Gordon Blowing Chef’s Minds For 4 Minutes Straight | GORDON RAMSAY’S 24 HOURS TO HELL & BACK


  1. 24hr Later he fired the Chickens ?

  2. Ugh don't do the flashing of the ingredients on the screen

  3. Lmao!! Why the heroic music??

  4. No one :

    Editors : Lots of unnecessary music and effects

  5. I dont even know what the dish looks like. It was censored by the unnecessary effects of black screen and giant words

  6. Shoot the editor

  7. How many of us goin to cook this meal?

  8. Next Episode: we cook one amazing editor

  9. I think there was enough effects in this video

  10. The music is cringe too

  11. can we have a proper cooking demo just like season 2?

  12. That chicken makes my mouth watering

  13. Whoever edited this video needs to take a good look in the mirror and just choose a different occupation.

  14. To anyone complaining about the editing, just watch The F-Word’s recipes from 2006.

  15. This is like Gordon Ramsey cooking within some kind of weird action movie with cheesy edits

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