Gas Grill Repair – Replace Grill Burner – Cast Iron

Hey Y’all, Grill Girl Here! Today we’re going
to be replacing the burners in a Brinkmann Pro Series 2400. I’ve already taken out the
cooking grids and heat plates. And so, when you open your grill and remove those this
might be what you’re looking at. Now, a lot of this rust down here is actually falling
off from your heat plates but some of it is coming off of your burners. People ask me,
when do you know it’s time to replace your burners? Well, these burners are a rail type.
They’re made out of cast iron. And so, they are rusting. Cast iron rusts, that’s just
part of what it does. But at the point that it’s starting to flake off and you can break
it apart with your fingers like that, it’s probably time to replace them. So, you can
just remove all this down here and toss it. It’s not hard to do, and it really makes your
grill look a lot nicer. Alright, so I went ahead and replaced this burner right off the
bat. The first thing I had to do was remove the hitch pin which is a little pin that holds
the burner into this burner bracket right here. And you want to pull that out. It can
be kind of a pain, so just be prepared. Maybe some pliers would help. And once you pull
that out, this is loose, and you can lift it up off the burner bracket. Now, because
of the way these burners are hooked into the front of the grill, there are two sheets of
sheet metal that they have to come through. You really just pretty much have to pull to
get them out. But remember, this is your grill and it’s not that fragile so go ahead and
use a little bit of force. So, here’s my new burner. Here’s the hitch pin again and this
is the little nub that goes in the hole right here. So, now it’s just the opposite of what
I just did. You just have to put it in here. You’ve got to it through both sets of sheet
metal. And again, use a little force to get it in there.
you want to take your hitch pin and put it though the little numb here at the bottom
and now your burner is set in there! So that’s replacing the burners on your Brinkmann
Pro Series 2400 and that again would apply to any kind of grill that uses rail cast iron

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