Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone Pellet review (2019)

so if YouTubers Phillip Bridges here
again and today we’re talking about the Green Mountain grill this is the Daniel
Boone Edition and it retails for $499 it’s a pellet grill and I’ve had it for
about six months now and I love this thing this thing is amazing
it has a hopper it’s all digital it has built-in Wi-Fi and it has a meat probe
the temperature varies from one it go starts from 150 and goes all the way up
to 500 and it goes it goes through five degree increments now the weight of this
is a problem approximately about 155 pounds and one of the really nice
features that I like is it has rubber wheels on all legs now it has big big
big rubber wheels on one on the right side but on the left side it has small
rubber wheel casters and I don’t know why they did the smaller wheels on the
left side I really wish they would have just stuck with the big wheels all
around and just you know had the bigger casters it just they just seem really rinky-dink that’s the word that I think
that I’m looking for when you’re trying to push it around on the patio or like
like me I have a paver stone patio and it just it’s sometimes it’s just kind of
hard to push around now the inside dome is this 13 and 1/2 inches tall so you
can do I you can stand to chicken up in here and smoke a chicken or you know you
got your rack of ribs and stuff like that now the working surface is about 27
inches long by about 16 inches in depth that that who you have so we’ve got
plenty of surface area now if this isn’t enough surface area for you they do have
a bigger model the Jim Boone addition and that is
that’s six hundred and ninety-nine dollars but this works for me I’m not
grilling a lot and if I do I have other girls too that I can have going but I
really wanted this for mainly smoking because it’s so simple to use it’s
almost like I set it and forget it kind of grill so now to start it it has the
hopper and you want to fill these fill this hopper with the pellets and you can
use any kind of the wood smoker pellets not like the trigger units where trigger
says that they won’t warranty it if you don’t use trigger pellets and they only
want you to use trigger pulse you can use any pellet that you want now one
thing that I found out is if you’re using this and the hopper is empty and
you just go and dump a bag in you kind of at first you want and dump it in slow
because if you dump the bag in right away I found that the hopper can jam up
so you really want to just kind of pour it in slow and that way you don’t really
clog the hopper an alarm system that I really like so if when you run up tell
it it’ll start beeping at you and then once you put pellets in it will stop
beeping and if you fill the hopper up I fit when I smoke I figured out that
about every four to five hours I would have to refill the hopper up just so the
alarm would that that’s when the alarm would start telling you that your hopper
is getting low and I really like that because way you’re not really worried
about you’re not always running back and forth checking the hopper making sure
that your the pellets are full and everything it lets you know and with the
Wi-Fi feature to this this I really really liked it especially when I was
smoking my brisket I just put the meat probe in and I would set the temperature
that I would want that the brisket I would want when I go
to check it before I wrap my brisket and I would set that and I would set up the
Wi-Fi and I would have the app and I would just type in the how many degrees
that I wanted the brisket to be and it will notify me right when the brisket
hits that temperature and then you can also in the app you can program the
temperature setting of the grill and you can you can change it on the fly of when
you want you know whatever degrees you want your temperature of your girl you
download the app and you’ll turn your what you’ll turn on your Green Mountain
Grill and it all you then you go into your Wi-Fi settings on your phone and
your Green Mountain Wi-Fi should pop up you click on that the and the password
for the Green Mountain Wi-Fi is your serial number on the back of the grill
so that way if you have a couple Green Mountain grills or if anybody in your
neighborhood as our next door has a Green Mountain grill – you’re not on
their Wi-Fi for the Green Mountain now the only complaint that I have about the
Wi-Fi is that the range it’s not very the range isn’t very far it’s only
probably about 40 feet if that I have noticed it in my house when I go inside
it cuts like if I that go at the far end of the house it’ll it’ll cut out I can’t
get to the app and it won’t let me check on my temperature or my meat temperature
so that’s that’s a downside of the Wi-Fi that it has a kind of a short range now
the gauge of this grill the the lid the lid gauge is a 13 gauge steel and the
housing of the the grill is a 14 gauge now the grease trays are at well a 12
gauge steel so they’re a little bit thicker steel and you know I like I like
how thick they are the the trigger grills are
they just seem really flimsy to me all the lids and everything these are pretty
stout for the Green Mountains to start this up all we’re going to want to do is
we flip it on and that’s one thing that you have to have you have to have this
by an outlet that’s one downside of it but it’s it’s easy to fix if you don’t
have an al lado simply plug into a cord you’re not going to overload any
circuits on this thing because the initial startup of this grill only takes
240 watts and then after the fan and everything kicks on it’s a continuous 60
watts so once we flip this on it’s in the off position now we’re going to want
to hit the up arrow once and it will go to zero now what zero is doing is at
this stage it spritz priming the grill it’s delivering wood chips in through
the auger into the tray and it’s getting ready to set up and light the pellets so
this stage usually takes about 60 seconds to two minutes depending on if
you are just putting wood pellets into the grill or if there is already some
into the auger already now with this hopper we do have a 17 pound hopper
capacity now the one thing that I’ve noticed is that with this with this
hopper you might you got to have the lid closed when you are running it if you do
not have the hopper closed all the way you’ll start to suck some of the smoke
back up through the auger and into the hopper and you’ll have smoke coming out
of the hopper so we want to make sure that that lids closed at all times
unless we’re filling it back up real quick while the grill is running this
hopper is on the back side of it it has a lover that you can you lift up and you
can pull you can dump out all of your wood pellets so if you’re changing over
wood pellets to a different flavor and you don’t want those in there anymore
it’s simple it’s simple to do all you do is pull out the back the back door and
then you just push out the wood pellets into a tray
that you would set back there and then you would put close it back up and put
new wood pellets and that you would want for a different smoking flavor so right
now it’s already out of zero and it went to one now one it’s starting it’s
lighting the wood pellets and then after one it’s going to go to it’s gonna kick
the fan on and then it’ll start increasing temperature so the
temperature setting is getting up to over a hundred degrees it’s at about 110
now and we’re gonna let that go to at 150 after one once it reaches 150 after
that then we can actually use the up and down arrows on the digital controls to
increase the temperature of what we want and it really doesn’t take very long for
this grill to get to the temperature temperatures that you’d like we’re gonna
let this reach to a 150 degrees and shouldn’t take very long SEC already at
it’s already at 140 so and probably about another 20 seconds it’s gonna be
already at 150 degrees now the one thing that we also want to make sure is that
we want to make sure that our chimney is open a little bit you know you can
adjust the chimney up and down to how much air flow you want going through
your grill so I’m just gonna open this up a little bit more and you just
unscrew it and open up that chimney alright we’re at 150 degrees so we’re
gonna go we’re gonna increase this it increases up by 5 to 5 degrees and we’re
just gonna go up to we’re gonna take it all the way up to the 500 we’re going to
see how quickly that gets to 500 now one other thing I want to talk about is I do
recommend getting the grill cover now we want to have the grill cover on this
when we’re not using it because we don’t want to get any of the pellets wet
because if we get the pellets wet the hot inside the hopper it is kind of a
pain in the butt to clean out because all those pellets get wet and then they
clump up and dry and then they kind of become mush well after they mush up
then they dry and kind of become one pellet and so you’re kind of in there
kind of busting all that to out inside this hopper just to get all the pellets
out so we want to keep this pellet hopper as dry as possible and the best
way to do that if we’re not using it as a grill cover to keep all that moisture
out so I’ll put a I’ll put a link in the description below on where you can get
this grill and you can get the grill cover for it so you won’t have this
problem this also comes with a tray on the side and on the side of the tray has
utensil utensil holders too we’re gonna open this up and see look at
the smoke coming that’s that’s some good smoke I’m gonna close that also we’re
not going to get to our 500 degrees now I really like some of the features are
some of the features that this girl has because it has thermal sensors on the
grill so you can get that consistent monitoring of the inside of the grill
temperature so you don’t really have to worry about you know running back and
forth if it’s the charcoal girl you’re really messing with the temperatures on
a charcoal grill you’re you’re trying to get that exact temperature and then
maintaining that exact temperature but now gas grills are great if you if you
wanna if you want to cook something fast grass a gas grill is always gonna be the
way to go you know a pellet grill it’s gonna it takes that you know just as you
can see it’s taking a little bit of startup time it’s almost the same
startup time as a charcoal grill it’s a lot less messing around with a pellet
grill than it is a charcoal grill because you’re not messing with the
charcoal if you haven’t if you if this is your first time owning a pellet grill
and you don’t really know how to clean it check out my video that I have on how
to clean a pellet grill it’s up in the right-hand corner check that out and
like it if you liked it all right we’re at the 500 degree mark it’s beeping
actually it’s beeping because I’m almost out of pellets
because I forgot to load it up with pellets but we’re at 495 now now we’re
at 500 now we’re at 500 okay we’re at 500 right now and as you can hit if you
can hear it the fan is kicked down low it’s not as high as it was before and
we’re at our 500 degree in right now you can kind of see get a sear on a steak if
you wanted to with this and then you can lower it back down to you know around
350 to 400 so I like to after I cook I like to boost this up to 500 degrees and
then I let this cook off everything for about 10 minutes and now you one thing
that you you do with these pellet grills as you have well especially with the
Green Mountain grill is once you’re done grilling on it you just don’t shut it
off you have to go down to the controls and hit the down arrow button until you
get to 150 degrees now once we get to 150 degrees we hit the down arrow once
it’ll kick the fan on now what the fans doing is it’s blowing up off all the
pellets that are actually not blowing off but it’s burning off all the pellets
that are in side the burner right now and just so you don’t have any leftover
pellets in there as exit ignite anything or just keep burning it’s gonna it’s
gonna burn it all off and so this fan is gonna run and it’ll
it’ll say fan FA n on the side of the digital controls and after it’s done it
will go to the off position on the digital controls that is a downside to a
pellet grill you have the startup time and then you also have a cool-down time
which it’s not that big of a deal because while this is burning everything
off and stuff you’re inside or you know outside at the picnic eating and
enjoying stuff with your family so if you have any comments put them
below if you liked this video hit the like button and if you’re not subscribed
subscribe i’m philip burgess a not thanks for watching


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