re on the
grill. We’re gonna salt the rest of the vegetables. We’re gonna put some pepper on later. We find
pepper tends to burn, so we’re gonna put that on after they’re cooked. We’re gonna close
the lid. It’s gonna take about 5 minutes. Let’s take a look. Oh boy! See the nice grill
marks? Perfect! Just the way you want it. Asparagus’ll come off first. Mmm, these smell
good. Okay, here we go. Oh, these smell good, they look good. Roasted peppers. Mmm! Look.
See how the skin is shriveled? It’s steamed from the inside. It’s charred from the outside.
Now be careful, and use your fingers delicately, and we’re gonna take off that outer skin.
It’ll just peel off very easily. Now the skin is off, we’re gonna open it up at the seam.
There’s a seam on the pepper. See right there? There’s a seam. And, we’re gonna take out
the stem… and we’re going to take the seeds out. We’re gonna run a little water. You never
wanna put the water on the pepper, but your hands are gonna get sticky. We don’t want
those juices to come off. See how nice? I’m gonna put them on the paper towel. Okay, the
peppers have all been peeled, and now what we want to do is put a layer of paper towels
on the top. Make sure to pat them dry. We want the moisture off the top, so that the
olive oil will stick. Now what we’re gonna do– we’ve salted everything else, but we’re
gonna salt the peppers. We’re gonna put pepper on everything. The rest of the vegetables
have olive oil on them. We’re gonna drizzle olive oil on the peppers, and we’re gonna
put balsamic vinegar on everything. Let’s talk about grilling sausage. We’ve all had
problems on the grill, sausage exploding, piercing the sausage, all the juices run out–
The best way to cook sausage on the grill is to pre-cook it. Put the sausage in boiling
hot water, off the heat, for 7 minutes, covered. You can do this before– you can do it the
day before, if you need to. Here’s a quick link on how to do it. We’ve pre-cooked a variety
of sausages here: Italian, Pork Italian, Hot Italian, Chorizo. They’ve been brushed with
olive oil. I’m gonna put those on the grill… and we’re gonna close the lid. Let’s give
them about 5 minutes. We can enjoy the sausage and vegetables by themselves, but let’s also
talk about making a sausage sandwich. Nice roll. We’re gonna cut the roll, about 3 quarters
of the way down. Open it up, and one of my pet peeves is too much bread, so let’s use
2 or 3 fingers and hollow this out. Now we’re gonna brush this with olive oil. Mmm! Okay,
it’s about 5 minutes. Let’s see what we have here. See, we’ve got a nice– nice grill marks.
We’re gonna turn these. We haven’t lost any of the juices. ‘Member people told you to
poke the sausages and pierce em? Don’t you dare ever do that. You lose all the juices.
Okay, we’re gonna put the buns on the grill for the last 5 minutes of cooking. Okay, here
we go! Mmm! We’re ready to go. We have a complete meal here. The vegetables are great at room
temperature, so we have lots of options. We can also make a sausage sandwich. Put some
of these nice, nice, nice peppers on top. Ooh! Does it get any better than this? Let’s
see how we did. Mmm mmm mmm! [laughs] It’s so good! Buon appetito!


  1. Great idea hollowing out the bread haha I never thought of that. My family always cut the peppers in strips then grilled em and I never really liked it your way looks so much better.

  2. Just like my dad, olive oil on every thing.

  3. Olive Oil is great!!!

  4. I like cats!

  5. I can guarantee you that those sausages do not look to be Italian

  6. If you dont think these sausages look Italian, then you dont know Frank!

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