Galbi Jjim (갈비찜) – Trying Korean BRAISED SHORT RIBS in Daegu, Korea

good afternoon good afternoon guys
greetings from DaeBong Dong Daegu South Korea we’ve got an exciting episode for
you basically we’re gonna be going for a very special dish unique Daegu food that
originated here in the 70s it’s called Jjim galbi (Galbi Jjim – 갈비찜 ) basically it’s steamed beef
ribs that are spicy and this particular area there’s a famous street for it
where there are 12 different restaurants I can’t wait to try this this is
actually a Korean dish I’ve never had before it’s super exciting for me follow
along and let’s see some delicious Korean food together so walking down the
street I’ve already found vendors selling traditional Korean dry goods
such as red peppers dried fish and behind me was a store selling Korean
Street food they had dokbokki so this entire neighborhood there’s a famous
singer called Kim Kwang Seok yeah he’s oh he’s a
musician he wrote a lot of songs basically they have a lot of guitars all
over the place and his murals and is actually a statue of him we’re gonna see
that now but this area is actually called the bank wan market traditional
market that has culture and art I mean it’s a little dead right now it is like
a Wednesday right so what’s it like for that’s what is that more I think people
who are like you know people really working right now this side right there
it’s like a few little bars I mean we’re not really drinking right now so we’re
gonna stop there we’re gonna continue to the market see a little more and then go
to the street and see the murals one thing I just noticed is that every
single street that leads towards the mural Street has a guitar on the floor
this one has a green guitar the other one had a red guitar and there’s a lot
of murals look at this Wow all the streets are covered in murals
great for any Instagrammers so this area’s kim kwangseok streak you
see a lot of vendors selling various things I found an arcade already on a
place where you can shoot a toy gun and win surprises very touristy very
colorful lots of murals it’s a very fascinating Street yeah this area is a
little busier we thought initially the market was a little bit dead but we just
hadn’t gone to the right area all right we’re gonna try to win a prize here
let’s see what we can do right all right huh it’s hard it’s the aim aim is
difficult with the same oh I think I got this five more shots aim at one then
pac-man you’re going down go down Rambo’s in town red-haired Rambo oh you
hit it again you know what I’m so determined to hit I’m gonna bake it
until I get down so fun man I know I’m fun he gots this last one last one that’s for your daughter amazing oh my gosh dude the dream team
we teamed up we won three prizes for you to others I didn’t love it man I think I
love the early funny Pokemon pac-man and I don’t know yeah and the confession is
that she actually made it a little bit easier for a couple of them she kind of
pushed the toys back meaning that we just had to hit him like three or four
times and we knocked them down so much fun and yeah some great souvenirs and
memories to bring home yeah it’s pretty fun I mean even as an adult you can have
fun out here you know oh yeah all right so we’ve made it here to the
main square or the main center with a statue of Kim the artist as you can see
we have artists right there playing they’re jamming out incredible mural off
Kim you’ll have a bench there made out of a guitar or like looks like a guitar
we have some cafes and we have a little bar here and there they have the Jeju
wit ale which is from the island of Jeju can’t wait to try that man drop beer
flight you ready all right we are having some beers and we’re going with Jeju
beers this is from the Jeju beer company we got to David’s poured his already the
Jade you pay long ale and I’m going with the Jade you wit L so for those of
people who don’t know what Jeju Jeju is the semi-tropical Island South Korea and
it’s very very popular as Koreans domestic tourism is huge for some
strange reason foreign tourists don’t seem to go there as much which which is
a shame and I’ve never gone so I guess I’m one of those spent time in Korea but
never went always the place I’ve wanted to go
oh you’re good you’re good you’re good really perfect all right let’s try that
Gombe it’s a great day and day you mmm super refreshing this beer is fantastic
this is better than the top four of your companies for sure it’s better than high
e OB calf Capri Jeju beer company they’re doing a good job hilarious story
event so we were trying to grab a cab the first time no idea where we wanted
to go we had to hop out then second cab didn’t know we were going so I had to
direct them but I had forgotten how to say right I knew when choke was left
don’t put it all straight and it like halfway through the cab ride I remember
what right was I think it’s a run choke oh my gosh I can’t believe we got there
really probably a block and a half away and this is the area where you can get
lost of Jjim galbi (Galbi-Jjim – 갈비찜) so it’s pretty cool this is dong in Jjim galbi a golden walk
though the clothes cool man yeah we literally have about two hours exactly
4:00 train departs back to Busan and if we miss it we don’t get our morning back
which is the next train hopefully the space yeah yeah all right man at least
we’re gonna have a good meal so let me tell you about this restaurant so
there’s a got some good information here so this is the most famous of them all
it dates back 40 years and they have the Jjim Galbi 갈비찜 right Jjim-Galbi which is
like a spicy steamed beef ribs looks really spicy assault using the other
tables are it’s like super red and rich Sam’s going with the cass right yeah he
likes to cass know what it’s soju you the one with the power the pulling stuff
20% I’m somebody that Oh all right guys the
feast has arrived but before we get into that we’ve got drinks TV got some soju
I’m gonna make you the cast is refreshing goes good with the face good
with me all right I’m gonna pour some I’m so excited for this food I have
never tried Jjim galbi before galbi Jjim first time come back Dumbo
I should also mention that we’re sitting on the traditional compass we probably
his awesome chair but if you lean back it’s amazing it gives you so much more
support dude the feast of feasts has arrived this is the galbi jjim 갈비찜 Jjim galbi I
can’t remember which is which oh we came and we got a lot going on so
let me introduce this yeah so we’ve got tons of banchon we have I think this is
a spicy fish that has a like a spicy glaze on top peppers and onions let me
sit have the benefit of knowing that David found this really spicy these two
dishes so I’m only gonna try a bit I’m gonna touch the pepper onion we got the
ssamjang sauce best Korean sauce it’s a combination of red pepper paste and
soybean paste oh my gosh I love that we have a basic jigae it’s got some meat in
there you’ve got a good beef so a beef do you get over here a simple
salad with mayo base it’s a combination of fruit and vegetables I see carrots
cabbage and iced tea raisins over here more cabbage we’re good the dried
seaweed one of my all-time favorites we have full white radish soup we’ve got
garlic and green pepper and we have honey glazed peanuts and of course the
star of the show man is Harry here Jjim Galbi called me the Galbijjim 갈비찜
we’ve got lettuce which we use lettuce and other kinds of greens which we use
as wrappers so we basically take this and put in there I’m going for all the
side dishes so going for spicy first dude you said that this price is so I’m
being super careful here that’s potent who hate you at first I
thought it’s more sweet and spicy hot spice lingers man staying in my throat
right there I still feel it I’m going to try the onion and other pepper so this
should be fine my some refreshing juicy let’s get after
the Jiga Jiga Jiga Jiga alright so we got the meat oh that’s delicious
that’s better than your average Jigga Roberto there’s more men in there speak
stick piece of mushroom – oh that’s spicy
Oh everything’s blazing trying to try the solid set of it a carriage got a bit
of reason it’s tasty but I’m not a huge fan of the mayo dressing let’s try some
seaweed nori inhabits with rice we both decide not to get it hmm I really got
all day long on its own and I’ve tried to me alright time to try this radish
soup so grabbing your radish so cool is like I got a brain freeze you know I
bite into ice cream oh I should’ve known better because I actually saw the ice on
it before it melted we’re fine enough garlic and peppers for a long time we’ll
go for some peanuts mmm super delicious place plantain know what all you guys
have been waiting for what I’ve been waiting for time to try the Galbi Jjim 갈비찜 charge all the way
down so what do you need to do here because it’s Billy’s ribs basically soft
ribs is that you do have the bone so I’m grabbing the bone here
what I need to do is cut the meat off of the bone this is beef here I just did
that piece drop like dock so I really want to teach this so before trying with
the lettuce I’m just gonna put it down like that try directly on its own Oh
oh my goodness I’m so good do such a rich spice that’s whatever we’re not
overly potent in terms of the spiciness it’s just got a rich rich sauce super
soft tender this melt-in-your-mouth oh my gosh that
silver I’ve never tried anything quite like it in Korea before it’s like super
different from anything I’ve had my next white I’m gonna grab a piece again cut
it like so I’m gonna take this big piece man I like I like this so much how you
eat it take it like that pop it into the lettuce then what you do
is you grab some of the Samsung which is the best sauce put it on there
I could put garlic in there fool you know what I’ll do this is my own little
twist I don’t know if you’re supposed to do this but seaweed man why not that’s a
real good bite wrap it all up the only thing left to do is to pop it so tender
the key for me if you want to enhance the taste is to make sure you put in the
Samsun that saw springs into 10s updates is but overall this is fantastic I would
put ball Galbi jjim jim galbi up with any of the Korean barbecues in terms of like
the quality I eat that with dalkgalbi all be the chicken one for some cups all the
pork form all the Korean barbecues are amazing guys like if you come to Korea
and you’d like to eat me feel like barbecue I’m gonna try them all all
really different from each other but this one is one of the best for sure
absolutely love it and we have so much meat so enough rambling we just need to
talk into this food man I mean this is the best beef in the world Wow all right
so I’m gonna do something a little different this time Madhu a Sam did this
perfect perfect right there some of the sauce here
malicious say I’m John it’s the best time job and then go in and grab some of
this tastes so good with the with the seaweed you’re gonna love it pop it up
make it a little cubes remember it’s a one-hit wonder
disappear no yeah you saw would be they have to bring it to America please
please please bring it to Canada – all right so good wrap the ball I’m like
falling a little Korean food I’m gonna put it up there with like Indian Italian
Korean so I’m just meeting with the owner here what a fantastic meal that is
the best beef we’ve had in Korea you absolutely loved it thanks so much we
had such a great experience this restaurant is a original and of course
the restaurant over here lots of Carney opinion last table okay
tuck if you like it spicy and you like your garlic and your like nice tender
meat this is a place to come we loved it I can’t recommend that more highly best
Korean beef barbecue in the world thank you no blew me away
it was hot oh my gosh what an awesome meal it was so nice to meet the owner
Tony Choi he’s a second-generation owner of the restaurant
I gotta admit he gave David and I a free meal at the end which is so generous of
him but if you’re interested to know the price it was 18,000 won per person man
palawan the alcohol was 4,000 won amazing value the most delicious beef
we’ve had in Korea oh my gosh he told us the secret it puts so much garlic in
there garlic lots of spices homemade sauce that’s what makes it so delicious
absolutely love that you we caught a cab just in time my God thank gotten a free
meal man no he’s still tingling that mouth but I loved it it’s great
such a nice service such a nice homeboy and the owner man what a great guy –
nice weight tonight he spoke perfect English yeah
just a meal while it was a where we said 18,000 18,000 won so I mean super
affordable 15 bucks per person yeah blew me away to good and right now we
have like I think 36 minutes before our train leaves there perfect timing we’re
only like a five-minute drive and to get there smoothly we got it man what a day
in Daegu but this is probably one of the funnest days right one of the funnest
days makes me realize that I wish we had at least one more full day maybe even
two more days this is like a weekend or long weekend kind of destination there’s
enough time here one day isn’t enough yeah I mean if you’re into independent
travel going places exploring for a day do it yeah do it and again one hour from
Seoul when I’m from Busan buh buh buh buh buh buh back at dong Daegu station I
don’t look at this around the big brick that got like drop on it yeah Thank You
Department sir this place is like ultra modern man ultra futuristic and what a
time in Daegu now we just have to keep the ex we have tons of time 35 minutes
so we’ll just go chill for a bit pop back on the train have some final
thoughts when we get to Busan where we going platform 7 we’re actually leaving
at 2002 8 minutes early I love it hello that’s good one of the reasons I like to arrive at
the train station a little bit early is I just find it so fun to watch the
trains arrive in two part especially here because the KTX trains are just so
smooth they come in so smoothly the depart slowly but then they pick up
speed the accelerates very quickly it’s just a fascinating experience and our
train should be here any minute you know in the wrong area ran a bit and I’d be
like at your cart number no matter what because and now you’ll miss it we have
like one minute it’s like it’s pretty quiet but you know there’s no move to
the front we’d already have a view obviously it’s a nighttime mistake the
worst have a travel up on the caduceus help outside the window
tunnel tunnel simply every y5y a really relaxing back relax back in busan and
imagine busan back in busan then we did it 50 minutes crazy it’s like
shorter than a metro ride in some cities yeah no for sure seriously in Tokyo he’s
an hour something against him yeah yeah especially when you have to transfer
it’s crazy direct direct on time not a minute late anyways we had a fantastic
time in Daegu I mean I’m so glad we decided to go we actually had like two
or three different day trips on our mind and eventually we decided to go with a
GUI or sure is that the right decision or not I think it was a great to sit now
I think so too I mean it was probably the best experience we’ve had in terms
of a different experience in the city very local
you know we visited the market amazing market yeah and we also did the tower
tower cable power cable car the mural street we had a beer and the best best
place to be for all time all time of all time and a gift galbi jjim 갈비찜 -jim gulping
what was it – whatever the name is yeah yeah amazing and then yeah just what a
day it made us realize too that you know we would have liked to have had more
time in Daegu maybe another day another day and a half who knows if you’re going
to Korea and you’re looking for things to do consider putting Daegu on your
itinerary it’s fantastic guys if you enjoyed the video and you want to do
thumbs up comment below subscribe to both caesium ciao

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