Gennaro’s Easy Roasted Pepper Salad

Hi lovely people of FoodTube channel I am in Gozo, beautiful Gozo Gozo is an island next to Malta 25 minutes by boat I’m gonna show you how to make the simplest Roast pepper salad, yes I roasted these fantastic peppers in wood fire oven you don’t have to have a wood-fired oven
to do it, you could do at home on your own oven make sure it is very, very hot you need a little bit burned, be black on the outside put them in a bowl, put some cling film around when you cover, the humidity, the steam will lift the skin on the roast pepper With your hands, you peel it Look this one, lovely and burnt but it’s nice underneath cut it and remove it, all the seeds I can hear the birds everywhere it is incredible and if there is a little bit of skin or a little bit of seeds Don’t worry, look, don’t cut them too small, this size is just nice nice if it’s just red don’t worry, as long as htey’re very large peppers, a simple dish, nothing at all Glug of olive oil, extra virgin olive
oil you have to use it Drizzle on top A bit of oil then a few capers If the capers you have in salt Make sure you remove the salt just
put them in a little grass a little about an hour make sure they are well desalted Anchovies Then nice garlic, crush it, it’s about 1 garlic that was to big so I used about a quarter or small and not too fine Just put them on top, yes, a little salt But not too much because don’t forget the anchovies already salty Little pepper, nice and spicy Nice and full of the parsley, remove the stork roughly chop, sprinkle on top only a little bit more of olive oil This is roast pepper salad Make lovely bruscetta, put it on top Or just put them in sandwiches, you know what, you have party just put them smack in the middle of the table And everybody with enjoy it From Gozo with love, yes If you like this video make sure you check out my channel, subscribe It is free And enjoy, let’s cook all year round together I love you all, bye


  1. Gennaro could cook anything and I would love it 

  2. Oh yes, I absolutely adore roast pepper salad! I do mine with balsamic vinegar and olive oil only, sometimes add garlic as well, easy to make (although cooking the peppers takes forever if you make larger quantities), but you cannot just have 2 peppers only, I make up to 20 peppers to serve 2 people lol. 

  3. I personally find roast peppers gross without vinegar.

  4. You're back already!!  I'm so happy.  I'm not sure why I never thought of using anchovies in my roast pepper salad — but I thank you sweetheart for sharing your secrets!!  Ciao!!

  5. I love roast peppers – the addition of capers and anchovies sound amazing!

    It would mean the world if you could check out my channel as I'm a teenager with a passion for cooking 🙂 

  6. Gennaro, are you just like permanent stoned? I mean I am a happy guy but you are just absurdly joyous. Seriously I think if a doctor was all "You have cancer and only 30 days to live"  Gennaro would be like "fantastico! i will post my whole bucket list to YouTube!" 

  7. He cooks with such joy. :))

  8. I feel like this would make a great school lunch if I mixed the peppers with quinoa ! Gotta try that 😀

  9. I feel like Gennaro is that cool uncle you have in the family lol great cook also!

  10. FFS, just ate and now I am hungry again…

  11. I find it impossible to dislike Gennaro

  12. anyone else find themselves saying "abundant oil" every time they pour olive oil? Just me then (and Gennaro)….. 🙂

  13. YUM

  14. Just did this with a small change, I mashed up the anchovies with the olive oil to spread out the flavor a little bit instead of having big ol bites of anchovy (that'd be a little strong for a simple salad). It was a very enjoyable meal. 

  15. Oooh my my 😉

  16. this is gross… im sorry

  17. Croatian version of this salad would be peppers, garlic, thyme and lots of olive oil!!!
    Works perfect with the grilled meat.

  18. 2:27 The parsley squeaks in pain as Gennaro roughly chops it.

  19. I made it myself today !

  20. haahah why are the subtitles on

  21. cooked this today it was delicious !!

  22. Hopefully you didn't get Cilantro from Mexico!  You will know if you did

  23. I feel like he’s one of those ppl when you talk to you gotta call a MF every now and then.

  24. What is the music laying please

  25. Fantastic dish 😍

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