*Swegboy eatin dem doritos boi HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA *Wheezing from laughter Random Person: AWWW DAALINGG *wheezes again Random person: HAAA, HAA HAAAAAAA *chokes/wheezes *Asian male Katy Perry *Zoomed in on dem tsunami waves Random Person: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *Duster….. Random Person: OWWW LOOK AT TH- *TRIGGERED CHIKEN RIC ENTERS ROOM *WELCOM TO CHINA TUWN SELFIE Asuhh dud *Rice looking for original ideas *10/10 IGN DOOR CLOSE ERMERGERD Unknown: AWWWWWWWWW *wheezes Random: AWWWWWWWW AHAA *Random still wheezing and laughing Unknown: OWWWWW LOOK AT THIS- *Danny Phantom *wheezing *PHANTOM ENTERS ROOM *TRIGGERED LEVELS HIGH *Afro trying to find pokemon that looks like rice… *Me trying to find my future- wait I have none. *HE HAS DONE IT AGAIN FOLKS 10/10 DOOR CLOSING SKILLS WHO KNEW!!??! Same Laughing Guy: AWWWWWWW *asthma attack type wheezing Unknown: AWWWWWW A HAAA *still wheezing *Laughing stops *wheezing again *Laughing stops everytime he touches door handle *TRIGGERED RICE HAS REACHED MAXIMUM TRIGGERED LEVELS *Afro is afraid of triggered levels *THE PHANTOM HAS FOUND OUT THE CAUSE OF THE LAUGHTER, HE IS AT HIS MAXIMUM TRIGGERED LEVELS AND THERE IS NOTHING ANYBODY CAN DO TO STOP IT. *MLG laptop spinning skillz *Blue haired asian leafy appears *Some anime character which I don’t know and don’t give a rats ass to know. *RICE IS PISSED *Afro is questioning why tf he has no pillows or blankets on his bed. *Random is still wheezing… like still…. why…. *10/10 IGN real laugh *RICE IS REACHING HIS FINAL FORM *RICE IS GOING SUPER SAIYANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN *KILLER KEEMSTAR IS BACK Lawn gnome: WHAAAT IZ UP KEEM: DRAMA ALERT NATIONNNN Keemstar: I’M YOUR HOST KILLER KEEEEEMSTAAAAAAARRRRRR LEEEEEEEETS GET ROIIIIIIIIIIIIGGHT INTO THE NEEEEEWWSSSSSSSSSSS Keemstar: FOR OUR FIRST STORY Keemstar: RICEGUM HAS GOT A NEW HAIRCUT Keemstar: CAUSING FANS TO BELIEVE THAT HE’S GONNA BE A VAMPIRE!! *bleh blehhh muhahaha DANK KEEM: IN THE NEXT TWILIGHT *REKT Keem: Even Ricegums OWN PRODUCER Keem: Known as AFROGUM Keemstar: Is taking shots, he tweeted out. Afrogum Tweet: Rice think he cool with his new hair(cut) but he look like a grandpa. Triggered af Rice: WHAT THE FUCK Triggered Rice: Dude why Afro always sneak dissing me dawg *Rice trying to act black and all cool Ha HA *10/10 IGN real texting wowowowowowwoowwoowwo kappa kappa kappa *TWEET SENT MA G Keemstar: Jacob Sartorious is coming out with a Christmas Album Keemstar: It has been leaked on Twitter today Keemstar: The name of the album is: Rude Rolf The Red Nosed Lip Singer *Jacob Saggytits got rekt Keemstar: Apparently some of the tracks are Jingle, Jingle Bells, Please Leave Me A Like On My Instagram- *10/10 ACTING, LOOKS SO REAL AS IF THERE REALLY IS A PERSON TELLING THE KEEM HIMSELF THROUGH AND EAR PIECE EVEN THOUGH HE IS USING A HEADSET WOWOWOWOWOWOW KAPPA KAAAAPPPAAAAA KAAAAPPAAAA Keemstar: BREAKING NEWS! Afro: WUT? Keemstar: Apparently Ricegum has roasted Afrogum… BACKKK Keem: Ricegum saying on Twitter: Ricegum Tweet: Boy at least i’m not rocking 2 inches *ISIS attack, Killer Keemstar 10/10 dodges all shots with his amazing gnome skills. Swift Keem: SHOTS FIRED, SHOTS FIRED! SAVAGE RICE: *Laughing, little dick alert *10/10 laughing acting wowowow *Triggered Afro enters the scene Triggered Afro: Dawg (tryna act black again) that was way to far Ricegum: Then do something about it 2 Inch Afro: There’s only one way to settle this brah *Afrogum getting horny af *10/10 biceps wowowowow Ricegum: Okay Canadian Gum: So I guess we’re gonna play like that EH *Ricegum 360 noscopes nub afro Black Afro: DAWG stop looking at my screen! Ricegum: No I didn’t! *Nub Afro uses scope for 2 years and somehow manages to get Rice. Afrogum=heker. Ricegum: Dawg… you just hardscoped me.. *Controller yeets and hits Afro Gangster Wannabe Afrogum: Bro.. square up.. right now. *Ricegum emerges from floor and is has 10,000 hp. Triggered Levels: 11/10 *Afro about getting ready to take something in him ass *RICEGUM HAS REACHED HIS FINAL FOORRMMMMMMMMM *RICEGUM DOES NINJA PRAYING MOVES TO UPGRADE HIS HEALTH AND ATTACK. *RICE HAS REACHED HIS MAXIMUM FORM!!! *RICEGUM THROWS A LEVEL 1 ATTACK AVERAGE PUNCH *BUT AFRO GUM DODGES IT AND FIRES BACK AN UPPERCUT *BUT THE CHAMPION HIMSELF IS NOT GOING TO SIMPLY BE DEFEATED SO QUICKLY *NO WAY *THIS CANNOT BE!!!! *THIS MOVE HASN’T BEEN DONE FOR DECADES!!!!! *HE HAS FIRED THE FIRE KNUCKLES OFF DOO- *BUT AFRO DOES ANOTHER UPPERCUT, THE FIRE KNUCKLES ARE POWERFUL PUT CAN EASILY BE DEFLECTED DUE TO THE TIME DELAY NEEDED FOR IT TO BE PREPARED. AND RICEGUM THE CHAPION HAS FAILED TO DO SO CORRECTLY. *AND NOW THE CHAMPION IS BADLY INJURED FROM THE BACKFIRE *RICEGUM WILL ATTEMPT THE MOVE AGAIN,EVEN THOUGHT WEAKENED *AND AFROGUM DOES THE ULTIMATE BITCH SLAP TO RICEGUM *Snoring *RICEGUM HAS BEEN AWAKENED *Grabs mirror *Ricegum is surprised by his hair *RICEGUM HAS BEEN AWAKENED Ricegum: OHHH.. It was just a dream! *Grabs mirror *Me realizing that I might have a brain Ricegum: NOOOO *10/10 acting wowowow kappa lol Ricegum: Thank you so much if you made it to the end of the video. Ricegum: This was actually my first ever full on skit video, Ricegum: And I liked the way it turned out. Ricegum: You know I just realized I’ve (been) uploading like the similar, you know style, Ricegum: Like type of videos every week. Ricegum: So I decided to switch it up a little bit, Ricegum: And just you know, add a little story line plot. Ricegum: Before talk kinda why dyed my hair this colour. Ricegum: I just wanna say thank you for the support, if you guys can do me a huge favour and thumbs up my first ever skit, Ricegum: And if you want more of this type of stuff in the future, let me know. Ricegum: Uh shoutout the the homie Keemstar for being in the video, and make sure to comment your opinions on my hair. Ricegum: I just want your honest opinions. Ricegum: So why did I dye my hair Rice(gum)? Ricegum: So I literally woke up and I was like “You know what? I kinda want to put some colour in my hair” right so I did it. Ricegum: I went to the salon, I bleached my hair, then I put some colour in it. Ricegum: Then it turned out like this. I looked in the mirror and I was like “Okay, it’s pretty sick” you know, I LIKED IT. And I still like it. Ricegum: And I posted a selfie on Twitter and I was getting clowned man. Everyone was like “uhh, Danny Phantom, uhh you look like a grandpa” Ricegum: And all these funny funny comments which I think is funny, I’m not offended at all. Ricegum: And then you know, just people were clowning my hair and.. it didn’t change my opinion at all. Ricegum: Like, I still think it’s dope you know. Am I gonna dye it again in a couple months, probably not, I’ll probably go back to black. Ricegum: But I was bored, dyed my hair, turned out like this, and that’s that! Ricegum: But anyways if you guys enjoyed my first ever skit, I hope you guys come back for more, uhh new fire upload coming soon this week alright. Ricegum: Be on the lookout, ’bout to hit the studio again, who knows? But thank you if you made it to the end. *UHHH YAYAYYYAYYY FINALLY THE END, MY FINGERS HURT FROM SO MUCH TYPING…. WELL I JUST WASTED 3 HOURS OF MY LIFE…..


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