Grill Repair – Replacing the Burner Tubes (Weber Part # 62752)

Inconsistent flame or no flame coming from
your burners you might need a new burner tube set. The burner tube set consists of three burner
tubes and the mounting screws. The burner tubes are attached to each of the
manifold valves and receive meter gas from the orifices. The igniters are attached to the front of
the burner tubes. The most common problem with the burner tubes
is corrosion or other debris clogging the burner openings. Replacing the burner tube said is repair that
you can do yourself and I’m going to show you how.Hi, I’m Mark Sodja. Do-it-yourself repairs like these are easier
than you might think. From laundry machines to cordless grills,
kitchen mixers, outdoor grills, our how-to videos walk you through each repair from start
to finish. Doing it yourself means never having to do
it alone. Let’s get started. I’ll begin by removing the warming rack. It just pulls away from the barbecue body. Now I can remove the grill grates and they’re
just sitting in place. Now remove the Flavorizer bars. Now remove the screws that secure the burners
to the back of the grill box. Now remove the igniter button it just simply
unscrews.I’ll remove the battery and I’ll remove the lock ring behind the button and
we’ll push the igniter into the housing. Next, I can remove the knobs. They just simply pull away from the valves. Now, I’ll remove the cabinet doors. There’s a lever inside of each door that I
can pull down with a screwdriver to remove the door. Now remove the wind deflector. It’s held in place with two screws. Now remove the control panel it is also held
in place with two screws. Now I need to remove the ignition wires from
the burners. Before I do that though, I want to label everything
so I’ll know where the wires go for reassembly.The first thing I’m going to do is number each
of my burners. Number one, two, and three. Now on the back of the ignition box, I’ll
label the corresponding wire with the burner that it goes to. I’ll pull the wires out of the clips as I
trace them to the burners. Here’s burner number one, number two, and
the third black wire will be number three and I’ll just label this one as the white
wire. Now, I’ll remove each of the black wires from
the ignition box and I’ll disconnect the white wire from the
burner. Now I can remove each of the burners from
the grill. Now we remove the igniter and the igniter
bracket from each of the burners.The igniter just pulls away from the bracket and the bracket
is secured to the burner with a little tab. I’ll use a small screwdriver to pry the bracket
away from the tab and the bracket pushes away towards the back of the burner. I’ll repeat this process on the other two
burners. Here, I have all three of my new burner tubes. I’ll start reinstallation by reinstalling
the igniter brackets. They just simply slide and lock into place. The wire tabs should be at the front of the
burner. Now reinstall the igniters. I’ll thread the igniter wire through the bracket
and then insert the igniter into the bracket.Now I can reinstall the burners. As I do, I need to make sure that I get each
of the igniters in the right location. The way I can tell which igniter is which
is the length of the wires. The one we labeled number three, will have
the longest wire, two medium, and one the short wire. I’ll just place those temporarily into place
on the grill in the proper locations and now we can install them. I’m starting with burner number three. It really doesn’t matter which one you start
with. I’ll thread the wire through the opening in
the grill box and insert the burner onto the valve stem. I’ll do the same process on the other two
burners.Now, place the rear of each burner back up on the bracket at the back of the
grill box. Now work all the black wires over towards
the igniter side of the grill. I’ll snap the wires back into the holders
as I go. Now, reinstall the white wire and it goes
to burner number two. It presses on to the small tab on the side
of the burner. Now I can reinstall each of the black wires. Number three is our yellow wire, two is blue,
and one is black. Now, I can reinstall the control panel. The top egg attaches to the hooks on either
side of the frame and the bottom gets secured with the screws.Now, I can reinstall and secure
the igniter. Now, I can reinstall the wind deflector. The tabs on the front of the window flexure
slide over the metal on the bottom of the control panel. Now, I can reinstall the doors. I’ll line up the bottom of the door with the
hangs pin on the bottom of the grill and again pull the lever and slide the door down to
release the pin. I’ll line up the pin with the hole on the
top of the grill and release the lever. Now, I can reinstall the three control knobs. You’ll notice where the control knob mounts
it shaped like a D. I’ll line up the flat of the D with the flat spot on the valve stem. Then they just press into place. Now, I’ll finish up assembling the igniter. I’ll replace the battery. The negative end should be out towards me,
the positive end inside and screw the push button back in place. Now resecure the back of the burners using
the new fasteners that came with the kit. I’ll finish up by replacing the Flavorizer
bars and the grills. With the grill grates in place, now I can
replace the warming rack.Be sure to check back often for new videos and expert advice. If you found this video helpful, give us a
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  2. There is virtually nothing to find on the internet for fixing THIS particular model of grill. In fact, I had to call Weber directly to even be able to order the replacement parts. This is an EXCELLENT video. The paperwork that came with my replacement burners and ignition switch were long and confusing. Your video made it SO easy. Thanks so much for such a great video. Someone like me who can barely change a lightbulb was able to do this in about 30 minutes. And that was with me taking a real long and careful time between some of the more critical steps, like re-connecting the correct wires to the correct location.

  3. I am not exactly what you would call handy, but after watching this video, I was able to replace the burner tubes without difficulty. It is a very good video, and I am very grateful that it was posted. I very much doubt I could have accomplished it without watching it.

  4. My last kettle grill lasted 25 years >>>   so I purchased another and looking forward to another 25 years of use

  5. This guy really sucks hard…

  6. I had tried to figure out how to replace burners on my Weber to avoid buying a brand new grill, but was frustrated by the confusing info at the various websites. This video is calm, clear, and absolutely comforting to a non-do-it-yourselfer like me. It gives clear, encouraging guidance that simplifies an otherwise daunting project. Many thanks.

  7. Nice video! I would have removed more parts had I not seen this video first! I need to replace my igniter too. I seem to have a leak at the number one burner control. This thing sits outside year round and is seven years old with almost no maintenance. I'm a bad owner… I know,

  8. This video was a lifesaver….made the job so simple. It is perfect!

  9. great video, helped alot! thanks, subscribed

  10. The major problem with this video is that the repair was performed on a brand new grill. On a grill that has been used for many years, the bolts that secure the burners to the back of the grill box will be frozen in place and rusted. The only way that they can be removed is to destroy them. A better method is to loosen the manifold from the front of the grill and that will provide enough "wiggle room" to remove and replace the burners without having to loosen the rear burner bolts. After all, the rear burner bolts don't actually hold down the burner tubes. They merely act as guides to keep the burner tubes in the burner posts. The tab on the back end of each burner will easily slide under each of the rear burner bolts. After the burners are in place in the grill box, you then mate the manifold to the front of all three burner tubes and secure.

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