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What’s up Soldiers! Chris here at always a pleasure to have you guys here in the kitchen with me! Quick one there’s been a lot of requests by Instagram. If you are not following me yet on Instagram. It’s @ CaribbeanPot It’s Lent. A lot of people got requests for fish recipes. I’ve got a couple lane snappers, you know your boy Got you. I got you Stay tuned. We’re using some garlic, some chives and some lemon juice, a little bit of ginger. It’s all kind of niceness going in here. Lent, fish stay tuned! What’s up Soldiers! Don’t forget to click subscribe if you’ve already clicked subscribe hit that Bell notification thing and you won’t be missing out on the new videos man. Come on click! The first thing we’re going to make is a sort of marinade or dressing for the fish and I have here a bowl some good olive oil, a couple tablespoons of that olive oil. About a teaspoon of dark soy sauce. We’re going to obviously need some salt even though there are soy sauce in there. Some black pepper. I have here some thinly sliced shallots. We’ll need some garlic, so a couple cloves of garlic and all the ingredients will be listed down below in the description of the recipe. A bit of fresh grated ginger Nope, I do not peel my ginger I want that skin and everything in there and the ginger will give it a bit of a peppery note or spicy note So I’m not going to go with any Caribbean sunshine today. No scotch bonnet pepper making an entrance. Just going to give that a good little mix there. I almost forgot we’re going to need some lemon juice. Well, this one is seedless… bonus And I have a couple Lane Snappers. I’ll show you guys in a second I’ll show you what we’ll do to it… just want to get all that in there. Just give that a good whisk Just to bring everything together And that was dark soy sauce. Thus the color that you’re seeing there And here they are they’ve been clean They’ve been gutted, I’ve washed it with some lemon juice and some water. Took off the main fins I know a lot of well …the North American market don’t like seeing fish with the head, but that fish head is there. And I ain’t really bothering too much but I do want to do before we stick it in the oven and all that I’m just going to give it 1 , 2 cuts Just the thick part.I want some of the marrinade to go through there and again, just one two buckle my shoe, three four shut the door Next up all we’re going to do is pour that all on there and you’re going to have to go in with your hands now and work it in the cavity the sort of opened, where we We gutted it and on the other side and try to work it into the cut areas that we made as well I’m going to do that off camera because if I go in there I’m not going to be able to shut off the camera at this point. Let me hit you a little close-up I’m a one-man show, you know, so I got to stop and start on all kind of nonsense like that! And there you go It’s all seasoned up. It’s ready to go into the oven My oven is preheated at 400 degrees Fahrenheit… very hot. But I like a hot oven I found some of these, you would have seen it earlier… some of these baby bell peppers in the fridge That’s just going to go in there and roast at the same time and the chive flowers were the tops there That’s it’s going to sort of perfume everything. I’m just going to go in with just a tiny bit more salt, especially on those peppers. i remember salted the marinade and there was dark soy sauce in there. So be mindful of that That’s a tiny bit more fresh cracked pepper Into the oven middle rack 400 degrees Fahrenheit if you wanted you can allow that to marinate for about 10 minutes, but because there’s lemon juice in there I wouldn’t go beyond 10 minutes because then it’s going to start cooking the fish… we’re trying to roast the fish off in the oven and not on the kitchen counter And there you go 25 minutes later fully cooked Just looking spectacular. Chris here at I did not put any sort of foil over it or anything The only problem the only thing I would suggest is to line your baking dish with some parchment paper or something Yeah, kind of didn’t so have a little bit of cleanup to do Chris here at always a pleasure to have you all here in the kitchen with me A lovely roasted fish in the oven,remember to hit that thumbs up leave comments below and check me on instagram @CaribbeanPot My little baby is here! we’ve got cookbooks guys get your copy today!


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  38. This recipe is the TRUTH! I just made it and it was great! The only thing I did differently is I cooked it for 40 minutes at 400 and it came out with a perfect crispy skin and still moist inside.

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