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Hi, This is Kunal and welcome to ‘The K Kitchen’ And today I am going to teach you how to make
the perfect ‘Gajar Ka Halwa’ So first of all, turn on the gas stove, We will add grated carrot in a pan, This is about 4 cups of grated carrot, This is the outside red part of the carrot, The inside stalky white part of
the carrot; I have not used it Now, we have added nothing,
Just four cups of grated carrots, After five minutes of cooking, we need to add sugar to it, About 3-4 cups of sugar, This is an important stage because
when the sugar will release its water, the carrot will also release its juices, And we have to reduce that only so
that the carrot’s flavour intensifies, Look at that! After adding sugar, the carrot has
started to become moist, Now, this is the moisture that I was talking about, Reduce the moisture, all of it, And as soon as it reduces, our next step will come, In which we will add some desi ghee, One generous helping, about one tbsp of desi ghee, Not too much desi ghee, just enough for the carrots, And, Gajar Ka Halwa is not at all
rocket science, it is very simple, It requires only six ingredients and
gets ready easily in no time, Look at that! Sugar is completely dissolved, Moisture has completely reduced, And the ghee has added a nice flavour to this, Add this stage, one tiny tsp of cardamom powder, aka elaichi powder, At this stage, I am going to add half a cup of milk to it, After adding milk what will happen is,
because of adding sugar that stickiness that has come into this it will getaway, And milk will add more richness and more flavour to it, As we are going to cook it, more
and more milk will get reduced and its colour will become darker, It’s very divine, Now turn the gas stove off, We will add some chopped pistachios to it, Chopped almonds, chopped cashew nuts, Add make sure that you add grated reduced thickened milk or khoya to it, once the gas is turned off, About half-a-cup of grated khoya, And then give it a nice mix! Super simple and super easy, Gajjar ka Halwa done,
And now is the time to plate it up! Wow! You know, this Gajjar ka Halwa is begging me to eat it, Beautiful!
Now, keep it simple, Just garnish it with some extra nuts, don’t fill it up, just a little, and some grated khoya, And the Gajjar Ka Halwa is- Done!


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  4. Absolutely yummy.
    I made it twice and I m so happy with this recipe.

    I never liked gajar ka halwa until I found this recipe.
    Thank you Kunal.

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    You cookery shows says a lot with in 2 to 3 minute unlike other cookery shows of hours.

    Keep cooking, and uploading.
    -From a big fan of yours.

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