gordon ramsay roasted me SO I’M ROASTING HIS FOOD

………………………………………. WHY GORDON RAMSAY WHY !!!! Have begged you guys do not send pictures of any food that I’ve ever made to Gordon Ramsay I don’t want him to see it. I didn’t want him to enfollow me on Twitter and guess what you guys did If anybody sends pictures of the final result to Gordon Ramsay on Twitter. I am going to block all of you ….. and of course Gordon Ramsay saw it and he came from me He came for my brand. He has roasted me on his Twitter account, and I don’t know what to do I’m gonna go on Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter account, and we’re gonna read the roasts together And I just want to say that I’m probably gonna cry ……….. Your wellington looks like a Wellington boot They ask you how you are and you just have to say that you’re fine when you’re not really fine But you just can’t get into it because they would never understand How can I live with this how can I ever make another YouTube video how can I ever go outside again you know what? Just a few essentials for the road It’s time to go See you never not so easy surprise Gordon Ramsay I bet you thought you’ve seen the last of me I’m mostly back because I forgot my shoes Gordon Ramsay wants to come from me He wants to roast me, and he’s expecting that I’m not gonna do anything in return I don’t think so so for today’s video guys I’m gonna go to a Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, and we’re gonna rate his food and we’re gonna crush his dreams Just like he crushed mine. I made a reservation We’re going to a not the fanciest restaurant for Gordon Ramsay because these videos have a budget But it’s still a pretty fancy Gordon Ramsay restaurant, and I’m gonna try a million different foods and buy a million I mean two because that’s probably how many I can afford we’re gonna be Ruthless the same way. He was about my beef wellington So here we are so here’s the restaurant on the inside There’s a lot of different things. I’m not entirely sure what I’m gonna go with I’m so glad I’ve got a table in the corner because I feel like everyone is already staring at me But I guess I don’t care, I guess I am here to rate the food then be very hard from the food items So let’s do it, so here. We go some bread and butter and I think these might be soya sauce for the sushi There’s no much to say about it I Hate this already because this is honestly everything is gonna be amazing That looks amazing Thank you Would you look at the insane amount of food that I order did I get a little bit carried away? So this one right here is pastime, and this one is popcorn chicken which I’m very excited about This one here is salt and pepper squared We’ve got mac and cheese right in the center this is sweet potato chips with guacamole or actually it’s called smashed avocado because Cuacamole is no fancy You know and this right here is buffalo chicken pellets with the sauce that I’m not entirely sure what it is But we’re gonna find out and this one just arrived now. This is the vegetarian sushi it looks incredible guys I’m so excited to try this I think the first thing they when she tries the Popcorn chicken because it’s my favorite thing everywhere you guys know and I do watch my videos Gonna be everything I just want to switch up the camera just eat everything in moon Hey Martin Not in a million years I could invite Everest. There’s like. This is the best chicken I’ve ever had is oh yeah We’ll give this lesson Chinese This is the best chicken in the whole new song is so learn Okay, so I think we should try the faster now I’m going down a river. I think this is Kailen goats cheese. I saw so much I’m leaving it’s so good that I literally just want to eat It’s the birth night guys I hate those This video is nothing Like I thought it would be you know something is not good when you’re going for thirds in less than 30 seconds I think we should go for the sweet potato chips and the smashed avocado I Would happily eat this for the rest of me, thanks for nothing else that’s all I have to say well and smooth people think this is gross pop I hate today, I think we should go for the mac and cheese now because It’s been waiting for me You know what this is my place now The crunchy patent office I’m gonna sit here to make seven minutes and ethers, and then we’ll try something else This is all going in one go I’m gonna go for the salt and pepper squid now because it’s looking very lonely in here And I think it’s some company in my stomach. Let me like to show you I mean the camera is like this I Think this is actually my favorite I Wish you could fly it through the camera because even though why it’s so difficult for me to raise anything because there’s nothing about to say like I don’t I Don’t want to go home. I’m just gonna you still live here from now on and just eat this with great afterlife I believe in it and this from disorders. This is definitely the best women I’m actually going to dip the squid in the avocado I love fresh if I could do you guys from saving the sushi for last, so I’m going to try the buffalo chicken fillets now It’s very similar to the popcorn chicken And then it was looking for the popcorn chicken, and I realized it’s all wrong. I think this is blue cheese sauce which My favorite what I’m still gonna. Give it a try Actually everything When you get me to eat blue cheese sauce that’s when you know it’s where you Gordon Rhonda’s make them very difficult to hate him or any of this This is the moment of truth because this is actually one of my favorite foods ever so we’re gonna start with some soya sauce We’re gonna go with this I Like it with a lot of soy, sauce do not judge me Me eating vegetables as some people say everywhere in this channel take a screenshot, man I’m shook it. That’s the best piece of sushi of your hand I’ve got no idea why we’re so good. It. Just was this one is like an egg sushi cake I’m so glad I saved this for last because this one is actually my favorite. I am speechless. I wanted to hate everything you hear My season very been through this is how we know what the food was incredible It’s all gone. There’s literally not a single bit of food left on the table. This is the menu for dessert these are the options I think I might go with a chocolate cake and With the creme brulee because I want to try what I know had so much food guys So this is a chocolate cake and I think it comes with some vanilla ice cream on the side and here we’ve got the creme Brulee it looks really good. I’m not sure what that is on top I already know the consistency over is so cream it’s like a chocolate mousse and also kind of like a Eight days in chocolate cake but in be consistency open. She’s like a mousse like a pumpkin pie Actually no like You really know which I prefer I Have to try it again one more time because I think the creme brulee might be my favorite There’s nothing to roast here and fortunately guys. This is very very Annoying mr.. Ramsey and Rebecca my house And I just want to say that I really hope you guys enjoyed this video obviously this video is a joke I love Gordon Ramsay So much, I know he’s amazing is one of my biggest inspirations And I was just so happy that he actually watched my video I mean I’m hoping that he did because that’s the only way he would have known My beef wellington did actually look like a boot those of you did like this video Please don’t forget to give it a like. He means the world to me. I really appreciate it and shout out to Gordon Ramsay I’m gonna link his Twitter and everything down below like if you were guys want to check his restaurants as well if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel yet Do you mean the world to me if you did there’s a little subscribe button down below and next to it? There’s a bell and if you tap that Bell if we don’t put up a new food video You’ll receive a notification On your phone and obviously that means a lot to me because I don’t want you guys to miss out on my videos I love you guys, and I will see you on my next video. Which is probably tomorrow. Bye. Bye


  1. i was meant to go to gordon ramsay's restaurant for a video, i just thought it'd be funny to use his tweet to me as an intro. some people are wild in the comments, i love gordon so much and that's the end of story. this was just intended to be a light joke, i don't take myself seriously so please don't as well, all love and positivity always ??

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    Sweetie I love watching you. You have fun and in what you do.

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  66. You don't have to be discouraged by everything that puts you down. Focus on what makes you happy instead of the problems. Well we can't please everyone so we shouldn't really feel bad when they bash us; they're people with their own opinions and you got yours too. And we got our own strengths and weaknesses. So let's just appreciate and take it as constructive criticism to help us to work harder. 🙂 God loves you❤ God bless


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  70. A QUOTE:
    i can be mean, selfish and a little insecure but if you can't handle me at my worst hell naw should you see me at my best

    If you are ungrateful for what you already have what the hell makes you think that you'd be happier with more?

    I am worried that internet will surpass our human interaction and the world will become a generation of idiots~ NOT EINSTEIN


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    Me:Hey Mr. Ramsay. You absolute monster. You roasted one of the most famous YouTuber. So no. Raphael's cooking is great! He's still learning. Don't act like you were born and was like*imma start a restaurant*no. Mr. Ramsay you had some difficult times at cooking too . I have a uncle. he's a chef but not a popular one. He cooks wonderful foods for the whole family. He appreciate one little things. He made me learn how to cook. I wasn't the best but but he made me learn the best he can make me to anyways. So this absolute A–hole . should be respectful to people who wants to be like him. To be A popular and we'll known as a chef that cooks amazingly . so don't be ashamed if you got roasted by your idols or whoever it is. One day if you keep doing what you like.
    (no hate on gordon ramsay)

    Practice makes perfect ?

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