Gochujang braised tofu: simple & delicious weeknight go-to menu

Annyeong-haseyo(Hello in Korean). This is Taeyeon from 1-2-3 Kimchi!
(in Korean) Hello, everyone! This is Taeyeon and it’s so nice to
see you again at 1-2-3 Kimchi Today, we will make Gochujang braised tofu, Dubu-jabagi in Korean. This healthy, hearty, and spicy braised tofu is
my weeknight go-to menu because it’s super easy! Let me show you how to make it in
just 20
minutes I’m going to use a coated wok pan, because
it’s easier to work with. But any pan or pot is okay. Add 1.5 cup of water with 2 pieces of dried
kelp to the pan. And bring to a boil over a medium heat. This is going to be my quick stock to add
that extra umami. Of course, if you have Versatile Korean Stock,
you should use that instead. But I’m just trying to make it the simplest
for you. Meanwhile, I’m going to cut tofu and all the
veggies and make the sauce. Today, I’m using a regular or medium tofu, because it goes better with the dish, but if you prefer it firm, you can use firm tofu instead. Tofu is cut pretty thick. About 1.5cm or half an inch. And slice the onion. Cut the white part of green onion
in half and cut it into 5cm lengths. Then slice red and green chili pepper. And mix all the sauce ingredients together. When the water fully boils, take out the kelp. Throw in the sauce and stir. Now I’m going to put everything in together! First, the tofu goes in, then top it with
onion, green onion, and red/green chili peppers for extra color. We just need to let it boil over medium-high heat until tofu is nicely seasoned and we have little water left. You don’t need to do anything from this
point, but just let it boil. Now the water has thickened and our tofu is
done, I think it has taken about 7-8 min.! If you want it more soupy, then, of course, you can
boil it a little less. Time to serve. One thing I really like about this dish, is
you can just serve it right on a plate like this! Hmmm~ so tender And let’s not forget the sauce the well-balanced gochujang taste makes me think of Tteokbokki. But by using tofu, we’ve transformed it
into a healthy dish So what are you waiting for? Go try it yourself and share the love, like, and subscribe Thank you for watching 1-2-3 Kimchi!

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