Gordon Ramsay’s SAVAGE Restaurant Criticisms! | Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back

This will be a shock for you all recently I’ve had my top team inside your restaurant Dustin undercover filming Surveillance for weeks. I Had to stop you from eating in there and this is the reason why Take a look Bring everybody what would you like to drink besides what you don’t get? Well, huh, would you oh man Okay, disgusting Oh God just lost Matt I think that’s a roach lake in there You didn’t just lick the plate what is wrong with you Man horrible love Jesus six top was too little Oh Oh Lord, oh my god. Oh My god, no, what’s that the Jesus christ almighty, and it’s just slime What does that mean when it’s slime Bad, yeah, that’s right sticky disgusting one two three four five freezes And this is what you call fresh food, right lately at the freeze everything. That was just local. What are we actually cooking here? Why is that? Chicken Look at it feel it. Hold it freezer burn. It’s dried. It’s gone. It’s not a loofah for your back There’s the bacon. Oh my lord you Are kidding me Jambalaya are we really in your league. Come on Garbage, what is this in here? What’s this an aquarium What the water why is all this water down here it looks like that overnight Unbelievable Look at the mess jar of chocolate syrup. That’s where we store that behind this box molding Even the aprons moldy full of mold New Orleans roast Are you telling me that we don’t even own our own coffee pots? We rent them. What’s it called? Oh carpet pad and we’re renting coffee pots Who cleans this this Oh No, you are kidding me as a mouse in here a mouse. Oh my god, no My guests were served toast today Hey chef Gordon, this is Dustin field coffee pot. And I was just giving y’all an update on everything The restaurants been doing pretty good We had our ups and downs banana foster all day one yogurt one gumbo, but the menus doing really well Everybody seems to love the items red stuffs. The kids are awesome But they are not liking me working all my nights All the ladies at the coffee pot are doing very well And thank you so much for everything that you did for us. Listen carefully. My team has been visiting your restaurant undercover for weeks To find out what truly is happening on a day to day basis what they uncovered Or shocking have a look at this When I saw that screen going up I went we’re done we’re done Why are you going to wait here now Michael? What we’re gonna wash the dishes right now, I’m not gonna wash dishes. I’m not telling you to wash dishes Hey, there’s two ladies some of this I’m busy right now with My mother never hey Johnny smell this though Yeah, it’ll mama he’s gotta wash off the funk of it all Oh shit, I do greet customers Stand here, then there we’re walking in. Let’s go. Let’s go. How’s it going? Welcome to what’s lesson Anna I help you Yeah, so you scare the shit out. It’s like you just escaped from prison and you’ve got been stoned out your mind First of all, give me an sm I le smile Let’s go one more time. Hey Oh God, just last year and at it it started a new bar Rome wasn’t built in a day I get that. Do you want that reservation list? Yes or no? Oh He doesn’t want it right stone head up William a now sort out The dining room stone is definitely one of a kind his name says it all pretty much Welcome I don’t you sit down. I’d like you to recommend some of the menu right now should we look at the menus first and Look at a dish you tasted then earlier this morning Mitchell added the chicken enchilada. So did you sell it to us? In a real song come on just recommends my month green chicken enchiladas in tomatillo sauce I’m done. I’m done. May I’ll go get some fresh air. Holy shit. Can I start with Chinese? What in the fuck is that as frozen fucking tripping What in the fuck how the fuck do we either hold it Fuck you, boy. You is a hockey test dead Frostbitten. Oh my god I didn’t think we had that at a in consonance. Don’t know why they put it in the box Shit This is money being thrown down the fucking drain This is fresh kale. Oh My god smell the fucking plan What’s this speech for brother sauces sorry suckers and vegetables sources and vegetables what sauce marker we make him with this a Thought but that man that we would throw out we’re gonna do that. They’re all fucked young man Your father built his legacy on sources, right? Yeah Congratulations, you’ve just fucked it You guys getting that and getting this fucking kitchen, please? Hey Gordon, its Marco from less or nada. I’m just giving you an update of what’s going on. And it’s tough It’s tough right now. My dad is going back into his old ways. I told you chicken quesadilla. Okay, you made another mistake He went back to the old menu Johnny left. It’s kind of me back there on my own and Because I don’t get paid here anymore. I have a second job. Is there a difference between large back ribs and baby back ribs? Hey, you pull the bullshit, you know, the Disgusting oh my god Wow After studying, mr. Famous footage. I already know some of the atrocities are about to find him Steve’s kitchen. This is all disgusting There’s no question about it Come on, look at that When was this last things? I think it was Monday? Monday Possibly Saturday, I’m not much I’m Friday because we weren’t here Saturday. We weren’t here Monday. Come on. That’s not true You can’t be telling me the truth here. I mean look at that What’s in the sink here that’s not catfish that’s always do and this is where we wash pots pans Jimmy idea how much is in here? money-wise I would say good $80 maybe more a six seven hundred dollars worth of product there plenty how What’s down here? That’s the cooler. Oh Lord, please bless. Thy soul may not come out in one piece The smell in here. What is this? Jesus rice there sat in blood. They’ve gone Shit what’s here? Well, we’ve got a cowboy River and pork chop. Just smell that It’s not a guy yes start to turn green the COS. Oh my god What’s the port doing with it? That’s cooked yes it is that’s wrong. Yes it is we ate this today Yes, the meat is Stinking for you right now are a walking liability. No, I’m not you’re costing this restaurant thousands He’s convinced the owner that what he’s doing is good Unfortunately what he’s doing he’s running that business into the ground Steve We’ve been really embarrassed today. Yeah, I mean we never realized kitchen wasn’t such a bad order We’ve wasted thousands of dollars worth of product that we had out there. That’s just been wasting Steve. It’s time to make a change We’re gonna have to let you go okay protection we appreciate I’m under the bus big time I’m not as bad as he thinks a ham I’ve nut you can feel like You can’t be replaced, but anybody can be replaced Welcome all of you. Now something important. We have to look at the beginning of the new chapter. Stay there two seconds I’d like to introduce you to our New head chef at sherman’s you probably know her She’s shown so much commitment honesty and Passion throughout the night that my team were blown away. Not only will she shine as a head chef, but another great spokeswoman for the community all agreed Relations I had worked 25 years there Sherman walled up and my first Position in Charlotte was a dishwasher and I worked my way all the way up from a dishwasher to the head chef cook I mean this last pot in the restaurant of the new retired What is wrong with you Oh We’ve lost a lot of customers because two Tatiana’s mouth She comes at customers sometimes What about it? I gave him their checks how she talks to people it’s hard to work with. Okay. Hallo bitch flip 17-8 I don’t know what this says Tell no more gumbo. I just have this one. Just listen to what I just said Okay, after you’re done with that don’t sound the more, okay? Thank you guys complaining about their order tickets along don’t come in here telling us with somebody doing a fly just deal with them But we lost Tamil. This was cleaned last thing last week, oh Jesus Christ Why is that oil? Oh, that’s coil. That thing is bad in a week We probably didn’t clean that. Yes. We did pop me on home. We do probably didn’t clean there that hasn’t been cleaned in months What is in here see full gainer calamari? To smell that that’s going To use that today. Yeah, I think we did it Lot see how it’s very embarrassing I didn’t think it was this bad What’s that smell saundra? Yes, what is that? Looks like blood Dry congealed blood it is stinking and what’s this fucking thing? Pete there chicken it come on guys What the fuck I mean I fucking just fucking told you to clean all this shit up it’s bones behind here fit support behind here Can you not smell that that smell it? Yes. How old are these? It’s sad all this loves That’s what’s stinking und every taste you can’t smell it yeah Not only do they look stupid, but I look like a fucking clown Because I’m the idiot paying them What’s out here just where we have our pit and where we cook all our meat Holy fuck it’s like a hot tub of grease Jesus christ almighty Hold on a minute! What is gas bottles next to it? What the fuck Luli the gas is over there. They’re fucking here. Yes. I know this I can see this What’s the fucking gas container doing next to a furnace? The fuck is the bleach doing here? What are you trying to make to create, a bomb? No Loo, look at me gasps. Yes wheels and a furnace Fuck the earthquake you’ll blow up Sacramento yourself, you fucking idiots. My time is done I’m going what yeah, you do not need me any longer. I just want to say well done Your attitude has changed 100% Your commitment is extraordinary Gordon I have nothing but love for you no one would have known to ask for the things that you’ve given us today and For that I will forever be thankful for that. You will always have a special place in my heart you happy? Yeah, absolutely. Sure I could have killed Gordon at the beginning but now I’m very appreciative and I thank him for everything that he’s done for me You


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