Gas Grill Repair – Replace the Carryover Tube

Hey Y’all! Grill Girl here. Today we’re going to be replacing the carry-over
tubes on a Charbroil 463268606 I’ve already removed all of the parts except for the burners and the carryover tubes. Unfortunately,you’ll see, this carryover tube
has already removed itself. So these are the carryover tubes and as I
already said, this one is missing. This piece has completely
rusted out on the other one and it just fell right to the bottom of the grill. The purpose of the carryover is to bring the
gas from one burner to the next. When you turn on this burner and light it,
the lit gas will go into here and light this burner if it’s on, without having to hit the
ignition again. So it’s really just something to make it a
little bit easier to grill You don’t even have to this to grill. You
can light them each individually. But we do have the replacement part for it! So, this is a really easy fix. This carry
over tube just sits on the top of the burner like that. You’ll want to line up the holes. You can see on this grill – it’s very clear
that the screws have completely disintegrated. So we need to bring our own screws which I
did and with the help of a little washer, we’re going to get that to just sit right
there. Even if the screw is not completely tight,
it’s basically going to serve the purpose of holding this into place. See I didn’t even need a screwdriver to do
that. Additionally you can see: I’m turning on this
burner now and it brought it right over and lights
up this burner. So, it works! Brought to you by


  1. hey grill girl how much did you purchase the carry over tube for and where did you purchase it from, nice tutorial.

  2. Question Grill Girl: If my old carryover tube is leaking fuel and flame is coming out from it, is that dangerous? Do I need to replace or remove right away? I have guests coming for BBQ dinner tomorrow. Great videos by the way!

  3. What do you do if the screws are so rusted there is no slot for a screwdriver? I didn't think using a rust buster is the best choice: flammable and lingering odor.

  4. Does the gas go over to the other tube or just the flame somehow? How do you adjust the heat on the various burners if the gas is not coming out of them directly?

  5. Question: My carryover tubes have a slot that runs the length of one side of each tube. Unfortunately, I didn't pay attention when removing the old tubes, so I'm not sure
    if the slot should face the front or back of the grill. Does it matter? I did notice that some flame comes out of that slot when the grill is fired up.

  6. how about changing the steel burners to cast iron burners?

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