Ghee Roast Chicken | Kunal Kapur Recipes | Mangalorean Roasted Chicken

Hello everyone, today we’ll make Ghee Roast Chicken. Ghee Roast Chicken is a Mangalorean specialty. And the people who love Chicken and spicy This is a perfect dish for them. First we will marinate the Chicken. Salt. A little Turmeric. Just a little curd. We will marinate this nicely. And we’ll keep this for half an hour, on to one side. Now we’ll make the Masala for Ghee Roast Chicken. Kashmiri Red Chilli We will lightly roast it on a low flame in a pan. Now, We’ll take out the Chilli and put it in a jar. We’ll put Peppercorns in the pan Coriander seeds, Cumin and Fennel seeds. We will lightly roast this too. They are done. We’ll put this with the chilli in the mixer grinder. We’ll add to it, some Garlic cloves A little Ginger. A little Lemon juice. Now we’ll add a dash of water. A nice fine paste is ready. Now, we heat up the pan and put Desi Ghee in it. In this we put chopped Onions. Just a little. Lightly saute the Onions. Now we’ll put our Chilli paste in this. Roast the Chilli paste nicely. for approximately 3-4 minutes. We see these specks of oil, oozing out it’s an indication that now we can put our chicken into this. Now we’ll roast it nicely on a high flame. Now this Chicken will get nicely and patiently roasted. Till this Chicken is completely cooked And the Ghee nicely oozes out from this. Look at that. Chicken leaves its own water. Due to which it has become saucy. Now chicken is almost done At this stage, we’ll add to this A little Jaggery. Just a little bit of sweetness. Add a little Salt to this Towards the end, we’ll add Curry leaves for the finishing. Once we add the Curry leaves, turn off the gas Give it a nice toss. Time to plate it. Nicely Roasted. This is the chicken. And the Masala comes on top. Garnish with few sprigs of Curry leaves. And our, Ghee Roast Chicken done.

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