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We have meat of an exceptional black pig, small in pieces, along with its bone and we’ll combine it with a spice mixture to have an excellent result. Lemon will also play its role. – Are you also ready to skewer the small ones as well? – Me, I’m ready… but instead of skewering it in half a spit we’ll make 2 of 1/4 each to also save on charcoals. Exactly that. We, no matter how much is the amount of meat this her is around 3kg (6.6lbs) we always divide it in two spits to have the charcoal pile in the middle. Let’s see all this, step-by-step and also see the spice preparation and the whole process. Let’s see it, then. Hello dear friends! Hello from me, too! We are Mallioras brothers, Andreas and George. We construct grills and ovens together. Our passion for grilling and cooking is great and we share it with you on our YouTube channel “Grill philosophy” and our Facebook page “Greek bbq club”. Join our Facebook group “Grill philosophy” where we are many fanatic grillers who exchange opinions. You’re welcome to join! Happy grilling everyone! Happy grilling from me, too! Preparation – Andreas, until I show to our friends the spices we’ll use you can cut the small ones. So, the analogies that I’ll show you now is for 1kg (2.2lbs) of meat, we have here around 3kg (6.6lbs) but the analogies I mention here are for 1kg. So, for 1kg (2.2lbs) you’ll need 1g of black peppercorns 1g coriander and you’ll bash all these in the mortar to release their aroma and we’ll add then the rest of the spices. This one that I’m cutting here won’t be marinated we’ll just skewer it in the small spits this will be ready earlier, in about 20 minutes. Yes. It will be our appetizers and we’ll treat it afterward. We’ll add spices to it after grilling. This one is for the appetite. Exactly. The spices are ready, they are well ground they have released their full aroma and now I’ll add, for every kilo (2.2lbs), 5g sweet bukovo (sweet chili flakes) and 1 approximately bukovo (hot chili flakes) and we’ll also add 3g garlic granules We bash them again and mix them in the mortar mostly for the bukovo to release its aroma and we’ll add, per kilo (2.2lbs) again, 12g sea salt, quality sea salt or rock salt, that we use here or fleur de sel or thick salt that is unprocessed. I’m done with the cutting. We’ll be marinating in a bit, I’m also ready with the spices. – Nice smell, huh? Well, let’s marinate it and leave it for 2 hours maximum to get the flavor and then grill. So, here’s what we’ll do with the lemon. – Andreas, you can prepare them and leave them in the fridge to have them when we need them. For the lemon, for 3kg (6.6lbs) of meat we’ll keep the lemon’s peel and only that. And give us the lemon’s flavor. One lemon for 3kg of meat is ok. And, we’ll also add the spices and we’ll mix and add for even distribution. Here I have to say that black pork’s little fat is very rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. It’s the only kind of pork and I might say the only kind of meat that has such amount of fatty acids which are very beneficial. It smells great. The lemon peel combined with the spices smell great. After mixing them well enough and the spices have spread evenly we’ll pour, for 3kg (6.6lbs)
approximately 100ml (3.4 fl oz) sunflower oil and I use sunflower oil, since you often ask about this in the comments, because it’s an oil that has no scent it’s neutral, that is, in flavor it’s thin as a liquid so it can be absorbed easily by the meat and soften it like every oil do, of course. Olive oil has a very strong scend and flavor which will leave on the meat. Olive oil, especially the extra virgin olive oil is our favorite and we use it everywhere except for marinading. We’re ready. I’m ready, too. Nice timing…! So, we’ll marinate for two hours maximum, no more is needed the pieces are small the salt should be absorbed a bit the pieces should take flavor, that is. And we’re grilling. And you don’t need to put it in the fridge for two hours. Especially now that it’s the end of fall there’s no need. If we marinate it for longer than 3-4 hours, then it’s best to put it in the fridge. Moreover, outside the fridge, the marinating process is faster. We’re ready to light the charcoals. The charcoals light upside down, from top to bottom. So we place the kindling, alcohol-soaked cotton, on top. Here on the side, we have lit another charcoal pile for the appetizers and over here we’ll grill our kontosouvli (spit-roast) in two spits, as we’ve said to save on charcoal. Because otherwise, we would need double the amount of charcoals. This charcoal is the one that we’ve been testing all this time it has passed all of our tests, all the try-outs and it’s a very good charcoal, we’ll share more when we’ll be ready to import it in our country and make it available for purchase. Now we’re ready to skewer. But before skewering, we’re placing the pieces in the right order the way we want to arrange them on the spit and as you can see them here inside the tray we used for marinating. This way we won’t have to think while skewering which one goes where and we’ll just skewer them in this order. We’ve started skewering and as we had arranged them in the desired order on the tray we skewer them the same way. Skewering is very important, guys pay attention to it, make sure the pieces of meat are evenly skewered if there’s fat, make sure it’s evenly distributed along the spit as well. The better the skewering the better the roasting and the result will be. It’s scent though is amazing! I’m a bit too far to smell it… We’ll grill them in this position for about 20 minutes and when it starts changing color we’ll place it closer to the charcoals. The pieces of meat aren’t too thick so we need a strong heat to grill them quickly and don’t dry them. We’ll grill on the other pile in a bit. So, the rest of the charcoals are also ready. We’ll spread them to grill the small spits we place the charcoals that aren’t fully lit on the side. And now we’re ready to grill. Also here. Here, I think we’ll need to throw some charcoal ash on the charcoals because the heat is very strong. And we start with our small kontosouvli. And we also have this one which is a surprise we don’t know if it will be successful, we have tried it in the past but know we’ve changed something in the grilling way. But we’ll grill it on the side so it won’t be right above the charcoals but on the side and also we’ll grill potatoes. So… these ones over here are our appetizers and then we’ll go for the main roast. – Did you leave room for some bread over there?.. -Yes, there’s room for bread. Excellent, everyone’s ends have met…! We’ll also baste it with some oil left of the marinade. Here on the small ones. To also give some flavor to them. And don’t waste it. And since we don’t have much fat here this will help in grilling. Leave the bukovo as well, Andreas. Let’s also put some on the potatoes, Andreas. Our appetizers. Our kontosouvli. All of black pork. The small ones are of lean meat, boneless, they’ll be ready in 20 minutes max. These ones approximately in 1.5 hours. In bit, as I see, we’ll be lowering them closer to the charcoals to grill them on stronger heat because as we’ve said the pieces of meat are small and they need a strong heat to be out fast. Here, as we’ve said, we’ve divided our spit-roasts in two in two spits, that is, instead of one. To benefit as much as we can of the charcoals in the middle. But in order to achieve this, the front and the back spits should be close to each other otherwise they’ll be far from the pile. We’ve taken this into account in the grill design and as you can see they’re pretty close. This means we save on charcoals. Watching them rotating, so satisfying… Big and small. We’ve placed the roasts in the lower positions and we’re very close to the charcoals. And we grill on strong heat. The meat has fat it also has bones, and it’s in small pieces. It needs a strong heat from the start to avoid drying it. So it gains color on the outside, roasts quickly on the inside and don’t lose liquids. And also the small ones, we’ve placed them a bit later and after 20 minutes they’ll be ready. And Andreas’ bread is also on the grill. Our small kontosouvli are ready to be removed. And until we leave them to rest and cut them etc, the pieces of bread will also be ready. Also, the potatoes are ready. So, I think we’re ready. Let’s start with the potatoes. Cut them, yes, like this. And then we’ll add spices on top etc. -They also have a nice color. -Yes, due to the oil. We’ll make it a thing from now on. -Bring the rest of them… -That’s the thing. -It seems well roasted. -It seems very soft, huh? -Well, I’ll better add some lemon, because with your tempo… I can’t wait any longer…! -Not only some, go for it. -Also salt and oregano. And here we’ll add some oil as well on the potatoes. Olive oil and lemon. -And now add the rest of them… wow, it makes my mouth water… I don’t know if you guys can tell… wow… Perfect As always, it’s great. Classic grilling way with nothing too extra but it’s a sure thing for quick grilling. -Always the best if saved for last. -Absolutely. That one still needs 45 minutes. As I see it, this here is just for a starter. Here, the wine goes well. -So, cheers! And the pieces of bread, at the right time. Bread is also necessary. Especially when it’s grilled. It’s the best thing. With the temperature above 65°C (149°F) and approximately one hour later it foams a lot. This is also an indicator that our kontosouvli is ready and it’s best around this point to remove it. We’ll leave it only for a few more minutes to gain a better color as we like it. Our vegetable. I believe it must be great. Broccoli. Broccoli in parchment paper. We nailed it this time. -Is it roasted enough or it needs more time? -A few more minutes would be better but now it is also good. -Well, then in the stem, when we check the temperature, to be around 100°C (212°F) -How much was now? -90°C (194°F) + -So, let’s cut it, Andreas. -Well, ok it’s also nice if it’s crunchy, it’s a vegetable. -At 100°C (212°F) will be just right. -At 100°C (212°F) as we’ve tested all vegetables, including the potatoes and cabbage we’ve tried one time -It’s just that the stem needs peeling. -After grilling, yes, before grilling no It’s best not. And now here, we can add the classic salt and oregano and lemon. And olive oil would go well. We also have olive oil. -Wow, how good is this? -Wow -Just the grilling, nothing else. -And it’s ok a bit crusty, it doesn’t need to be soft. -It’s incredible. The flavor is amazing. -I haven’t tasted broccoli like this… -So, well, let’s remove the kontosouvli because it’s ready. After about 10 minutes that we had left it to rest -Throw this in the trash We present to you our extravaganza… we also have flys… even though it’s late fall, the fall is hot this year and there are still flys. So, let’s also serve the youth here in our company -Here, Dimitris. -Here you are, too. -Little Dimitris. Before we try it. -well I’ve found a good one already -successful huh? Very nice flavor. Discreetly spicy. The best thing. And always serve it with roast vegetables. Or raw. Well, it was perfect. We’ll go share it with the rest of our company. We wish you happy grilling with a good company. Happy grilling from us, too! -Great, guys, thank you!


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