FRIMA VarioCooking Center at Magdalen House in Gloucester

My name is James. I’m one of the chefs at Magdalen House nursing home and we’re based in Gloucester. We have 30 residents here and another 20 that come for the daycare next door. When we decided on kitchen refurbishment the Frima was a no-brainer. It’s energy saving and can cook a lot more food than the average oven. Before we had the Frima we had a six ring cooker with an oven underneath and a grill on top. When we went to the cooking live we were very impressed that it cooked big batches and I was even surprised it cooked omelets. The kind of items we do in the Frima include stews, casseroles, soups and custards and deserts. It’s especially good at overnight braising. You can cook meat in here for 13 hours to be tender in the morning, saving you time for other stuff. We’re always looking to save money on energy. It’s electric, so we’re not using gas, it turns off when you don’t need it and it’s very reliable.

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